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Default Where can I find elder clothes?
Back in TS2, I used to dress almost allll my old ladies in some variation of this dress:

In my search for decent clothes for my elders in Sims 3, I just can't find a whole lot =\ And when I do find stuff tagged for elder females specifically, they tend to have photorealistic textures, which I don't want in my game!
Does anyone have links to where I could find Maxis-matchy elder clothes, for both sexes, but especially female! Or if you know where I could find a TS2-TS3 conversion of this dress from Seasons, I would appreciate it :D
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Take a look at these two sites if you haven't already.
Color Box Sims Elder Project

Simplex Sims

I have mostly Maxis Match in my game too, and these are the two sites I found the most decent looking clothing from.

Also, Sweetdevil Sims has a few pieces for elders too.

Sweetdevil Sims

Edit: Found a few other sites.
Clutter & Curiosimty
Hope these were helpful.
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Wow! Thank you both, good stuff SweetDevil is one of my favorite creators, even :P
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