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#1 Old 13th Nov 2010 at 4:56 PM
Default Sims 3 patterns?
I didn't know where else to ask this question, but to creators. My question is as follows: how do I apply patterns to make wall paper, used on furniture or as carpet. For clothing there is an option, but I haven't noticed one for other non clothing stuff? Thanks.
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#2 Old 13th Nov 2010 at 5:17 PM
I'm moving this to Sims Discussion as you appear to be asking how to apply existing patterns as wallpaper. If you are asking how to make your own patterns or how to make wall designs, please let me know and I will move it to the proper location for that.

First, apply the wall type you want, and then click the little paint palette icon down at the bottom (you can see it here): http://guidesmedia.ign.com/guides/8...0/sims3-015.jpg ... there's the little hand, paint palette, eyedropper, and sledgehammer down toward the bottom left-ish. I think you'll have to click on the wall with that tool selected, and then you'll be taken to Create a Style where you can change patterns for the walls just like you do in Create a Sim.
Test Subject
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#3 Old 15th Nov 2010 at 1:54 AM
Thanks for the information. It helped a lot.
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