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Originally Posted by pikeman101
It is perfectly reasonable to judge someone based on their religion, to some extent. Religions have an inherent impact on one's personality.

But without knowing the person you have no clue what that impact is. Which makes your judgement nothing more then an assumption. It is also very dependant on that person's character. So if you really are interested in judging that person, get to know them first, so you actually know what (or better said, who) you are talking about.

Prejudice is almost as bad as discrimination and also mostly being used in a negative way.
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Seeing as I once had a Celtic braid hairstyle ripped out of my hair by a girl claiming I was "culturally appropriating", to the point where my scalp bled and I had a four day migraine, I'd say yes, we can. I've literally been physically assaulted for my race. The chick didn't care, or ask, or do any research. She assumed ALL braids were the "property" of the African American community, and chose to be aggressive based solely on my race.
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I think all races can experience racism. It just applies more to African Americans in the US because of the Civil Rights movement and slavery. I think there is racism against every race, no matter where you are.

just a 13 year old's input to this highly debatable conversation.
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if whites are a race they can experience racism just like any other race

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