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MTS Movie Night #3 - posted on 20th Oct 2017 at 10:54 PM
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#10101 Old Today at 2:53 AM
Oh. That'll work. A kludge, but it'll work. Thanks.

I'm secretly a Bulbasaur.

My memory is poor, so please take anything I say with a grain of salt. | Looking for SimWardrobe's mods? | Or Dizzy's? | Faiuwle/rufio's too!
#10102 Old Today at 3:49 AM
New question: Does shift-clicking the mailbox and going to Make NPC.../Visitor actually do anything? I just tried and nothing happened. I thought one of my Sim's friends would appear and ring the doorbell.

I'm secretly a Bulbasaur.

My memory is poor, so please take anything I say with a grain of salt. | Looking for SimWardrobe's mods? | Or Dizzy's? | Faiuwle/rufio's too!
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#10103 Old Today at 4:00 AM Last edited by natboopsie : Today at 6:15 AM.
Quick note: I've updated my previous post, about pizza and Chinese for faux community pizzerias and Chinese eateries, to add some further information and correct some imprecise wording. I added the tag and strikethroughs so you can pick out the changes, but mainly I wanted to add something I noticed about the existing Buyable Pizza and Chinese Food hack, which still might work to do exactly what I described in the beginning of that post.

Originally Posted by Phantomknight
Also, is there a mod that increases the number of jobs that show up on the newspaper and/or the computer? I've tried searching but Google keeps turning up sims 4 results and when I try to filter that out, I get nonsense unrelated to the sims at all.

I am almost positive that I've read about this issue more than once, elsewhere (I believe one place was MATY, which for all its faults has been a home for constructive discussion about modding the game) and that, according to the modders in the discussions at the time, it could not be done because those limits are hard-coded into the game.

BoilingOil made a mod to reduce the number of jobs available on either, but it sounds like what he was doing was just applying the result of a random roll to further limit the game's offered number---and that he wasn't just able to change the number directly. (I also am guessing that if it were possible to increase the number of jobs on offer, he or someone would have mentioned it in that context.)

That would explain as to why such a mod seems so elusive today (because it never has existed). Though I hope I'm wrong and you end up finding it, or someone applies new modding discoveries and sees that it's now possible!

Originally Posted by ihatemandatoryregister
I wanted my Sim to send $50 to a university student.

Editing to answer ihate's question; not sure if I can effectively tag in an edit, but here goes.

@ihatemandatoryregister I can suggest Christianlov's Wallet Token Controller . It almost seems low-tech compared with Monique's computer (though I expect that like most things Christianlov made, it's well thought out), but I use it along with Monique's machine in all my hoods. Since the default shape is a plant, it's easy to put on community lots too. (I usually place them on several community lots around my hood, just so my sims have somewhere to go in case they need more money while out, in addition to putting them in their houses.)

Editing because I totally forgot to mention that yes, the Wallet Token Controller can send money to sims (across the hood, including at Uni, though not in the Bin). A new account is created in the recipient's name when you do this, if they don't already have one. They can access it at their home lot or any community lot, just by clicking on the controller plant. Or, you could use the Wallet Controller to "Give" the money to the uni student by inviting her over *or* to any community lot where there's a controller plant to click on. Your sim will go through the animation of handing the other sim money, and again, if they don't already have one, they will get a new Wallet Controller account created in their name to access later.

The WC mod survives hood resets caused by new mods, though since he warns about it, I've never installed new EPs or patches with sims still holding accounts. It doesn't pay any interest at all.

The one thing that may or may not be an issue for you is that money withdrawn, whether at your household or when teleported to someone else's, doesn't register as new income (for lifetime earning) to your sims...but I'm fine with that.

More on how I mostly use it behind the button...

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#10104 Old Today at 6:00 AM
Originally Posted by ihatemandatoryregister
I wanted my Sim to send $50 to a university student. I ran into a problem, though:

1. She doesn't have a computer, so Monique's computer won't work.
2. SimWardrobe's chequebook allows me to set $50, but for some reason no university students appear in the list of recipients.
3. Pescado's money order lets me select the university student, but the smallest increment is $100!
4. I have Monique's Payer Bills, but I think that's for recurring payments.

What do I do?

What I usually do for small amounts like that is buy a deco item of as close to the right price as possible, put it in the first sim's inventory, invite the second sim over, and pass the item through "give gift." The target sim can then sell the item if they wish. Unfortunately, this does not fulfill any "earn some money" wants, which is a definite downside, at least in my mind.
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#10105 Old Today at 6:10 AM Last edited by Sketching : Today at 1:08 PM.
I use the same thing natboopsie suggested - Christianlov's Wallet Token Controller, if only to bypass using Monique's computer (and risk gaining interest) and because it's free and usually blends in with the background.

Granted, it can hold multiple accounts per person but each one has a maximum limit of 30, 000 and it handles certain transactions as one. Thus, it might be unwieldy for some when you want to withdraw 30, 000 and it takes the entire 120, 000 saved inside then you have to put the 90, 000 back in. You can still choose the amount you want to send though then it stays in the receiver's token until they withdraw the amount themselves.

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