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Creator Theme: Space! - posted on 8th Jul 2018 at 6:02 PM
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#11276 Old Yesterday at 8:14 AM
Originally Posted by Don Babilon
This must either be an instance of your particular humour or you're mistaking me for somebody else...

I'm going to assume a Reply copy/paste error is happening here because this conversation is now making less sense than it ever did. Which is fine, if that was the goal.

Yes, I was attempting to be humorous, no I have not mistaken you for someone else. The Great Don Babilon is unmistakable. Do I really need to go back and find your past comments on the Woohooer Toilet Stall module and about mixologist sims running a pink light business in the back room with a comfortable bed to accommodate customers?

I was in fact about to Call Shenanigans on the whole Woohooer claim in this case (even if it has merit) given the source, but decided against such an extreme step.

And to avoid any misunderstandings, I do hope others reading this are taking this "argument" as light-heartedly as it is intended.
Department of Post-Mortem Communications
#11277 Old Yesterday at 8:22 AM
Well, if you go back even further you might also unearth my request for a self-woohoo module that, unfortunately, never came to pass.

But, on a more serious note, is it even within the range of possibility to have more individual interaction menu lines back when it comes to rabbithole woohoo?
#11278 Old Yesterday at 8:25 AM Last edited by igazor : Yesterday at 9:39 AM.
That one I don't remember, but given that sims woohoo under covers, behind steam clouds, hiding inside of igloos and rabbitholes, etc., not sure what it would do for the mod overall. Animated Woohoo/Passion has that implemented for those so inclined.

On the real question, about the rabbitholes, that would be worth raising with Chain but not until after the site move so that it gets due consideration.
Department of Post-Mortem Communications
#11279 Old Yesterday at 8:32 AM
I don't need to see it to believe it and it was a request from before the time that such things like animated woohoo existed anyway. It was more along the lines of "enter the sarcophagus - alone -, come out refreshed..."
Forum Resident
#11280 Old Yesterday at 10:59 PM
Originally Posted by Don Babilon
This must either be an instance of your particular humour or you're mistaking me for somebody else...

Ah, my favourite subject.
I find it rather pointless to tag a rabbithole lot as Visitors Allowed, as the attraction score of this type is negligible and will not, for example, turn the school lot into a popular playground. Depending on how many other community lots a world has, Small Park doesn't make a lot of difference either. If you want a playground that children actually visit, a Big Park, in my opinion, is the best choice, or at least a lot, regardless of type, with a rabbithole that does attracts visitors, like Theatre, Bookstore or Grocery.

Ah, so visitors allows + rabbitholes is redundant. That makes sense. I've also found that most opportunities seem to be connected to rabbitholes which is also upsetting but again makes sense.
Top Secret Researcher
#11281 Old Today at 5:53 AM
Apparently, moving is VERY stressful for toddlers. This one lost her hair in the move.


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