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#9801 Old 13th Dec 2018 at 9:16 PM
Not to be pedantic, but it wasn't really "your" idea, lots of us in the thread contributed and developed it! It would be cool if this project got the attention of anyone who knows how to mod so it would one day be possible, since it looks like there's enough interest for it. Of course, I don't want to pressure anyone to work on it since I know taking on a project is a lot to ask and I certainly wouldn't want to add to anyone's plate especially during the holidays.
#9802 Old 13th Dec 2018 at 9:21 PM
Well, I have a default replacement for the face paint masks that makes them all freckles--which means the turn-on is very useful, now! (by Marja/DishoftheDay, if you're looking for it)

The carnival make-up idea sounds good, too, though.

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#9803 Old Yesterday at 12:10 PM
I wish there was an external tool that let you modify the radio stations. The way it is now, whenever I want to swap out the songs for one of my custom stations I have to drop the files in, launch the game, go to a neighborhood, open up the household, go to the options, remove the songs from whatever station you dropped the files in, and then go to the custom station editor and add them in. It's quite tedious.

I looked at the customstation.xml file that's in the Music folder, but it's what I'm presuming is hexadecimal and the best I can do is rearrange the songs:

  <Station Name="Classic Rock">
      <Song ID1="0xff41f245" ID2="0x56ececc1"/>
      <Song ID1="0xffdee6f2" ID2="0x8dd5b167"/>
      <Song ID1="0xff45876d" ID2="0x47ec341b"/>
      <Song ID1="0xff5004b0" ID2="0x1636e5aa"/>
      <Song ID1="0xffd580c9" ID2="0x90d404f6"/>
      <Song ID1="0xff8192e7" ID2="0xf35d6ec5"/>
      <Song ID1="0xffa091a3" ID2="0x467144a3"/>
      <Song ID1="0xffae10cc" ID2="0x06b8c2d8"/>
      <Song ID1="0xffe43a6d" ID2="0xe704dc40"/>
      <Song ID1="0xff8321e3" ID2="0x48341e23"/>
      <Song ID1="0xffd2ee2f" ID2="0x2f9a4d40"/>
      <Song ID1="0xffff6521" ID2="0x29d9e058"/>
      <Song ID1="0xff8192e7" ID2="0xf35d6ec5"/>
      <Song ID1="0xff272114" ID2="0xc996a207"/>
      <Song ID1="0xff8c9444" ID2="0x9c3e8901"/>
      <Song ID1="0xff57bcd4" ID2="0x56eb5dab"/>
      <Song ID1="0xffe1c397" ID2="0x12928f0e"/>
      <Song ID1="0xffd38e72" ID2="0xc09330a1"/>
      <Song ID1="0xff5dac1b" ID2="0xc1f1021a"/>

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