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#1726 Old 21st Jan 2018 at 11:14 PM
So far, the youngest of the Matsuno sextuplets, Todomatsu is trying to act suave, but my simself shuts him down. Cue the awkward moodlet that leads to hiding under the covers.

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#1727 Old Yesterday at 2:21 PM
My twin toddlers finally aged up. Somehow, they managed to get all of their skills up to 3 or better, even though their mother had no time to teach them. (She kept getting a negative moodlet for interacting with an 'evil' Sim, and wasn't interacting with anyone but the toddlers. The only thing I can guess is that they weren't learning empathy, since she wasn't teaching them to 'say sorry', which made them 'evil'. Both had the 'angelic' trait, so they shouldn't have been 'evil'.)

I've been deleting the nightlight when the toddlers age up to encourage the monster under the bed. So far, the monster has refused parley.
#1728 Old Yesterday at 3:00 PM
Caitlin Bheeda aged up to teen. I didn't even have to tweak her features (which is quite frankly a miracle based on my past experiences with Sim kids) and I think she aged up pretty cute. The only thing I've done recently was got rid of her freckles when she was still a child, because I decided I didn't like them when I was tweaking the rest of the family after Cats and Dogs came out.

She's the first one of my Sim kids in a very long time to age up to teen. Unfortunately, she's aged up past her school friends who are behind her in skills and finishing their aspirations, but I've been playing the Bheeda's across multiple saves (one save dies because of a patch, and they move to a new one) since December 2016, so it was way past time for her to age up. So far they are my longest running family since I started playing Sims 4 back around late December 2014-early January 2015.

Caitlin's traits are Hot-Headed and Music Lover. I chose the Musical Genius aspiration for her, because she's the creative kid out of the three, but I wanted her to do something different than painting (since that's Jesminder's thing). Caleb the middle child is the geeky kid, and Caroline the youngest (she's a toddler still) is the outgoing one. I tried to balance all their traits based on their parents with some room for random (like Caitlin's going to be the one to rebel against being a vegetarian, since she's hot-headed and moody).

And I don't think I can say enough how much I'm loving this hair from Laundry Day! I always wanted a hairstyle like this for Sims and I'm so glad we got one finally!

So, now I've got to get moving around my households and try to get some more kids caught up on their skills so they can age up soon.
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#1729 Old Yesterday at 10:19 PM
Wallace is back guys <3

He likes rolling and sleeping in the food my devil of a toddler throws around
and sits on the washing machine when it's on.
#1730 Old Today at 10:05 AM
Originally Posted by Natashenka
Wallace is back guys <3

He likes rolling and sleeping in the food my devil of a toddler throws around
and sits on the washing machine when it's on.

I seriously love this cat! He's more entertaining than any of the cats in my game!
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