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Default [Download Problem] err_connection_timed_out
Hello everyone, I hope you're doing great.
I've been having a problem. I'm trying to download a mod for TS4 (Have Some Personnality Please) but when I click on the file .zip, I'm redirected to a page ( which won't load and leave me with an err_connection_timed_out.
I wonder if I'm the only one having this issue or if I'm doing something wrong.
If anyone can help me, i'd appreciate it a lot

(P.S. : I'm sorry for my bad English T_T)
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Hi @NirvaShin

Can you download any of the other files on that page? Can you download any mods by other creators? The file downloads for me.
What happens when you click this link:

The best place to post this would be in the site issues forum:

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