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MTS Movie Night #4 - posted on 19th Feb 2018 at 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Orphalesion
Awesome that I'm not the only one who thinks that way, I've actually started a bit of working on my Veronaville again hahaha.

I think the Red and Blue colour contrast gets employed a lot in Romeo and Juliet productions because it's an easy way to contrast the two families. I think I did the Capulets blue and the Montagues red because 1) in the shipped version Juliet wears blue, while Romeo wears red and 2) I kept the Capulets=skin1/2 and Montagues=skin3 from the shipped version and dark haired Sims with skin 3 tend to look very good in red. imho.

And the Castle store set, it comes in red/blue/green - in my game, I also have the Capps decorated in blue, the Monty's ranch in red, and the Summerdreams enjoy the neutral green! I'm not color-coding the whole town but I enjoy the subtle touch of giving them a personal banner to display.
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#5377 Old Today at 8:28 PM
Originally Posted by ihatemandatoryregister
I didn't type the A's. Weird.

Dun dun dun...

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#5378 Old Today at 8:30 PM
I wish I could, Rosawyn, but like Orphalesion, it's so chock-full of CC that it'd be difficult to upload. Thank you for the idea though! I'll think about it.

conversesneaker, I find that the shipped Veronaville could use some additional sims to water down the feud between the families and increase genetic diversity. Have fun with the renovations!

Orphalesion: We even have similar reasons for the color schemes. Juliette starts out wearing blue and I figured that the blue star carpet was some sort of family symbol, while Romeo has a red shirt and their ranch generally uses warm colors. Granted, several of the Capps are shipped with red outfits (Tybalt, Goneril, Regan, and Albany) but the Montys just screamed more red to me regardless, so they ended up as the Blue/Silver Capulets, the Red/Gold Montagues, and the Green/Bronze fae (Summerdreams and Gossamers) - just like conversesneaker. Okay, that last one doesn't make sense as shipped, but I thought of them as nature fae and it complemented the scheme.

Asides from making more accurate versions of the shipped sims, I... may have gone overboard and added characters from The Taming of the Shrew, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Twelfth Night, Hamlet, Antony and Cleopatra, The Winter's Tale, As You Like It, and several Shakespearean works. The most played iteration had some unexpected events, but that's part of the fun when mixing them up (and it was so big I didn't know where to start playing at first) - Hermione ended up with Tybalt, Romeo had the hots for Katherine, and Viola somehow ended up as Cleopatra's servant.

Also: §§§

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#5379 Old Today at 8:36 PM
Originally Posted by RoxEllen1965
Most of the pre-placed houses are much too expensive for new characters to move into and there isn't much room to add new affordable housing.
There are a few under §20K, but I agree it's hard to get them adequately furnished without spending a little more. However there's a lot of space on the western (Italian) side of the canal, and it should be easy enough to add some more affordable housing there. Over the years there's been a lot of development there in our Veronaville as you can see in this recent aerial view:
In our case much of the development there has been commercial rather than residential, but a small number of low-cost houses have been built and occupied.
Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
The last time I tried to play Capp Manor the gardener would just go around in circles of despair and the only way to keep it from becoming an absolute wilderness was to influence visitors to do yardwork.
But, Peni, you must understand that before 1914 houses like Capp Manor had teams of full-time gardeners keeping the lawns and flowerbeds in immaculate condition. Even between the wars, Capp Manor still had a full-time Head Gardener and Under-Gardener. It is hard for a single gardener, coming in only a few days a week, to maintain the standard. My Sims probably have a bit of an advantage in that I don't have Seasons, but even in my game, the gardens of Capp Manor deteriorated into an appalling condition (such that they didn't even want to go out of the front door and have to look at it). Like you said, the hired gardener was doing his best, but he simply couldn't cope, and it took a herculean effort by the Capp family and their friends to get the gardens into a fit state for Tybalt's birthday. At least some of their more impecunious friends (like Gavin Newson and Gerry McBain) were paid for their help. Now, with two big family weddings coming up (Consort's and Tybalt's), they're probably going to have to look at the state of the gardens again. I have a "trim less accessible plants" mod, which is a big help to gardening at Capp Manor. I also have a 7-day-a-week Gardener mod, but I think the one at Capp Manor is still only coming 3 days a week; I believe you have to terminate his contract and give him a new one to get daily visits.

