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Top Secret Researcher
#2326 Old Yesterday at 3:36 AM
This is the better original 1960 version, not the 'In the Summertime' remake from 1965 which y'all are familiar with:

Likewise, this is the original from 1963, far superior to later arrangements:
Field Researcher
#2327 Old Today at 2:52 AM
Well, OverClocked ReMix's Russian ReMix Roulette and my randomizer have seen fit to give me David Wise and Monkey Kong's "Sea Breeze Concerto," based on Donkey Kong Country 3's Stilt Village theme.

WARNING: Professional Lurker Alert!

"We've reached overbounce!"

-- Roahm Mythril, "Mega Man 11 Blind Run - Pt 6 - Galaxy Bounce"
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