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Default Custom Highrise Building Shells
When it comes to cities, there are three things I take into account that I see as a requirement:
1: Tall buildings
2: Good road network (especially freeways)
3: Lots of lights

In the Sims 3, this brings about three issues:
1: Late Nights Building Shells are not really tall (compared to many buildings)
2: Traffic simulation sucks (Reasonable as that is not what the game's engine focuses on, nor should it be)
3: Custom highrises made by using "constrainfloorelevation" to stretch the floors up tend to not have good lighting due to the stretching affecting the lights...

My solution:
Make custom building shells that are taller, allow for more variety of appartments/penthouses, and have more flashy lights and billboards on them!
What brought this idea about initially was seeing a video of a "Mega-Tower" from SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow being built, which then reminded me of the Sims 4: City Living (or whatever it was called...) with that "district" on the top of the buildings which had billboards all over it...

Is this possible and can anyone point me to the appropriate programs/tutorials to get 3D models of buildings into the game as usable "Shells"?
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There is several out there making that, I can't help you with tutorials though. It's probably more to do with finding the right game objects to clone. Interesting subject though for sure.

I'm working on meshing myself at the moment. I now have to learn mapping textures on an object.

Unless someone has a tutorial for you, we have both meshing and modding forums on this site. They can probably help you find the right gamefiles, the rest depends on your skill level.
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