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#1 Old 7th Jan 2018 at 9:19 PM
Default How to build deck leading down to smaller deck in ocean
I recently installed Island Paradise, and am trying to build a deck leading to a smaller deck via a small set of stairs in the ocean. I am on a lot that is partially in water, partially on land. Basically, I want to build it just like it is in the picture I provided. Is there some sort of cheat I'm not aware of? I built the foundations for the 2 decks, but when I try to build stairs going down to the smaller deck, the game says the stairs must be built on land. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!
Lab Assistant
#2 Old 9th Jan 2018 at 5:22 PM
2 points to look at:

Stairs in pic where created with 1 more tile beneath the stairs from the lower deck, after placing the stairs these tiles of foundation/platform are removed
= lower deck has to be 1 tile longer on the side of the higher platform before placing stairs and can be removed after placing...

The second point is the height difference between the 2 foundations... In this case (foundation to foundation) it has to be an exact match of 1 tile sized stairs lenght (on ground you can have stairs shorter than 1 tile, here that isn't possible->
Solution 1: build the foundations with land beneath first= create a flat surface for the higher platform, apply floortiles, place stairs (1x1tile), apply floortiles, place stairs etc etc until you're on the height you want to use to create the lower platform, seen the platforms are a 1x1 tile stairs high from the floorsurface you'll have a matching height difference on top of the platform = stairs will be possible

Solution 2: Create highest foundation platform, use c.F.E. cheat, place stairs untill you are on the right height for the bottom platfom, remove stairs, flatten out surfaces, de-c.F.E. cheat, remove platform to create gap between high/low
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