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Changes to our credits guidelines - posted on 12th Feb 2017 at 5:44 PM
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#1 Old 2nd Feb 2017 at 8:50 PM
Default Has your gameplay style changed in different Sims series?
I decide to put this in the Off-Topic section, because it doesn't really fit in any of the specific forums, and it's about your personal style of gaming instead of Sims.

In the Sims 2, I have a habit of micro-managing the life of every Sim. Even with free will on, I want to know what all the Sims of the household are doing and direct them to perform want-related or career-related tasks. In the Sims 3, the type of Sims 2 micro-managing becomes difficult and impractical to implement, because Sims in the same household can be all over the map at once. They may be at a friend's house, outside the work building, somewhere fun, or at home. So, in the Sims 3, I just stick with one family only instead of multiple families, because playing all the families is just too tedious for me, and I can't really develop the Sims as much if I were jumping from house to house. It seems to me that the scope of The Sims 2 is the House, while the scope of The Sims 3 is the Town. My Sims 2 Sims require some maintenance, like doing homework and house-cleaning. If the homework is not done, then the child gets taken away by the Social Worker. If the house is not clean, then the Environment score will be low. In contrast, my Sims 3 Sims seem to be pretty self-sufficient. Children and Teens will do their homework by themselves! But a dirty room can cause a negative moodlet, which may prompt the player to clean up. Fortunately, the Sims don't have to do the cleaning themselves! The player can just move trash into the garbage bin! Sims 3 Sims have such an easy life!

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#2 Old 2nd Feb 2017 at 10:44 PM Last edited by simmer22 : 3rd Feb 2017 at 1:48 AM.
In TS2 I prefer storytelling, picture taking, and making CC. I used to do a lot of family play, but stopped after I figured out storytelling was much more fun. My TS2 game is a lso very CC heavy most of the time.

Haven't played TS3 in a while, but there I mostly play with families and pets. I don't usually build anything or redecorate much. It's the same with TS4 (minus the pets - for now, anyway). I still don't have much control over the build tools, so I don't build a lot. I do take pictures, but it's more in the "I need a picture of this" than the "every detail in the proper place" way with TS2. I also have very little CC for the TS3/TS4 games, at the most some mods and maybe some clothes and hairs for toddlers, but that's about it.
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#3 Old 2nd Feb 2017 at 10:50 PM
In The Urbz: Sims in the City, I adapted to the management of my Urb, which was easy, because the removed 3 needs didn't matter in this environment.

But when it came to the main series (1-4) for PC, I had a spotty pattern of behavior towards the Sims in-game.

Sims 1: Murder the entire community in the ten neighborhoods once they were rich in the methods of "God" assisted death available then.

Sims 2: Mostly made anime characters with custom content, I abused the WooHoo option often.

Sims 3: Made large families beyond the normal conditions (thank you twallan for everything) and the mother would corral her children and the father would harvest whatever you could find (We had a pet hedgehog but the Grim Reaper took Spike after 10 Sim Days)

Sims 4: Had a family with my unrequited love, Bill from group therapy, starting with the toddlers update, prior to that, I was roommates with Alice Cooper. Weird part was Alice Cooper in The Sims was always eating ice cream or cupcakes. IRL, Alice isn't one for sweets made with sugar.

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#4 Old 5th Feb 2017 at 5:36 AM
Yes. In the original The Sims, for me it was frustrating and stressful to actually try to play families. I was mostly a builder. This carried on through a significant portion of The Sims 2. Although with The Sims 2 I really wanted to try, because of the introduction of aging, family trees, etc. I was, to be honest, kind of scared of even really trying it because I knew how frustrating it was in The Sims 1. But then the Seasons Expansion Pack came out, which just changed everything around. The seasons cycling and the weather gave me incentive to try family play.

It wasn't until The Sims 3 where I was no longer "scared", though. I know the routine of successful family play now. The Sims 1 was much more frustrating, but The Sims 2 and 3 toned it down, and I'm so glad for that personally.

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#5 Old 5th Feb 2017 at 9:00 AM Last edited by HarVee : 5th Feb 2017 at 9:11 AM.
Playing later games did make me come back and try to play the earlier games in different manner then before. The Sims 1 always was about more controlling a single sim and financial strategy than anything else when I first played, and family play was never really thing for me, but when I played The Sims 2 and I found children to be bit more interesting to play and this interest made me start to see how important it is for Sims to have family, and this made me use the child stage in The Sims 1 more often, despite limitations.

I never was builder and never had much interest in trying to detail everything until I had played The Sims 3, where I found building and decorating more interesting due to CASt. As I had played The Sims 3 I got used to detailing everything, and I gradually adopted this into the other games. It has really improved my building, at cost of perhaps becoming bit obsessive over small details.

However, with the way the new games are designed, the financial strategy game-play I had (and enjoyed) with The Sims 1 has mostly been lost. However, I do still retain my focus on one family only practice. Meaning, I usually play one family only and forget about others in neighborhood. Thankfully 1 and 3 and 4 all cater to this one-family-only gameplay style, but because of the way 2 setup, I often tend to forget about playing other families and keeping their age consistent with my main family.

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#6 Old 5th Feb 2017 at 1:17 PM
Back in the ts1 days, I focused mostly on sims and made stories about them. I still remember when I played the Burb family and made Brad have an affair with Bella Goth. And so Tiffany found out their relationship, fought with Bella, and lost, making her leave the household and get lost forever. It was an entertaining playstyle, making me believe I was making my own TV series I also remember making mini photoshoots with my sims using the costume trunk as their set of wardrobe.
Then with ts2's introduction of more diverse build items, my interest in building houses and community lots grew more. There are some times I play with sims too, but I fail creating good stories with them. I still make photoshoots. Then ts3 came. I got too excited with its new build features like CASt. But with sims, I felt so difficult playing with them because of the open world and all, though I enjoyed switching households quickly with master controller. However I'm still frustrated with the slow gameplay in live mode so I always stick with building, to avoid the frustration. But I wish I could play with sims smoothly if open world were implemented well.
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