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Default Looking for an.. object? Door? Idk.
So, you know how Island Paradise came with Underwater Caves? I was wondering if anyone has made something with the same portal behavior as these, but on land (of course), smaller, and possibly even a door. I'm looking for this because I started building lots on the MS Plumbob Dream cruise world (Awesome world btw), and it'd be just amazing if, for example-- the back end of the third floor on one of the lots, connected to the front end on the adjacent lot's third floor, and so on. That way each floor would seem continuous, instead of having a sim go from one lot's top floor, all the way down, run to the next lot, and then all the way back to the top floor.

Kinda like LN's Subways too in a sense, but without the ability to travel to every single floor from just one entrance. (Aka, not from 1st floor in one building to 4th floor in the lot across the map--)

Hopefully all of this makes sense lol.

I tried using Icarus' Transmogrifer to change a specific door to not only an underwater cave (It didn't work because it wasn't underwater, and therefore could not be used), but I also tried the subway (Script Error), teleportation pad (Could not access), and the divewell from WA (That one actually was the closest-- weird animation, but could actually enter. The only problem was that the exit couldn't be on a different lot )

So yeah, I don't know if I need a mod, an object, both, or etc. Plus the chances of anything like this existing are slim. So, what's the best option, for what I'm trying to do?
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Only thing I know of is Simszoo making the IP cave as a camping tent.
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