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Default The Sims 3 - Sim Kids Picture Thread (v2)
Post pictures of your kids here!

- S2/S3 Sims For Download
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No replies! Terrible!

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I love the way toddlers can get in the chests!
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My Triplets Hearts, Stripes and Polka

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Jane Shelley
despite her mother's efforts to raise her as a proper young lady, Jane is a little more modern. She loves to read and paint, and also play with the other neighborhood kids. She hates the clothes her mother makes her wear, and always messes them up by playing outside.

"You call this stale bread toast??"

edit: birthday!

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Jules' oldest daughter, Maya:

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Wow, it's been...a LONG time since I last posted any pictures here. Hehehe.

Maya's cute, shiggityshwa, but it looks like she has quite an attitude, too!
Vivian looks very pretty ringsroses - I like the serene feeling of the picture.
Wow, televisionsick, she's pretty different from her mum! But she's still a cutie all the same.
Your triplets are adorable, scorpio31 - their names are unique and cool, too.
I love that interaction, too, lilyandsnuggles2. Your little'un is very sweet.

The Bond Kids (children of sixamsim's Ted Bond and Fleet Overraine)

Fugue, the eldest and the most mellow.

Next comes Oratorio, who likes to follow his dad around into the clubs late at night and chat up the ladies!

And finally the twins, Lullaby and Requiem, who are always playing with that damn sprinkler.
I really enjoy playing this family, though Oratorio and the twins are a handful.

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(click here for them when they were toddlers)

This is Cesare, first born of legacy founder Aphrodite and husband Rayston. He's a teenager at the moment. He..he wasn't the most attractive child, I suppose.

And this is Leonardo, the second born. He's younger than Cesare but also a teenager at the moment. He's inherited his mothers dyed blonde tips...hmm.

I have two other kids- Anya and Anastasia, but I haven't got any pictures of them at the moment.

amalinaball: I love Oratorio! He's so cute!
shiggityshwa: She's lovely. Pretty hair.

Call me Lily :).
I'm beginning to upload some of my sims online..please go check them out here :).
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Chloe and Aubrey Conrad
2nd and 3rd children of Generation 4, respectively.

They're twins. They have an older sister named Jacqueline, and a younger brother named Madison.

amalinaball: Fugue is adorbs <3

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Noah, Joem and Renna's first child, as a kid.
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Joem's little brothers, twins Craig and Simon

Craig Sands

Simon Sands

And I have a question, those of us who pre-ordered and already got Sims 3 Generations, are we allowed to start posting pictures of it (I mean, gameplay, not just a list of things available), or do we have to wait US release date?
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amalinaball - Haha, she has the opposite of an attitude. Her parents had back-to-back siblings when she was a toddler, so they never have any time for her. She's always tired. I love the story behind all of your sims and they have such awesome and unique names.
Eat Toast - Thanks, I think she's Gen. 5 or 6 (I've lost count). You're boys have the biggest, sweetest eyes and such lovely classical names.

Last of Maya Braddock:

Her little sister, Wallis:

Who is a clone of her dad.

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twins scarlett and lily playing driving!!!! more of them to come

i take my sims photos using fraps!!!!
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More of Wallis Braddock:

Her little sister, Leika:

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'Little Dot' Zara

#16 Old 6th Jun 2011 at 3:27 AM
Cute kids!

This is Alaina and her little sister Trisha
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Zayne Merrick

his sister Bianca

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The last of Leika Braddock:

Zeke Braddock:

Mosley Braddock:

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#20 Old 15th Jun 2011 at 11:51 PM
They're cute! I love Mosely's eyes.

These are my current sim twins, Avery and Carter.



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#21 Old 17th Jun 2011 at 12:27 AM
Seth Lawrence

And his younger sister, Zoe
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Unpleasant trips to the Graveyard!
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Alika Daniels and Jullian Michaels!
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Logan Moore as a child



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#25 Old 18th Jun 2011 at 9:37 PM
8th Generation Braddock children


and Evie:

They're best friends, complete opposites and born only three days apart.

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