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New Creator Theme: Elders! - posted on 1st Sep 2018 at 11:43 AM
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#1 Old 11th Oct 2017 at 4:50 AM Last edited by ihatemandatoryregister : 11th Oct 2017 at 10:18 PM.
Default What role do aliens play in your neighbourhood?
There's a few threads about this topic, but here's one about what role the aliens play in your neighbourhoods.

I'll just quote one of my posts from the "what's happening in your game" thread:

Originally Posted by ihatemandatoryregister
I actually kind of tied in the story of Half-Life 1 to my story. There's always been a few aliens abductions here and there, but the recent upsurge has got people wondering about it. The Black Butte Research Facility, hidden in the hillside between Strangetown and Sedona, had a little...mishap while during teleportation experiments, summoning lots of aliens to the Sims universe. Bella Goth was one of their earliest victims, and her memory wiped before she was relocated to Strangetown. The scientists working on the project were paid up to stay quiet and relocated to Oakbrook.

I just made most of that up now (although I had the vague idea for it rattling around my head for a while). Actually, it's mostly just an excuse to have a Gordon Freeman sim in my neighbourhood. He likes to soap fountains.

I thought a bit more on the subject too. The Pollination Technicians who handle the abductions (BoilingOil's set) are part of a dying race from another universe. Something in their genetics made them vulnerable to a disease, which wiped nearly all of them out except for a few survivors. Although a few of them had traveled to the Sim universe in the past, they saw an opportunity and slipped through the newly-opened portals in timespace. Several of their ships were quickly hunted down - but the rest of them managed to establish a space station some distance away from the planet, hidden away in an asteroid belt. The alien scientists are working hard on finding a cure to the disease, and believe that crossing alien and non-alien Sims will create a hardier stock (as well as less genetic bottlenecking, which is what led to the problem in the first place). Unfortunately, it doesn't always meet well with the non-aliens, leading to tragedies such as the loss of several of their PTs when they were ambushed in what would later become Sedona.

Alien rights is a hot-button topic at the moment, especially in the desert regions. Stella Terrano is making headlines by being the first full-blooded alien to leave the space station for an education, and Lola Loner (nee Curious) hopes to be the first part-alien Sim to hold public office.

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#2 Old 11th Oct 2017 at 12:26 PM
Because I aim to play a fairly realistic game, I'm afraid that aliens (like supernaturals) don't play much of a role in my neighbourhoods. Squinge's No Alien Abductions was one of the first mods I installed. I temporarily removed it while playing Strangetown so that Vidcund Curious could get his scripted abduction and alien baby (who hasn't been born yet). Vidcund actually wanted to be abducted! The Smiths in Strangetown and Pascal's baby Titus (and I suppose the foetus inside Vidcund!) are almost my only aliens: you really can't play Strangetown without its aliens.

The only other living aliens in my game are two dormies in Peni's Land Grant University (attached to my Baldrair Bluffs custom 'hood). They are quite safe, as my constitution guarantees their inalienable (unfortunate choice of word?) right to life, but Id be surprised if either of them were to get deeply involved in the story.

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#3 Old 11th Oct 2017 at 2:22 PM
I created 4 female PT's, to create my very own multiple PT mod, then I remembered the SimPE GUID annoyance. So my mod is not yet ready, as I do not know how to assign GUID manually, though I know my block...That being said, I'm not sure yet, how they will be seen...or what role will they play.
In the Sim universe, they are just a bit different. Some Sims seems gross by them while other Sims don't seem to care much. I don't see why *I* would give them specific roles, when half the population of my 'Hood will see them as...just Sims.
They will probably just be considered OOACK. ...Ones Of A Certain Kind.

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#4 Old 11th Oct 2017 at 7:47 PM
The aliens in SimHampton have a backstory dating hundreds of years. Back then, the drioru discovered space flight and started exploring the stars (long before Sims, or any other species, got the idea into a practical form). Lots of them chose not to come back and created many colonies, dotted on the worlds of nearby stars. However, their culture never really lost its wanderlust. The more adventurous members join crews of spacecraft, looking for worlds to visit, adventures to enjoy and people to meet. They don't have the facilities on their spacecraft to look after the children some of the more romantic encounters produce, but Sims are among the species with some members happy to raise them on solid ground.

