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Default SimPE Names Not Showing
Hello everyone. I just started a new neighborhood w stripped townies and downtownies so that I can make my own instead of using Maxis sims.

When I go into SimPE to change their names, however, none of them are named. All are listed as Unknown. When I used Neighborhood > Sim browser nothing comes up....

Can someone help me out please
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Hi there, I know this is a couple months old, but just in case you're still looking for an answer, go to the "Extra" tab on top and uncheck "No Meta Informations".
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generally Sim Description resources are named from respective character's Catalog Description resource. character's Catalog Description would be in the character's file.
if the character files are missing, that might be why they are named "Unknown".

Sim Browser; 1 or more of its check boxes would need to be checked.
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