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MTS Summer Movie Night - posted on 13th Jun 2018 at 10:07 PM
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Default The Craziest Summer of Your G**Damn Life
May 26, 2016
I walked out of Chemistry feeling triumphant, excited, and anxious as hell. The halls leading to my locker were bare, devoid of the former personality they had. Lockers had posters advertising different sports and activities the owner was in. Some had cheesy posters asking people to homecoming or prom. Suzy Trager’s locker had notes with “happy birthday” scribbled onto it, until she took it down a few days ago. Most of people’s high school year could be summed up with what was on, or in, those lockers. But now, they were empty, ready for next year, preparing itself for more memories.
My locker was now only identifiable by its number, 187. Inside was my purse, and a floppy, small brimmed hat. The hat stayed exiled in the locker during the day, but now I was free from the ridiculous rules of high school. I was almost certain that this hat would stay on my head for the majority of summer, it would be my “thing.” Everyone has some sort of accessory or style that they always wear. Almost like a fashion trademark. Mine became hats, and also rings. Odd combination, but it helped me to stick out a little bit.
As I adjusted my purse and pulled out my keys, Jess turned a corner and started walking down the hall. Following in step behind her was Stella and Beth. As always, Jess was engrossed in her phone, Instagram no doubt. She single handedly ran a humor account and posted memes. I didn’t find them too funny, but her 327k followers sure did. I personally was more of a tumblr aesthetics girl, as opposed to her “dank memes” posts.
Beth and Stella split up and went to their own lockers. Jess kept walking toward me, “Ava, look at what Rob texted me during seventh hour,” she offered up her phone and leaned against the locker.
“Oh my god, I was with her when he sent it, her reaction was fucking hilarious,” Beth walked over, swinging her keys on her lanyard. Almost all of her sentences started with ‘oh my god’ and usually ended with her laughing.
I had the phone in my hand and read the messages she pointed it, although I’m sure I could already tell which ones she was talking about.
Bby, meet me at the Taco Bell on south side boulvard, you wont regret it
Faking annoyance I handed the phone back to her, “How could he do something like that to you?”
“I know! He’s such an inconsiderate douche!” Jess had a flair for the dramatics.
“And to have the balls to misspell boulevard! How dare he!”
Jess was starting to sense the sarcasm in my voice and rolled her eyes. Beth smiled and a small giggle came out. Stella finally got her large book bag out of her locker and walked up to us. “She’s right Jess, you’re taking this too seriously. It’s just Rob, he’s always saying and doing stupid shit.”
“Whatever, let’s go,” and with that short statement, we walked outside into the parking lot.
Friends were grouped together on the sidewalk, saying goodbye. Boyfriends walked their girlfriends to their cars, and others walked down to the baseball field to start practice. We gathered around Stella’s large minivan, waiting for the rest of our friends to catch up. Or our “squad” as Jess would put it. She even nicknamed Stella’s car the “squad mobile” and asked us to call it by its new name. No one caught on.
Stella got in the car and turned up the AC despite the fact that it wasn’t even hot out. Jess sat on the hood, waving at everyone who drove by. Beth was already in shotgun and hooked up her aux cord. Last summer she became the resident DJ because she got Pandora one. I put my purse in the back seat and waited for Dean, and Henry.
Soon enough they walked through the front doors of Golden Acres High School. Dean was pushing Henry, and they were both laughing. Henry pointed towards me, and they started walking over.
“Summer 2k16, baby!” Dean cupped his hands and shouted from across the lot. His shout got a few cheers from people still standing around.
Beth and Stella cheered, I just smiled and got into the car. Henry piled into the backseat and sat by himself. Dean was in the middle with me and Jess, but threw his backpack in the back with Henry. Once everyone was in and settled, Stella booked it for Dairy Queen. Over the course of the twelve years that the Dairy Queen was constructed, it became a hot spot for us teens. Some got jobs, others hung out there everyday, and everyone went there after football games. The teenage population of Quincey singlehandedly kept that Dairy Queen afloat.
