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MTS speed build challenge results - posted on 11th Nov 2018 at 8:38 PM
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#1 Old 17th Jul 2017 at 7:51 PM
Default Is it possible to Clone Platforms with Custom Heights?
I like the idea of having corner stairs in my sims houses. Unfortunately, using C.F.E. to make them is undesirable to me. I don't like having crooked walls and stairs showing up on lower levels due to the differences in terrain. This brings me to the platform. Unlike the foundation, it can be placed right next to a wall without effecting its height. However, the version they have in the game isn't tall enough to place stairs on it. I know they have a similar thing in the sims 2 that was the same exact height as the foundation, but that too couldn't be adjusted. So I was wondering if it would be possible to clone the platform that is available in the sims 3 and create custom versions of it with different heights. Because it would make a huge difference in in the way I build if I had something like that available.
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#2 Old 17th Jul 2017 at 8:25 PM
If you talk of cloning as in meshing, you have to ask in the meshing forum. You might just as well ask in the sims3 main discussion forum, WCIF - where can I find subforum. It's at the top of the main forum.

My gut instinct says it can't be done. I may be wrong though. I would try both.
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#3 Old 20th Jul 2017 at 3:42 PM
You might look at how the OMSP works. I don't know if you can make one that will hold stairs, columns, or other build objects, but it might be worth a try.

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#4 Old 20th Jul 2017 at 7:21 PM
The problem will be the floorlevel = your stairs go to a higher level of the same floor or to a floor up. Seen the bottom as the top needs to be connected to a floor on a "half level" this has C.F.E. needed properties (without foundation). I know there are some half level pillars which could be a help by placing floor on that half level it still has a dynamic floor (different heigths for the same floorlevel).

That means that or when connected with walls you'll get a disformed walldeco
But you can think in another direction = make that distortion invisible by leaving 1 tile between the stairs & the wall and using foundation only to place the platform (corner) in place (by extracting a centerpiece out of the foundation and covering it with tiles), remove the foundation and place the walls 1 tile from the stairs...

Objects won't hold the stairs = you'll need walls/foundation/pillars with tiles. You might find a object with a stairs (I've once seen a "library stand" which was a box to stand on with a stair in front of it BUT that still won't make a 1 floor cornered stairs.

The solution for cloning a Sims2 platform is indeed mesh forum

The Sims 3 platform might be editable to the right proportions with CFE, try with FloorElevation cheat to raise the platformlevel, seen its a part of the floor which is raised and still got a "right up wall" (without distortions) that might stay so when raised... then place a stairs from the upper level (top part of the cornered stairs) and the floorlevel of the platform will be elevated right = make whole platform in that height and exit FloorElevation cheatmode... I dunno if this is possible but might save you a lot of trouble (will test next time I play)
Lab Assistant
#5 Old 23rd Jul 2017 at 6:57 PM
doesn't work; the heigt of a platform are fixed = heithen the platform and the ground beneath it raises with it (and when corrected the platform comes down with it, as said it is raised floor)... = cfe look to get half level height

= no building solution = Mesh forum might help BUT as said above; objects won't hold stairs without floorlevel on them = still CFE when connected to a wall

= Best solution is to keep a tile between stairs and wall so you won't see CFE
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