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Will an ASUS Vivobook A556UQ run The Sims 3?
^^ specs etc.

Before anyone says anything about desktop computers, that isn't an option. I have little space for a computer desk and also from my browsing to get a half decent one would be too expensive. Even this laptop is the just about as high as I can afford without saving up for years.

Current laptop is 2 1/2 years old, has 8gb dual core RAM, 2.49ghz speed, and intel iris 6000 graphics (yes, i know, integrated is bad but it's all i could afford back then). It was semi-smooth but still laggy for a while, now it's unplayable (TS4 is lagging now too). Probably doesn't help that I only just found out about the FPS/3booter issue literally yesterday.... :/

I know TS3 is a laggy game anyway, but I'd like to know before I buy how well it will run it. (also TS4 but that game runs smoother for me anyway)

Many thanks

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TS3 lags b/c people don't take care to keep their games clean and keep up maintenance.

It's a 2009 game, any hardware these days can run it virtually lag free given the right settings and proper maintenance. Your 2 and 1/2 yr old laptop can run it adequately (what is the CPU again?). This new one will definitely run it even better given it is an i7 and faster and has a dedicated card.

What you should know about your new system and how it helps:
- Though this i7 is listed as a dual core, it is in fact a quad core with 2 hyperthreads. In a sense it is not as good as a pure quad core, but it is relatively the same as an i5, which are listed as quad core but are actually dual core with 2 hyperthreads like this one. But i7 also has faster and more cache and this one has also a higher frequency.

- Dedicate card are better b/c it is a separate processor for your GPU. It also frees up the RAM b/c integrated HD requires 1GB of RAM to use as VRAM. The 940mx comes in 2 types, one with DDR3 and one with GDDR5. You can check with this laptop to see which one it has, but base on the fact it uses a dual/quad i7, this is not a gaming laptop so it is likely it uses DDR3. However, either way it is much better than integrated.

- It didn't list the HDD speed. Given again the other component, it is likely a regular 5400 rpm HDD which won't make any improvement from your old laptop which probably uses the same HDD.


Anyways, these will improve your game performance, but again if you do not maintain your game or keep it clean, it won't matter. There are people with far better gaming specs that lags. Also, a faster CPU doesn't guarantee performance increase. At times, a faster CPU could actually create lag if your other components cannot catch up, the biggest one being the HDD. There are times where I recommend a person with a fast CPU to reduce their speed so the HDD could catch up instead of creating a pulse lag.

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What Nitromon'd be hard pressed nowadays to find a new system that can't handle TS3 in terms of hardware. Hardware isn't the issue. This laptop isn't going to give you the very best performance possible but it'll be more than enough to play and enjoy the game at its near-fullest potential.

If I had to point one thing out as being a potential issue, I'd say it's the HDD. HDDs aren't great in terms of speed. SSDs are a lot better, and you can load and run the game faster if it's loading its stuff from an SSD rather than a HDD.

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