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#1 Old 6th Aug 2017 at 5:28 AM
Default Shae, Enora, Shaenora =)
Hello here, this site already helped me a lot since many years (why so much bugs in the sims, why ?? xD) but I did'nt registered because, well, it wasn't necessary =)

I've posted in the castaway stories because I though I discovered something awesome related with the Custom Content but it doesn't seems to be so finally... ^^"

Aaaand right now I'm heading to some help section because I have a weird custom content problem and if I can't resolve it quickly then I just won't resove it at all because ... well, time ! So many sims to play, why wasting time in minor bug resolving when others opuses work fine ? *-*

Dunno what more to say, but I answer questions with pleasure. ^^
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#2 Old 29th Aug 2017 at 9:53 PM
Hey! Welcome to MTS! I hope you get all your issues solved! I hope you have a nice stay

Check out my tutorials: For TS4: Eyelashes and for TS2: Eyes and Eyes 2
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