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#1 Old 5th May 2017 at 1:18 PM
Default Child adoptions from foreign worlds
I just got an idea: What if the sims could adopt children (and maybe pets) from the three vacation worlds(China, Egypt and France)?
And even babies and toddlers?
IĀ“m thinking that would be a good idea!
Are there anybody else that have this idea or mod already?
When a the target sim is traveling to a destination for the first time in a gameplay the game often generates children from suitable parents the next time the target sim arrives at the same place.
My concept is when the target sim or any of the sims in the neighborhood call for an adoption, thereĀ“s the children from the three vacation worlds available for adoption.
(But only if you traveled before the phonecall!)
Then you can have chinese, egyptian and french children in sims 3!
What do you think?
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