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Test Subject
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Default How Do I Post
I have already made stuff to post but how does one post it?
Puffin McMuffin
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@kenzielikesfoxes, before uploading anything it's always good to show off what you have in this forum Of course that's all up to you!

Then, you want to read the guidelines first to know what we're asking from you so we can either approve it straight away or maybe CR a few tiny thingies so you're not left with any surprises! Here's our guidelines:

Then, after that we'd love to see what you're gonna be sharing and reviewing it! A link to the upload wizard is right here:

Hope this helps! if you feel like asking more regarding this, I'd recommend checking this forum out instead since this one is mainly for showing off your download before actually uploading it
Test Subject
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I was wondering where you would post mod suggestions at! I'm sure I have seen it somewhere before on here, but having trouble finding it now!
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