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Bridge's not showing up in game after building from CAW
I built a world in caw but after moving it, all the bridges were gone is there a reason or a way to use the bridges in caw the only 2 that are useable i really do not want to use.
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Do you mean you used a cc bridge?
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this is the name of just one of the bridges that will not show in game (File:ContentListsCAWplank bridge.jpg)
this is the address of the picture of the bridge (
thank you for any help
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You should post this under create, sims3, create a world, in the menu above. People who knows about caw, may not go here.

... and you don't need to use only EA bridges. In the caw forum there is lots of resources for you to use. Remember to set up your games caw framework as well, so you can use cc in game.

I'm a bit rusty on caw, so I'm not sure about this. I'm also not sure how much you know about the program.

What do you mean by "move"? ... but post in the caw forum. I will find you there.
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Volvenom, dodgy builder
i posted in create a world here is the link
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