As for these houses being impractical for modern living, well of course they are! They're at least 400 years old! Built in a completely different age when expectations of life were very different. Built for pixies? Maybe they were. People were, on average, much smaller then. Maybe Sims were smaller then too. Built long before the internet, telephones, gas, electricity and even running water, there houses can be challenging to live in, especially when planning regulations make it difficult to make substantial changes to them. But Sims can, and do live in them. And I'm sure I know my Sims well enough to know that most of my Veronaville Sims are very happy with their lives in the town. Andrew (17) says, "We're not living in the past." (Veronavillians can be very sensitive to that jibe!) "But we're proud of our heritage. And we intend to look after it."

At the moment I'm mainly concerned with starting the promised thread about "Historic Buildings of Old Veronaville", but having replied again to this thread, may I just take a couple of minutes to tell you how I came to fall in love with this town? I'm sure I've related several times before how, the very first time I started up the game, I chose Veronaville simply because it had only 3 pre-made houses, and it had plenty of empty houses for my Sims to move into. I created Andrew, and, almost as an afterthought, I added his mum, Gloria. Then I looked for a house for them, saw this rather pretty little house in Chorus Court, and moved them in. Then, within a couple of Sim hours, as I saw much this single mother and teenage son loved each other, I fell hopelessly in love with both of them. The house certainly had its problems. The kitchen had no sink and wasn't big enough to add one. So they carried the dishes to the bathroom after every meal. I couldn't resist a wry smile when I saw that Pescado had a mod to stop Sims washing dishes in bathrooms. I wondered what he expected Andrew and Gloria to do! Needless to say, I never got that mod! Only one of the bedrooms was big enough for a double bed, so Gloria got that one and I put a single one in the smaller room for Andrew. Later on, when Andrew was going steady with Julian, and wanted him to stay the night, Gloria came to an arrangement with her son, that she would move into the single bed for the night so Andrew and Julian could sleep together. I think this sort of parental love and understanding is very rare indeed.

Before I had even played Andrew and Gloria for a full Sim day, I had added another household. I decided Gloria needed a boyfriend and created Garry Mackay. I made both Gloria and Garry Romance in the belief that that would help them to fall in love with each other quickly. (They did.) For a house for Garry, I looked in the lot bin, and chose the Ranch Retreat. As Maxis created Veronaville, there is plenty of empty space on the far side of the canal, so I placed Garry's house there, between the two squares (or are they roundabouts?), on a road that leads away from the canal. I named this road the Via Venezia. You can just see Garry's house in the picture above. It's the leftmost of the 3 plumbbobs in the distant middle of the picture in the Via Venezia. When it was built, it was the just about only building there. There was another building I added around this time (possibly even before Garry's house). I wanted my Sims to have a swimming pool to go to, and unlike Pleasantview and Strangetown, Maxis never provided one for Veronaville. So I built a large open-air swimming pool for them, just across the road from the Monty Ranch. I admit I sent Sims to swim there before I had worked out how to finish the toilets (the sight of Andrew in his little red swimming trunks, mopping up the puddle he'd made before getting into his taxi, will be forever etched on my memory!), but when I did finish the buildings a few days later, I finished them in a mock Tudor style to fit in with the ambience of Veronaville.

