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Default "XML files will Conflict" ?
(Hi, Sorry for the newbie question! If this question has been asked many times can you please direct me to the answer? I tried finding it but I cant.) But anywho so like I've wanted to play the game with these mods i found on here. For Example this one. But in the bottom of the page it says XML files will conflict and tells you the XML files used. How do I like find these files? Or like delete them? Or how do I find these xml conflict things to resolve it and play the game with this mod? Thank you!
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Reading the description carefully will help you - try a few mods and see how they feel in your game. You do need to make sure that the mods are updated for the latest patch and you have the appropriate game packs. They won't kill your game, but you may want to quarantine your "script" mods in a separate folder inside your mods folder - if you have any issues, start by pulling the script mods and see if your game goes back to "normal". In general, having multiple mods doing the same thing is what is going to give you a problem.

If you are super concerned, you can create a notepad file, copy the xml's used in the descritiption and the name of the mod, and keep track that way.

LittleMsSam's mods are great, and so are Coolspear's mods from are awesome.

Have fun- try it out!!
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