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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 1:50 PM
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Test Subject
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#1 Old 24th Apr 2016 at 7:19 PM
Default To Judge A Book By It's Cover. (A Short Story)
[B]Strong language and Minor Violence.
See I much rather be in a special school right now, you know the one for kids with disabilities, or, well... murderers like me. Look, I didn't mean to murder Ms. Porker, I just wanted her to beat her till she was barely breathing. But my foster mom thinks it would be best to put me back in public school.
I was disrupted from my thoughts when something or someone small bumped into me.
"Oomf." I loomed over this person, and not because I wanted to but because I was 6'0 feet, and him no more than 5'5.
But me being me, nervous and scared of judgment, Ran before he could even say sorry.
I could still feel his stare.
Walking through the halls I could feel my anger boil,
Stop staring at me!
I recognized some kids, Abigail, from grades 2nd to 5th grade. She always wore pigtails and brung cookies everyday Friday in 5th grade. Brock, despite his name was a huge geek, never ending talks about Star Trek and Marvel. The Brister Twins they hated each other so much it got to the point where one of them beg their mom for plastic surgery they were all nice kids, we used to hang once in awhile. But now they don't even look at me, and when they do they have fear in their eyes.
"Bennidict W-Willows?" I turned to the person who said my name.
"Ben, just Please call me Ben." The man had light brown hair with scattered greys, he wore a grey suit with a deep red tie, sort of like the color of fresh blood. And a pair of big Brown eyes, filled with fear, like everyone else.
"Oh, um, please follow me to you home room." Walking through the halls I would notice that every time I got near a group of kids they would immediately get quiet with little whispers living their lips.
"He's the one who beat Ms.Porker in 5th grade."
"I heard she died a week after they arrested him." My brain didn't want to seem to process that, so I continued to follow the older man to my home room.
"By the way I'm Mr.Cott I am the vice Principal. Here we are, room one zero eight, Mrs.Beth. She will give you your locker and schedule." Mr.Cott left me standing in front of the classroom door. I could feel my breath shorting and my heart beat rising.
"Excuse me? Hello? The bell rung I would like to get to class..." A sweet soft voice brings me back into reality. I looked down it was the boy from earlier, "sorry." I mumbled, I opened the door and let him in first then me flowing behind.
My first 4 classes were fine, besides the fact that no one wanted to sit next to me, look at me, talk to me and the teachers tried all they could to avoid me. I wanted to scream and cry, "They don't know what I went through! They don't know who Ms Porker was!"
Walking into the lunchroom, I could notice how quiet everyone got, from 100 to 0, really quick. I just stood there too scared to even move. They just keep staring! Instead of going to get some sort of lunch like all the kids, I sat at an empty round table in the corner of the lunchroom near the vending machines.
"Aye punk! Get out our table."I looked up at the source of the voice, "No." He seemed taken aback. "Do you know who you're talking to? I'm Dean Alloy. Captain of the lacrosse team. Ace student." I scoffed at his pride. "I don't give a flying f--cktard!" He had about 6 others behind him. "You little...wait. Aren't you that monster everyone keeps talking about? You little b--ch! You beat my aunt to death! You should be freaking dead! Just like your mom!" I stood up and went for his throat. I lifted him against the lunch room wall. "Look here! You little shit. Your aunt wasn't as innocent as she seemed. Ever wondered what happened to my mom? Aye?" I tightened my grip on his neck. He was choking and I saw red. I didn't want to stop, I couldn't and no one was brave enough to stop me.
"Please don't do it!" arms wrapped around me, his face leaned against my back. "I know you're just scared. I know you're nervous. But don't do it! He's a jackass, yes, but don't kill him! Just please come on." He pleaded. "Let's go somewhere else." I don't know why, but he seemed to calm me down. Not even my foster mom could do that. I dropped my hand and the Dean guy and his crew ran away. Still, everyone was staring.
The boy took my hand and dragged me to an empty classroom. We sat at one of the three tables by the window. I never really noticed how beautiful he is. Silky hair styled in a perfect quiff. Golden amber eyes with moles scattered across his face. "So tell me, how did it all start?" I rubbed my face and sighed.
"It started when I was 9. My mom had major depression and my dad always tried to help her, but he started to drift. It was a Friday afternoon. My dad and I arrived home but we couldn't find my mom. I opened the bathroom door and there she was.
A rope around her neck. A note on the sink. A stool knocked over on the floor. She was gone. My dad put me in foster care and left me. A week later, I saw my dad in a park. He was kissing Ms Porker. I got so mad! The next day in school ended up beating her so bad. And I know it sounds stupid, but I was just so angry." I felt the tears running down my face. The boy reached over and looked me in the eyes.
"They don't understand what you went through. So don't let them get to you. Let's be friends. My name's Vivian. Nice to meet you." He held his hand out but I didn't take it. Instead, I got up from the chair and went over to him and hugged him.
"Thank you."
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