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#226 Old 4th Nov 2018 at 8:51 PM
According to my pictures, many weddings took place in this rotation - something to celebrate, right?

Aryana Baker (Romance Sim btw) married former townie Derek.
I would usually expect some drama out of a marriage like this, but I'm not sure because he's sick with some disease (which is dangerously spreading thru the hood, no fatalities so far) and things may be more dramatic for himself than for his marriage.

Also newly wed, dear Kliive Gorge and Prid White-Entayta. They make a wonderful couple and I'm hoping for some children in the future

Prid's younger sister Priss is married to Kliive's younger half-brother Trod (small world!), they are parents to three children I think and they want more.
Cute pic in the birthday of the youngest.

The other White-Entayta sibling is Disarp, who is married to Regina Sell, having a children in common... and I'm afraid he'll have another baby, because he got abducted!
Yay for a chance of getting another "pure" alien baby!

And Kliive and Trod have also another brother, Vrodde, who just married Jappung Daeli-Jobs.
Yes, I'm hoping for more little green ones out of this marriage too.

Also a very funky marriage took place.
Vradia Zadra, long a widower, decided to propose and marry a much younger woman... who quickly got pregnant.
Meaning he'll be fathering a child who is younger than his many grandchildren.

Might be genetical.
One of this daughters, Rivia Lowe, has a teenager - and just gave birth to a little green bean named Nadia.

And because I mentioned her early, Florence Delarosa got married as well.

Last but not least, a lovely pic of Cassius and Lucy Freeman and their children

#227 Old 8th Nov 2018 at 10:26 PM

Ohh Lots of Hybrid babies and lots of matches between Hybrids how cool. Also do you have a Multi PT Mod? I have one and I am using BoilingOils, I think it is pretty cool. Works wells from what I can tell.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here
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#228 Old 9th Nov 2018 at 6:01 PM Last edited by Amura : 18th Nov 2018 at 8:45 PM.
Yes, I have so many alien hybrids that it's quite common that they marry each other :D
Let's see what happens in the next generation though.

I don't use multi-PT mods.
I considered it in the past but I disliked the fact that they can't be removed as is, you must be careful - and I did not want to risk forgotting about it and eventually screwing up.
So I made a bunch of different PT replacements, and I rotate them. This way I don't get always the same genetics - but the game consider them as siblings anyway so I can't match them. It's a good compromise for me.
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#229 Old 18th Nov 2018 at 9:16 PM
So many hybrids in this rotation!

First Disarp White-Entayta gave birth to his baby (Disarp was abducted, hence the baby is only his). The little one is of course alien looking (I'm not peeking into the actual genetics but there is a chance he has a pure alien genotype) and he was named Xander.
His wife Regina is one of the many who are sick with the flu - it's spreading everywhere but no fatalities so far.

Klaav Walker (neé Gorge-Mayhew) was pregnant again.
Klaav and Christian already had three chidren (teen Lack in picture, also children Leon and Lorna) and now had twin babies (Maurice and Ellen) who are both alien-looking.

Last but not least Vradia Zadra finally celebrated his wedding to Tracy Bruenig, who was also obviously pregnant.
She gave birth to twins too - Jeremiah and Meadow Zadra-Bruenig - so now it's a household of 8 (two elders: Vradia and his son Arvian, two adults: their wives, two children - Arvian's, and now two babies).

More babies were born in the Bluewater Village subhood, perfectly human babies.
Considering the number of biths (and despite a few old-age deaths at the Heritage Manor and Denise Jacquet at Bluewater Village) population is growing a lot lately.

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#230 Old 3rd Dec 2018 at 2:37 PM
Quite an uneventful rotation.
Actually the only new worth noting is that Tristam Freeman proposed to Jess Walker.

They dated while in college, it did not work out (mainly because Jess is looking forward having multiple partners, and that angered Tristam).
But it seems that they have reconsidered their situation and Tristam now proposed - and Jess said yes.

This has an unexpected influence in the plans of Jess' uncle, Charles Walker.
Charles is childless and runs a profitable business (the Heritage Manor) so he was considering asking one of his nieces to move in and help him run it.
Jess is the only one who is already an adult so she was the most obvious option for him (despite not having any kind of relation with her) but now Charles doubts whether she'll be interested at all in his offer.

Wel, other than that, I have some pictures of toddlers. Just because I like looking for resemblances

Laern and Grace Landgraab. Grace is definetely a Landgraab. The heiress of such a family name should have the features, of course.

Lisa and Marco Ramirez. Now that Tess is a teenager, Checo and Lisa decided to have another baby.
Nothing compared to the Tinkers though, who have 5 children in total - and Wanda would like to have more!

Disarp and Xander White-Entayta. Xander was born after an abduction, he's Disap's child but not Regina's.

Lack Walker and her twins, Ellen and Maurice.

