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MTS Movie Night - posted on 15th Jul 2017 at 7:21 PM
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Test Subject
#6051 Old Yesterday at 11:44 AM
Originally Posted by Rosawyn
Personally I find it funnier when a teen's girlfriend's dad calls him up like, "My daughter had such a great time with you last night, I was wondering if you wanted to go downtown...with me."

I like to imagine this as the the dad "vetting" the teenager. You know, he wants to make sure this young man is good enough for his little girl, but he's trying to be friendly about it, so hey, buddy, how about a trip to the bowling alley?
#6052 Old Yesterday at 2:56 PM
Breaking up a fight might not be possible because of the lack of animations for that, but I think someone might be able to make a mod that would let Sims react to a fight more appropriately, if the fighter is their child. You could push the Sim to lecture, or even praise the kid afterward.
#6053 Old Yesterday at 4:43 PM
They wouldn't need a lot of animations. They could just walk over and begin the lecture interaction and the fight could stop. (says the person who knows absolutely nothing about anything)

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#6054 Old Yesterday at 5:38 PM
There's no animation for a fight to abruptly stop, though. You'd have to let the whole animation run its course until someone got thrown out of the dust cloud. The only other option would be to have them jump away from each other like you forced error on them.
Forum Resident
#6055 Old Yesterday at 7:04 PM
It could. Just allow the mod to reset the sims immediately (since the dust obscures it, so it won't look weird/odd/glitchy) with the dust could dissapearing afterwards or fading away. If a sim can telepathy ask the pet to stop destroying the furniture, it would be fittingly for the fight/brawl as well.
Forum Resident
#6056 Old Yesterday at 11:07 PM
Something which overhauls the Gypsy NPC so she doesn't give you crappy dates when you pay the full 5,000.
Lab Assistant
#6057 Old Yesterday at 11:11 PM
Originally Posted by frogz2007
Something which overhauls the Gypsy NPC so she doesn't give you crappy dates when you pay the full 5,000.

I have the same issue. Then I got to thinking about it. I've been playing an empty neighborhood with mostly CAS created townies. It's hard for the gypsy to get my people good dates if they don't exist in the little world I've built for them.

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#6058 Old Yesterday at 11:58 PM
I'd recommend using the NPC/Townie Maker to make a few randomized townies and social class townies. You might get one that matches your sim. And it's free!

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#6059 Old Today at 12:20 AM
I'd love to see an elder townie mod. I've always found it to be quite silly that elder townies don't exist...
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