Next I made Julian Moltke as a boyfriend for Andrew. With his family I was more ambitious. I made him the oldest of a family of 3, with two Family parents', Martin and Manuela, a little sister, Brigitte, and a toddler little brother, Hans. (They're a German family, hence the names.) I reckoned that it was far to big a family for a 20K house, so I used FamilyFunds to move them into 100 Via Veronaville. Over the next 3 months or so, I really just played these three families, and pretty well ignored the rest. And, as I did so, I fell in love with the game (and began to learn how to play it), I fell in love with the Sims I had created, and I fell in love with the town where they lived. How did the last come about? Well, I suppose I've always had a liking for the slightly old-fashioned, and I just feel comfortable with the general ambience of Veronaville with its streets of half-timbered houses. Now the two houses I saw most often were of course 19 Chorus Court and 100 Via Veronaville. Now in my opinion (for what it's worth) they are both attractive houses. 100 Via Veronaville in particular has lots of what estate agents would call "original period features": the stone-tiled floor and fireplace in its main room, and visible timber beams, even inside the house. But more important, they are also the homes of my friends. I know when I play them, I'll be meeting up with Sims that I like. . . indeed love. Despite the occasional problems that beset any family, they are both basically happy homes. And that I'm sure makes a difference to me. Sims and architecture come together to create a positive atmosphere. I know that Veronaville can be a good place to live, because I know Sims who are happy living there! At this time my Sims would exchange pleasantries with townies and pre-mades that they met, but my game centred entirely on my own Sims. Andrew and Julian in particular, realising that they were gay, and overwhelmed by the intense passions of first love, were so much into each other that they scarcely noticed that the rest of the world existed at all.

So, it really wasn't the pre-mades, or the Shakespearean connections that drew me to Veronaville; I already loved the town before I properly met them. It was only in the following months, after I had added a Downtown, that the pre-made playables, starting with Puck Summerdream, began to make their mark on my game. It's a long, long time since I read Shakespeare in school, and even then I never did any of the plays that are really featured in Veronaville. In 2nd Year (aged 13) I did Julius Caesar and The Merchant of Venice. In 3rd Year we did two of the "History" plays, Henry IV Part 2, and Henry V. If we did anything else that year, it made so little impression on me that I don't remember it at all. In 4th and 5th Year we did Macbeth over, and over, and over again. Somehow we managed to squeeze in Othello too, but our English teacher thought Macbeth was the only play that Shakespeare really got right. As for the comedies, he considered them inaccessible to modern teenagers, so we didn't do them at all. He may have had a point there: I didn't exactly find the Merchant of Venice a laugh a minute! So I've never read (or seen) Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, or King Lear -- or any of the comedies. After all, if you can pass the exam with one play, why read any others? Passing the exam is what it's really about, isn't it? In 6th Year I didn't do any English at all, because I'd passed the exam in 5th Year. I did however read some books by Graham Greene that I really enjoyed -- because I knew I wouldn't have to answer any stupid exam questions about them! Is it any wonder that I let my Sim teens drop out of school if they don't like it?

I haven't taken the Shakespearean theme much further in my game, Jamie Siddons takes his second name from Sarah Siddons (1755 – 1831) a famous Shakespearean actress of the 18th century. And I added a delightful little black boy called Othello Moore as a prospective playmate for cute little Desdemona Capp. But, with his 8 nice points, I'm sure he'll never murder her!

Sorry! This was meant to be a short post. I was trying to explain how I came to love Veronaville, but I'm not even sure if I can explain it. I just know that I do love the place -- with a real passion! Maybe there's always something irrational in love. I've said a lot in this post -- probably a lot more than I should have said. Some of it is quite controversial. So, if you disagree, please post in the thread and say so; if you just click on the Disagree button, no one will know what you're disagreeing with -- because I've said so much! But please don't send me a PM, at least not for a week or so: my mail box is full and I'm going to have to spend a few hours cleaning it out. Anyway I think the time has come for me to shut up for now!!

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@AndrewGloria I'm not sure if your post was answering the thread question or just commenting on a previous post - it was long and seemingly off topic (but I'm not the disagree-er).
My main (and favourite ) hood is Veronaville. I didn't play with any of the premades and replaced them all with my own Sims. I would love to see neighbourhood views of everyone's Veronaville to see how they compare.
Sorry, not an answer to the thread question either. The only thing I discovered was where a missing Sim was living and that I'd forgotten to play one household for the last two rotations.
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