Beth started playing a new song by Drake, and Henry did some dorky dance. He was waving his arms around like he was trying to get someone’s attention. It was a cross between swaying his arms to the beat and swatting a fly. Dean didn’t waste any time making fun of him. He waved his arms wildly around and made sounds like a caveman. Jess joined in but did a different “dance,” if someone could call it a dance. Her arms were bent like a t-rex and she was bobbing her head around. She also moved her hands like she was DJ-ing with turntables.
Stella glanced at them through the rearview mirror, but her attention quickly went to the road again. I could sense her rolling her eyes and smiling, as she always did when we were being silly. Beth encouraged them by blasting some EDM dance music. Henry’s waves turned more reminiscent of a robot chopping food. And Dean started to imitate the music, which meant that he just made “chzz” and “didididididi” sounds with his mouth. At this point, Jess was giggling uncontrollably, and I just sat there taking it all in.
“Jess, you should record this and post it on your instagram, it could go viral!” Dean reenacted the arm waving, “Everyone will be doing it!”
“That would be even dumber than dabbing,” despite being a self proclaimed ‘meme slut,’ Jess was picky with what trends she liked, and dabbing was not one of them.
“Save your dancing for DQ, the ladies won’t be able to resist,” Stella turned into the parking lot and navigated the huge car into a space that I was sure would be too small.
We pushed each other out, and Henry fell over the middle seat to escape from the back. Stella turned off the car and we walked towards the small single door. Freshman and sophomores were sitting outside, they would get to experience the joy of air conditioning once they were older. Until then, the inside was preserved for upperclassmen. Us upperclassmen also had the privilege of cutting in line to order before they did. Everything at Golden Acres was decided by who was oldest. “Seniority rules” was basically the school’s unspoken motto.
However, since the seniors graduated a week ago, the sophomores were allowed to sit inside. Some seniors were there, but most were out getting ready to move to college. Beth went to go claim a spot for us to sit. After spending years at DQ, she knew where the best place to sit was. Ideally, the table in the back left corner was the best. Beth had this philosophy, “Always sit with your back to a wall so you can see all the action.” So, if we sat at a table in the corner, we were able to adjust our seats to had a view of the whole place.
I got in line to order for me and her. Henry stood behind me debating whether to get brownies or kit kats in his blizzard. Important decisions were being made, to say the least. I walked up to the counter and made my order. The cashier looked like he wanted to be doing literally anything other than this. I bet he would be happier wrestling an alligator than he would be now. That’s why I never got a job at Dairy Queen, I don’t want to stand behind a counter while other people are having fun with their friends. And I would constantly be third wheeling couples who came in and shared a banana split. No thanks. Also, I was still scarred from my job at the Pizza Hut on the outskirts of town. I barely worked there for a year until I got fed up and quit on the spot. There are only so many toilets you can unclog before reaching a breaking point.
My unfortunate working history aside, I paid for my order, and went to go sit with Beth. “Medium chocolate blizzard with oreo chunks?” she doubled checked with me to make sure I got her order right.
“Are you ever going to try something new, or are you always gonna stick with that?”
“Hey, I found something I like, why change it?” she was acting as if her Dairy Queen order was some big choice she had to make in life, when, in reality, it was low on the list of important decisions.
Dean started to walk over to us, but stopped at a few tables to say ‘hello’ to our fellow classmates. He went from table to table, joking and laughing with people. Somehow, in this big ocean of a school, he managed to know everyone. With ease he jumped from clique to clique. From nerds, to goths, to hipster rejects, he was friends with everyone. It was the same way with teachers too, but not in a ‘teacher’s pet’ kind of way. Dean just had a way with people that I couldn’t explain.

Authors Note: This isn't finished by any means, in fact, this chapter is far from over, but I just felt like posting what I had so far

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