Arvian Zadra and his own twins, Jeremiah and Meadow Zadra-Bruenig - who are younger than any of Arvian's grandchildren.
They look cute too, Arvian genetics are awesome.

#231 Old 5th Dec 2018 at 5:46 PM

Good couple of Rotations. I like how these sims look, good features I think.

Questions: do you use a mod to make females get preganant from Alien Abductions as well as males? How do you post your picures? Explain please...

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here
Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
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#232 Old 5th Dec 2018 at 6:48 PM
Yes, I use a mod to make females pregnant from abductions. Makes sense to me.
In fact I would love elders to get pregnant too! Why not? If men can get pregnant, why a 80 years old spinster can't? :D

Link to download:
(I think I've read you use Cyjon's mod, right? I guess they do pretty much the same.)

Posting pictures, well, since modyourpanties seems to remain unusable to me I started adding the images to the post as attachements (avaliable only posting in avanced mode).
After attaching them, they appear below the post message text box - both as a text link and as a thumbnail. I copy the text link and use them to add them to the post.
For me it's easier than uploading them elsewhere.
#233 Old 8th Dec 2018 at 9:51 PM
Originally Posted by Amura
Yes, I use a mod to make females pregnant from abductions. Makes sense to me.
In fact I would love elders to get pregnant too! Why not? If men can get pregnant, why a 80 years old spinster can't? :D

Link to download:
(I think I've read you use Cyjon's mod, right? I guess they do pretty much the same.)

Posting pictures, well, since modyourpanties seems to remain unusable to me I started adding the images to the post as attachements (avaliable only posting in avanced mode).
After attaching them, they appear below the post message text box - both as a text link and as a thumbnail. I copy the text link and use them to add them to the post.
For me it's easier than uploading them elsewhere.

Thanks for the information, I made a note of it. Yes I use Cyjon's Mod, not really sure why motly because I like Cyjon's Mods and the way his page is set up, and yes it does work the same as far as I can tell. I like that Cyjon's has this note "COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life."

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here
Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
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#234 Old 20th Dec 2018 at 8:16 PM
I really like Cyjon's webpage, it's really well organized and easy to browse.
Although some of his latter mods require an EP-checker or something like that he made (so he does not have to add the same code to every single mod) and I have not felt like adding it to my mod collection.
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#235 Old 20th Dec 2018 at 8:50 PM
Yet another rotation.

James Walker and his cousin Karnnh Dukrarn-Walker are now college students. They moved in with with Karnnh's brothers Innah and Sannhim - who shared a house with Melania Smithers on campus.
Innah left the house shortly after as he graduated, bought a very small unfurnished house and proposed to his girlfriend Jasmine. Adult life!

The Walker family is really large and there is always something going on with them.
Aunt Eleanor has been into having several lovers at a time for long enough to know that sometimes you get slapped. This was one of the times. And she got slapped a lot.

James older sister Jess is going after her aunt Eleanor stepts.
She got in the pants of two different guys in this rotation (including the llama mascot), because, heck yeah, she was about to get married to Tristam Freeman - and she celebrates in her own way.
Luckily for her there is something glitchy that breaks my game every time they are under the ark so I decided it's a sign and that they must remain engaged for a little longer.

I love it when Romance Sims get engaged/married. I can't help expecting them to get in trouble. So I'm glad Celeste Mace proposed to college student Juan, and that Professor Walton proposed to this townie girl whose name I can't even remember.
Prof. Walton is divorced from Prid, and she remarried (to Kliive Gorge) so I can't help wondering whether he's envious that she's got a new life now that she left him behind.

So. The White-Entayta family. The founders of this family, Richard and Pdri, moved to a new larger house.
They used to live in an smallish one with daughter Prid and grandson Felix, but now that Prid married Kliive (and moved in with him) they decided to buy this house and ask their other daughter Priss to move in with her way larger family.

Priss family is large because her husband Trod wants to have so many children - and I'm happy to oblige because of his genetics.
The youngest one, Grover, was just born and is a lovely green baby (yay for aliens!). And Priss is already pregnant again

And let's finish with another baby: Florence Delarosa gave birth to a little girl, named Gia.
I think their house will need a makeover to fit an extra bedroom when Gia grows up.

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#236 Old 19th Jan 2019 at 3:07 PM
In this rotation there are three new students in college.
Lack Walker, her cousin Ann Dukrarn-Walker and also Melody Tinker. For the Tinkers it was a huge effort (which required a mortgage!) but they paid Melody's college fee.

The house is full of Walkers lol.
Young Karrnh Dukrarn-Walker dated Melania Smithers. She would be a good catch, being the only heir of Martha Smithers, but she's not the steady type so let's see what happens...

Another of the Dukrarn-Walker siblings, Sannhim, is now on academic probation. Oh, after all the efforts Majorie is making to send her kids to college!