The children of these astronauts rarely return to space, but are usually welcomed in their communities. The aliens consider this an important reason to tacitly encourage mutually agreed progeny. In SimHampton, hybrid aliens tend to think and perceive the world a little differently to pure-bred Sims (whatever that even means in a place where "Sims" typically have a little bit of several species' blood if they choose to look back far enough). SimHampton likes that, so happily integrates them into the general life of the community. Their language (XenoSimlish, a dialect of which is still spoken by the drioru who remained in the Drioru Forest) is taught to every child and aliens help advance scientific and creative endeavours alike. Some of them have even been Planners (one rose to Planner for Finance before leaving their post to get married), though none has yet shown any interest in being a High Ruler or even a senior palace servant. It certainly isn't a limitation on raising a family either - there are 1/16th aliens in SimHampton, who remember being held, as babies, by their original half-alien parent.
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#5 Old 11th Oct 2017 at 7:51 PM
Aliens in my game are normal sims - because they really are, they just have a different skin. My only habit is to make all of them knowledge sims.
#6 Old 11th Oct 2017 at 9:50 PM
in my game, aliens and alien offspring pretty much act like any other sim.

after a number of abduction-caused pregnancies by the original PT NPC, would be adding an multi-pt mod I am making.
told about that alien set in past threads.
#7 Old 11th Oct 2017 at 10:05 PM
I'm using two versions at the moment:

In my Windenburg save (Sims 4, but building on a concept I used in Sims 2 first) they worship a demanding godess who ensures the safety of children from fire by asking for adult sacrifices by water. Basically this is a warped version of the Grey Lady. For this purpose the aliens enslave other races to use as gladiators in the sacrificial games. While in Sims 2 my Desiderata sims had to guerilla fight against a superior opponent, tech in Sims 4 has made a uge leap (if you do not place homeruled restricitons, you could buy rocketships by the dozen for your backyard) so humanity could take the fight to the aliens' homeworld. They are now subjected to trade contracts strongly favouring earth (explaining free food, free education and the like).
Some disgruntled military and priests still fight on, but the larger threat nowadays comes from organized crime: Especially the Landgraab mob has taken in crashed battle pilots during the war, hid them from captivity and instead offered them to work for the firm. I'm working on taking down the Landgraab for some time now, but it's not that easy.

In Strangetown Earth is a colony that is ruled secretly by the aliens (as mentioned in the Strangetown thread). They take whatever ressources they need (an administrative nightmare that creates many jobs for accountants) and otherwise follow a policiy of minimal intrusion. Except for the sex tourists, because we need an explanation for the abductions.
The general ideal here is to make the empire as diverse as the humans. Individuals may agree or not agree with their government's line and I also try to make them appear as if they come from different cultures within the empire (with little success so far, but as gameplay shifts from Strangetown to the larger world I may be getting there eventually).
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#8 Old 12th Oct 2017 at 2:33 AM
My only current neighbourhood to have aliens is Sheffield, which is supposed to be realistic, so they're just being passed off as privately adopted children from overseas.

I had big plans for aliens in Driftwood before it succumbed to corruption. They were automatically admitted to InterGalactic University as soon as they became teens, and here they were turned against their human 'incubators'. Each alien was provided with a human servant, who studied alongside them in preparation for her later role as nanny to the next generation of aliens. It was also this servant's job to take any too-human looking infants and expose them on a mountainside before returning to her regular duties in the alien household (of course, in the time-honoured style of Greek tragedy, the servant actually handed them over to a nameless woman who took them away to be adopted back into the main neighbourhood). There was eventually to have been a war between aliens and humans, but an unforeseen apocalypse wiped them all out before they got that far.
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#9 Old 12th Oct 2017 at 6:16 AM
Ah... I think mine aliens' lives are sort of complicated?

I actually do not have aliens in my Blue Point neighborhood, but half of my (small) population in Sedona are of alien descent. One was born on Earth, but he keeps his history buried. The others all escaped from a repressive society. Poor fertility and a failure in technological medical assistance caused drastic social change in their original world and culture. They literally had to escape to Earth (or whatever the Sim equivalent is) for safety. Currently, they're learning Sim culture, trying new things, and caring for their families. Drama's not over yet though.

