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Originally Posted by Orphalesion
The new mobile game is Evil Itself anyway. Beyond the usual evil of mobile games, beyond the usual evil of freemium games.

Everything about Sims Mobile(2018) is Evil Itself.

I don't know, from how you all are talking, it sounds just about as expected.

I've played another mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Unchained/Union Cross, since day one, and have seen exactly how scummy mobile games are. $15 a week for VIP in-game benefits which even when they are nice still doesn't even begin to justify a $15 a week price point. $15 for a single RNG pull (imagine that all of The Sims furnitures and objects were locked behind a similar mechanism.). It's just absurd. These are not "micro"transactions, and the games being free to download does not even begin to justify this. It's such a horrendous, never-ending rip-off. I thought EA was bad with The Sims 3 and all of the overpriced content spread out through EPs, SPs, and the Store. "Micro"transaction games make The Sims 3 look saintly, and I know that's hard to imagine. It's an incredibly scary thought.

It sounds like The Sims Mobile is embracing this atrocious money-making scheme whole-heartedly. I'm not even shocked, but I am scared. Scared that this will eventually seep into real console and PC games. Which I know, with EA, it has already began with those things called "loot boxes". The future of gaming isn't looking bright. Oh well, with The Sims 4, EA no longer is making a compelling product to begin with, I suppose.

♫ Keeping this here until EA gives us a proper playable woodwind/brass instrument ♫
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