Btw back in the main hood, Marjorie managed to save a bit and buy a house. No more living in the crowded little apartment she had shared with her late husband and six children.

Lately she's feeling closer to her older sister Eleanor, which is kind of funy because Marjorie was the family type and Eleanor is quite the opposite, but since she's a widow and her children and pretty much grown ups Marjorie is enjoying her time in quite a different way

Marjorie's twin Roger is very focused on running his little pottery and decoration business.
He used to suck at sales when he helped his parents in law (customers used to complain all the time!) but now he's learned a trick or two.

Roger has two children, James (in college) and Jess (adult, Romance Sim).
Jess has just received the weirdest visit. The repoman actitude is odd as it is, but if he has pink skin, glasses, moustache and dreadlocks... well, he is quite a thing.

The repoman took pretty much everything in the house, and Jess decided it was time to accept Tristam Freeman's proposal and marry him.
They are - of course - living in Tristam's place cause Jess' was nearly empty

Jess and James are half-siblings of twins Jappung and Pekkung, born from their mother's abduction.
Jappung Daeli-Jobs is married to Vrodde Entayta-Gorge, and Pekkung lives with them. The happy couple had a baby, little boy named Prod (after Vrodde's father) and they chose for him keeping only the Daeli surname (after mom's line).

Also Vrodde is half-brother of Kliive Gorge, first child of Vilkaa Gorge before she married Prod (and secret child of James Walker, founder of the Walker family).
Kliive has an strange job which includes bringing home an strange plant... Mom seems to like it though

Also Kliive is married to Prid (neé White-Entayta) and they just had a baby: Mathilda Gorge.
Her skin looks human, but notice those deep black aliens. Yay for so many hybrid babies in this rotation!

Kliive's other brother, Trod, is married to Prid's sister Priss. And they want to have many babies.
Little Grover was just growing up into a toddler when mommy gave birth to twins Hugh and Michelle.

Not the only baby, but the last one is purely human. Nick Lewis is the child of Romance Sim Aryana (neé Baker).

Also Aryana's mother Crystal got abducted, but she did not return abducted cause she's an elder.
An "elder pregnancy after abduction" mod anyone?

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#237 Old 3rd Feb 2019 at 9:30 PM
If the last rotation was about births, this one is about deaths - of old age.
Two of the founders of the city, Sophie Walker and Vilkaa Gorge, died in fairly quaint situations.
Death came literaly after Sophie - while she was standing at a door. It was hard to capture in a photo, but it was quite funny.
And Vilkaa was in the bathroom, in the exact moment when the rest of the family was celebrating his granddaughter Mathilda's first birthday, when death came over.
Also died Blair Adams, second husband of Tina Palmer (what was her maiden surname? I can't remember tbh).

And some ghosts were quite active.
For example Laern's first husband decided to scare everyone in the house, and very specially Laern's new husband Malcom Landgraab.

Other news? Well, college was not great for some (James Walker is in probation) but it was for others (Sannhim graduated, moved back to the town and bought a little empty house). The usual.

The Lowes bought a new house too. A larger more expensive house. Just because they can afford it.
Not that they need the extra room now that Daniella is in college.

Also pictures of Hugh and Michelle Entayta's birthday. Just because they are cute.

And their cousin Xander (son of Disarp after an abduction) bonding with his step-mom Regina - who is supposed to be rather mean, but she's getting along very well with this kiddo.
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#238 Old 25th Feb 2019 at 9:03 PM
Two new students at the local college: twins Tina and Celia Mayhew.
Because the house where my playables live is -again- full, they rented another house for themselves -but they are hoping to find roommates in the future!

I had honestly never noticed that there were two Sims named Tina in my game - the other one being a former townie who married my dear Steve Palmer.
She is now a widow (Steve married long ago, she later married Blair Adams who recently died too) and has saved up enough cash to afford a nice large house, so she moved in and invited her only child Lucy Freeman to bring all her family (husband Cassius, father in law Damion and children Steve, Lionel and Cynthia) so they are all living together now.

Talking about the Freemans.
Tristam Freeman married Jess Walker, and it has all been quite glitchy for a while, so I decided they ought to move out from their apartment to a house of their own - in case the problem was there.
Their new place is half-furnished and hardly decorated... but Tristam and Jess are already about to become a family of three!
(Both rolled that wish despite Jess being a Romance Sim, and I'm wondering if this is gonna be a happily-ever-after sort of story.)

Jess is a Walker. And the Walker family is rather large.
Her aunt Marjorie got used to living with her 6 children, and now that only 2 remain at home it seems a bit like an empty nest to her.
So she invited her older sister Eleanor to live with them. Their relation had improved a lot lately and they seem to have a lot in common, so why not?

