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Default Sims 3 Adopt All The Strays Challenge!
Hello! Not sure if I'm posting this thread in the right place! If I'm not, please tell me and I'll move it.

Hi everyone <3 I know that there aren't really any more sims 3 challenges being created, but for those of you sims 3 fans who still play and love the game, here is a new one that I don't THINK has been created (correct me if I'm wrong). It's very possible that many of you have done this challenge but not with the actual challenge aspect so I've made some rules and a goal
Note: You MUST have pets to do this challenge.
WARNING: This challenge could take a very long time! Strays are quite hard to come across.

The goal of this challenge is to adopt as many strays as you can (kind of). The overall goal is to have given a stray pet to every sim in the town! If the sim already had a pet then they can have another!

~Recommended mods~
NRAAS Master Controller
NRAAS Portrait Panel
NRAAS Woohooer

1. Create a sim! You may make this sim look however you want and her/his traits are your choice but one of the traits must be Animal Lover.
Optional: You may create 2 sims if you want and only one would need the Animal Lover trait.
2. Enter the world and get a house! (You may use any neighbourhood you want and may choose any house you want).
3. Go to edit town and choose a large, empty lot to build on. I recommend that you build on a lot near your house but you don't have to.
4. Create an animal rescue centre. You may also place a pre-made lot. More information on this down below.
5. Make your sim buy the lot by using the interaction 'Purchase additional house' from the phone. This comes with Generations so if you don't have generations then just build a small house for your sims on the same lot as the rescue centre. Money cheats are allowed ONLY to build your and pet rescue centre.
6. You're ready for the challenge!
Note: If you don't like money cheats then you may save up money to buy the pet rescue centre yourself.

-Find strays, become friends with them and adopt them! If you have more than 6 strays already then this is when NRAAS comes in. You can have more than 6 and you can adopt strays anyway
-Take care of the pets and make sure they're happy!
-Try and complete the stray's whims! The reason for this is because before you adopt the strays out, you have to get rid of all of the negative traits. With the lifetime happiness points you can save up for the Reward: Attitude Adjustment (7,500) and you can then get rid of all the negative traits and replace them with positive traits.
-Your sim/sims may have relationships and children. Your sims can also train pets and teach them positive traits and take away negative traits.
-Adopt out your strays by going to edit town, click your household, click split household, choose the animal you want to move out, move it into an active household.

-Other than for building your pet rescue centre and house, no money cheats.
-Before animals are adopted out they must have:
Gotten to level 5 of the hunting skill (dogs and cats)
Gotten to level 5 of the jumping and racing skills (horses)
Learnt at least 3 tricks (dogs)
No negative traits (all)
-Stray gnomes are allowed to help speed up the process of finding strays.
-Unless your household is full, you must not use NRAAS to add strays to your household. You have to do it properly; Becoming friends, knowing level 7 of the riding skill, e.t.c
-If you get attached to a pet then you may keep it, however I don't recommend keeping more than 2 or 3.
-You may not use Bottomless Food Bowls, Super Swank Pet Beds, Pet Hygienators, Celestial Salt Licks or Self Cleaning Box Stalls.
-Your sims cannot get day jobs (Careers). They may register as self employed or become a writer, painter e.t.c but they cannot get proper jobs. Not even part time jobs. A good way to earn money is by cutting Tiberium in a spire cut and then letting it grow for a day or two.
-No adopting animals. Also don't adopt animals out by using the 'Place pet for adoption' interaction.

Note: Points are optional and you may tweak them to your likings.
+5 points for every stray adopted.
+1 point for every baby born (it makes the challenge harder and more hectic).
+1 point for every skill at level 5 (this is for animals ONLY)
+1 point for every trick a dog learns.
+1 point for every 'Attitude Adjustment' reward purchased.
+10 points if an animal has a baby.
+5 points for every animal adopted out.
-50 points for every pet that dies or is taken away before being adopted out. This includes old age so if you adopt an old stray, then you better get a move on with training them!
-5 points for every DAY 3 or more animals have fleas at once.
-25 points for every sim death.
-25 points for every stray adopted out who doesn't have one of the requirements above.

Positive Traits:
Non Destructive

Neutral (Not Good or Bad):
Likes Swimming


~Building your Animal Rescue Centre~
Make it BIG.
You're going to need a name for your rescue centre
1. Build a large building. Design it how you want, colour choice is yours!
2. Rooms:
-A room for dogs- Put 4-6 dog pens in the room, each including: A toy box, A bed, A food bowl, anything else you think is necessary e.g custom content dog toys.
-A room for cats- Put 4-6 cat pens in the room, each including: A toy box, A bed, A food bowl, A scratching post and anything else you think is necessary.
-A large garden- Include doggy balls, Horse balls, Hay, Jumping obstacles, Drinking places for horses, a pond (optional), decor, trees.
-A barn with stables inside- Put 4-6 stables (for horses) in it and decor.
-An office for your sim (this might just mainly be decorative)- In it put a laptop, desk (and desk chair), decor.
-An entrance hall thing- Just put a table with some clutter on it and maybe a nice rug
-A break room- For this put a small living area (couches, tv, armchairs), a small table, and a kitchen (microwave, oven, counters, fridge e.t.c) also if you have university, put a vending machine in for decoration (optional).
-A small room for rodents- Put at least 5 rodent terrariums in this room.
-A small room for snakes- Put at least 5 snake terrariums in this room.
-A small room for lizards- Put at least 5 lizard terrariums in this room.
-A small rooms for large and small birds- Put 5 bird trees and 5 bird cages in this room.
-A small room for turtles- Put at least 5 turtle terrariums in this room.
-Bathrooms- Well I think what to put in here is pretty straightforward XD
-A small bathing room- include a bath and possibly a shower.
-Any other room you think is necessary- This could be extra rooms for pets, a separate kitchen/living room/dining room or anything else you can think of.

If you think I've missed something please tell me in the comments! (Knowing my T E R R I B L E memory I probably have) Also if you want you can put update comments of your pet rescue and points.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my challenge!
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