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2018 MTS Calendar Contest - posted on 12th Nov 2017 at 8:48 PM
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just a girl
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Default Pets at Uni and on Vacation
Does it sound interesting? Have anybody done it already? Do you have suggestions? Wanna test?

What this mod allows:

+ Adopt pets from pet shelter
+ Give them up for adoption
+ Hire obedience trainer
+ Sell and give pets to playable young adults
- Teens packing to Uni still don't have a choice of bringing anyone with them (but there will be mod for that)

+ Take pets on vacation (except puppies and kittens)
+ Give them vacation benefits
- Pets don't get a suitcase

Related mods:
For aging pets on campus grab Uni-aging mod.
To move out of college with pets grab ya-move-out-of-college. If you already have it, redownload. It's updated and improved!

BV - requires Bon Voyage or later
AL - requires Apartment Life or Mansions and Gardens
Choose only one version ^
Test in a testing hood and/or back up your good hoods.
These are global overrides. May conflict with other mods that override the same resources. Check with HCDU.

How my testing went.
Young adult lived in a dorm with a cat and two dogs. The cat was sold to this sim by another playable student from fraternity. And the fraternity guy adopted it by the phone. The dogs were adopted in dorm and trained by obedience trainer. With a little help from Simblender, one dog got old and became an elder one day at 11 o'clock. With more Simblender help, the dog died the next day. New dog was adopted and given back away. It was sim+cat+dog now.
My sim bought her own vacation home. First, she took the dog to Far East and left the cat with a nanny. They stayed in their private residence, went on community lots, and the dog was the one commenting on how the vacation have been worth every penny =) Then I made the dog really hungry (deliberate testing situation) and the police took it away. That didn't seem to cause any trouble back at the dorm. The sim returned in one piece, the dog was away, the cat was in place.
Next time my sim traveled with her cat. While on vacation, cat got a job (papers are delivered to vacation houses). All went well and the party returned home safely. The cat received job performance bonus and it actually worked. Not all vacation bonuses are usefull for pets (like they have no want slots), but we shall see if they're at least harmless.
Another dorm family of a couple, a baby, an elder and a dog moved out of college by dropping out. Back in main hood they took their dog and a neighbor on vacation, leaving the elder with the baby at home. They stayed at a hotel. Hotels are not pet-friendly in terms of food bowls and toys, but that's ok, we can build new ones. Pet objects are available in buy mode catalog. At the end of the trip, no vacation benefits were offered. I guess, they thought they hadn't the greatest time.

Let me know what you think
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: zip pets-uni-n-vacation-AL.zip (1.6 KB, 10 downloads) - View custom content
File Type: zip pets-uni-n-vacation-BV.zip (1.5 KB, 5 downloads) - View custom content

Assorted mods: Moving out and job options
Apartment rent agreement mod - fresh update
Testers wellcome on Electrical box & Fertile land
Functional sofa bed is ready to be tested as well
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