Wanda Tinker also wanted 6 children to get married or something, so she focused on having children. She had 5 biological children but unfortunately had no chance to have a sixth - so she decided to adopt.
Evie Tinker met her new family (all but Melody who is already in the university) and got along pretty well with her brothers.

And just because I like Klaav so much, I have pictures of the moment she grew into elderhood. And she looks wonderful.
Also of her daughter Lorna, who is quite beautiful by human standards - but not as remarkable as her mom.

Last but not least, the Lowes contacted the garden club... and this was one of the members who came over. Pink skin!

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#239 Old 20th Mar 2019 at 10:05 PM
Marriages! This rotation was about marriages indeed!

Let's talk about the Dukrarn-Walker siblings first, because three of them got married - yes, three!
Innah Dukrarn-Walker is the eldest, his fiancé Jasmine just graduated, moved in with him and they got married - no party because they are both sick with the flu.

Sannhim Dukrarn-Walker pretty much repeated this story. He was waiting for Phoebe to graduate and they married after she moved in. Also both are sick.
If Innah and Jasmine are poor, Sannhim and Phoebe are even poorer. (My graduates are usually rather poor, and being unhealthy they have not been able to get a job yet.)

The third one is Karnnh, who actually lives an opposite situation. He is the one who just graduated and moved into his fiance's house. Melania Smithers (only daughter of Major Martha Smithers) is quite wealthy and they live at mom's house. They of course threw a wedding party!
But - aha, yeah, there is a but - none of them was really looking forward the commitment.
Which of the couples will be happier?

And yet another marriage: Celeste Mace married Juan McClellan.
She's a Romance Sim, so I'm wondering whether this marriage will last...

Not just-married, but Aryana and Derek are still so passionate that her father stares at them with disaproval
(She's a Romance Sim too, but she's behaving rather well lately, mostly because of the sickness she's suffering.)

Do you know what passion brings? Babies!
We had two births, Jess & Tristam Freeman had baby Devon, and Prof. Christopher & Sylvia Walton had baby Ken.

Also a nice pic of Stephen Tinker helping some of his kids with the homework.

And... some sort-of-random pictures.
For example, Rivia Lowe growing older - and still so handsome.

And Prid Gorge not wanting to get older at all - drinking milk from the cowplant after an unlucky townie got eaten.

More beautiful youths: twins Flannagan and Lizzie Entayta are now teens, and they are beautiful.

And last... a new townie with alien-ish skin? I don't know her name, but that jacket is for the members of the garden club?
(It would be funny, having two bright pink garden club members.)

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#240 Old 21st Apr 2019 at 9:15 PM
A mysterious disease has spread all along the neighbourhood.
No casualties - yet - but here and there Sims spend most of their time either sitting or sleeping, which does not leave room for plenty of adventures mind you.
So not a lot of news.

Naia Dukrarn-Walker moved into college.
He's the fifth of the Dukrarn-Walker siblings doing so (Innah, Karnnh, Sannhim and Ann came before her) and not likely the last one (young Lena still at home with their mother Marjorie and their aunt Eleanor).

Actually Ann just graduated in this very same rotation and moved out of college with her two mates, cousin Lack Walker (daughter of Marjorie's twin brother Christian) and premade Melody Tinker.
I usually move my graduates back to the main hood but in this case it seemed that the downtown fit these three young women much better.
The three of them are sick, so they mostly kept studing and hoping the money they made in college will last a lit longer.

As others struggle with sickness they find out they may rely on their family.
Roger Walker asked her daughter Jess to move back with daddy and mommy - and of course bringing husband Tristam Freeman and baby Devon with her.
She at first rejected the offer, I guess she felt like she would be losing her freedom (even more) but her mother finally convinced her that it was the wisest choice.

Jess is Roger's only daugter, but wife J'Kepp had twins from a previous abduction.
The twins live together, Pekkung being single and Jappung married to Vrodde Entayta-Gorge (and now pregant for the second time).

And because there was not much going on, I decided to take some pictures of my teenagers romancing
Teens to date, first kiss, even make out, but they hardly ever go steady or follow their relation when they grow into adulthood so I tend to not document it.

So here you have Zack Zadra-Atkins (grandson of Vradia Zadra and Callista Atkins) with Lizzie Entayta (children of Trod and Priss, who joined both of the Entayta lines and have 6 descendants). Which means great genetics, would be great if they ended up together as adults.

Next one is Flannagan Entayta (yep, Lizzie's brother) with Callista Wisonoff (also granddaughter of Vradia and Callista, obviously named after her, but no alien treats in this case).

And third one is Leopold Tinker (the Tinkers had a bunch of children in my game) and Betty Wilsonoff (yep, Callista's sister, their other sibling Pete was also around).

This is an small world, you know

Last but not least, here is a picture of Grace Landgraab - who does not look very gracious to me. Well, whatever.
Anyway she's the sole heir of Malcom Landgraab and I guess that's something.
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