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Mad Poster
#7751 Old Yesterday at 11:49 PM
Originally Posted by Teostar
Just watched SimsCommunity's recent video, so apparently if you get struck by lightning once (and don't die) you get a 3 hour dazed debuff, then you have to get struck by lightning again before that debuff expires. Once that happens, your Sim gets a 12 hour buff that allows him/her to summon a lightning strike wherever by clicking on the ground. (while that 12h buff is active) Also their eyes glow electric blue while they have the debuff. The summoned lightning strike does nothing, cannot hit Sims and is just a visual thing. So that's what you saw at the end of the Seasons trailer where the guy shoots a lightning ball up at the sky.

.....That's fucking stupid! C'mon Maxis! How do you even fuck up super powers!?

The Receptacle still lives!
#7752 Old Yesterday at 11:57 PM
Imagine that, they spent money on a new animation, and it doesn't do anything! That's hilarious!

So be it. Move. ~Jason Bourne
Department of Post-Mortem Communications
#7753 Old Today at 12:13 AM
Originally Posted by terula8

Recolours show up A LOT in every single game except TS1. In TS2 there were entire outfits that were exactly the same - not even different colours, just straight copied over.

I'm told that TS3 also had this a lot - so it's not like it's new in TS4 to do this.
I'm not sure where you got that from but in TS3's case I am aware of this in only one case, namely when University Life reused some base game clothing meshes and added them with additional stencils. Recolors in TS3 were pointless because one of the major selling points was CASt, i.e. you could recolor things yourself. Other than that I cannot think of any duplicates in my game and I've got everything except for three stuff packs. But I'm always glad to learn something new.
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