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#1 Old 13th Jun 2016 at 11:35 AM
Default Broken Animation of a Fridge

I was wondering if anyone knows a tutorial on "how to make/convert a fridge". ?
Like I tried making one but even thou the object and the pie menu's are working fine ,when the sim goes to open the door of the fridge it shows as if he is opening an invisible fridge door ,I tried looking up for it but I have no idea :/. Any ups on this would be appreciated .Thanks .
Former Hamster
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#2 Old 14th Jun 2016 at 12:49 AM
Fridges have joints and aren't made the same as a normal object. You need to right click and extract the mesh (instead of exporting it) and you need the MilkShape plug-in to be able to import it into MilkShape to keep the joints. Since door joints aren't the easiest to move (because of the darn pivot point) you'd need to make sure your mesh's doors are in the same spot before you assign the joints to it.

At the moment I can't be more help that this - but there is a tutorial for jointed objects at TSR. It's a gate but the process is the same.
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