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#10 Old 12th Oct 2017 at 10:09 AM
No aliens in my Shipwreck Island game, no supernaturals either.

I did have aliens in a past game. In my mind, they crashed to Earth on their way to another planet. Despite being green, they thought they could blend in -- kind of like the Coneheads with their huge cone-shaped heads. Poor Stella Terrano only wanted to be treated like every other Sim girl at college. Unfortunately, her green skin made her a novelty on campus. Everyone wanted to be her friend or date her. It was fun at first, but those relationships rarely lasted. Once the other Sims realized Stella really was just like them, they grew disinterested -- all except Kevin Beare. Kevin and Stella married and had a baby. Stella worked to support her little nuclear family while Kevin became a stay-at-home dad.

And then something happened ... I got bored or busy or something. And that game ended up being deleted before Kevin & Stella's baby/toddler became a child.

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#11 Old 12th Oct 2017 at 10:19 AM
@SiMelissa - something similar happened in Black Mesa. Stella Terrano became friends with Marla Biggs, who didn't treat her anything unusual unlike everyone else. The two of them ended up falling in love and marrying. When I last left them they'd adopted 2 children and had a servo to help with the housework.

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#12 Old 13th Oct 2017 at 1:31 PM Last edited by Sketching : 13th Oct 2017 at 1:38 PM. Reason: Whoops, I forgot a line.
I'm afraid that I don't play aliens as "aliens" myself since while I like sci-fi, I deal with a lot of science at work and personally prefer fantasy. Aliens are typically played as melusines or water serpents depending on the neighborhood. I don't play Strangetown often but when I do, I usually play it as a mish-mash of cyberpunk and steampunk so sometimes the "aliens" aren't exactly from outer space but from other dimensions or man-made races (if that makes sense).

I now generally disable alien abduction pregnancies because I had difficulty when alien hybrids were born in one generation then had siblings after 6 generations who fell in love with the first hybrids' descendants ( ) but also because I like being control of the population and prefer introducing "special races" myself (I'm finicky about storylines). In some hoods though, I use AlmightyHat's Stolen by Fairies default replacement memories and PT set so it's as if the people were whisked away by the fae instead.

In the case of melusine or water serpent aliens, they're often in charge of preserving marine life, such as owning and monitoring the only areas where others may fish. In the cyber/steampunk neighborhoods, it depends on the storyline; sometimes they're creations of scientists who have developed sentience and want equal rights as humans, sometimes they're sims of a different color but are otherwise just sims.
#13 Old 13th Oct 2017 at 3:54 PM
It largely depends on the neihgbourhood/type of game I'm playing.

Normal Neighbourhood: They are treated as ordinary Sims, I see normal Sims society as a bit of an utopian place where skin colour, sexuality and sex/gender no longer matter to the vast majority of the population, so Sims ain't gonna get all bent out of shape over someone with black eyes and green skin. Only very few, select individuals (like General Grunt in Strangetown) don't like aliens and they are treated just like racist and homophobes are treated in any civilized company today.
In another thread I have already detailed my headcanon when it comes to the Pollination Technicians; they are basically a less evil version of Aprature Science from Portal and create Alien hybrids for the sake of "SCIENCE!"

Post-Apocalyptic Neighbourhood: Here utopia went kaput and so Aliens are mistrusted as "mutants" and blamed by some for the nuclear war (there are rumours that a spaceship caused the incident for Sim Nation and Red Nation to go for full thermonuclear war)
And since Post-Apocalyptic society in my games starts out as a Military Junta, Aliens and other supernaturals are simply expelled and have to live in their own settlement and are restricted in the types of careers they can perform. On the plus side, Aliens are immune to Radiation.
Once society recovers enough to be civilized about these things again, Aliens rejoin the rest of Simsdom.

Medieval Hood: Taking a leaf from AlmightyHat (though a hypothetical link between Fairies and Aliens has been proposed for decades now), I treat them as Changelings (in the Half-Fae sense of the word) and the way they are looked upon varies from culture to culture (I usually have different cultures in Medieval Hoods) sometimes they are seen as wise and beautiful, other times as untrustworthy and monstrous. They usually have a natural affinity with magic.
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