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Default Converting Sims 2 counters to Sims 3--texture import issue & can't place a sink [SOLVED]

I'm trying to convert some Sims 2 counters to Sims 3 and I'm having all kinds of trouble. I'll try to explain the best I can.

The original Sims 2 counters have 11 presets. I'm using TSR Workshop for everything. I can import the presets as overlays just fine--the colors are displayed on my counter in the 3D preview pane just fine as well. Then, I switch over to the corner counter or the countertop and all the presets have already been imported but they're not showing up on the corner counter or countertop in the 3D preview pane. The corner cabinet or countertop shows one preset no matter which preset I select. I figure, okay fine. Maybe it's an issue with TSR Workshop and the presets will show up okay in-game.


The textures look wonky as hell and the sink won't go on the counter like it should, as well. Here's a screenshot:

I can't seem to post the image here. It's an external link, sorry. And I know that the texture on the corner cabinet countertop is stretched. That I can fix, it's the other textures that are making me crazy.
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I found the answer so I thought I'd share what I figured out. The weird purple texture was because Milkshape was flipping the normals. Not being familiar with Milkshape, I didn't figure this out at first. Pressing Ctrl+N fixed the flipped normals. And the sink issue was because EA doesn't like it's countertop UV maps to be messed with. I literally had to not touch it -- not even move it around my UV map. Had to build my UV map around the countertop map. And I had to make sure my textures were the same size as the textures the cloned counter was using, otherwise, I had issues with my textures blurring. As for the overlay issue, I used the stencils, instead. Hope this helps!
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