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Field Researcher
#251 Old 28th Jan 2018 at 10:37 AM
I'm playing in SV. Despite the ugly townies there, I don't make-over them all, unless they play an important role and even then I stay close to the original.
Except for Blair Wainwright. She has the guliest face ever.

I changed her facial features a bit and changed those ridiculous ponytails. She still looks a bit the same, she's easily recognizable, but is, in my opinion, de-uglified a lot. She simply doesn't look like a starving disabled pig anymore.
I didn't bother changing her clothes, I have a lot of stuff so it takes a while to load, and unless they are important and dressed terribly due to aging and store stuff, like Lisa née Bunch and VJ Alvi below (who are holding the children of respectively Ayesha Ansari and Tori Kimura for some reason)

#252 Old 27th Feb 2018 at 8:15 AM
Revamped my Strangetown boys (I'm waiting on a new graphics card to come in because I killed my old one, so please excuse the textures ToT for now)

Since I can't play until the card gets here I've just been downloading CC and getting really inspired by TS2 Strangetown plays on Tumblr. Got too impatient and loaded up CAS to pretty up a few of my favorite Sims
Mad Poster
2nd Mar 2018 at 2:16 AM
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Mad Poster
#253 Old 2nd Mar 2018 at 9:36 PM
The 2010s are out, the 1980s are in. We wear shoulder pads and hairspray in this city, god dammit, not skinny jeans and undercuts!

Look out for BRIDGEPORT'88 - it's the hottest new show on YT this season!
Already renewed for '89!

(Oh, and follow me on my Tumblr.)
Field Researcher
#254 Old 4th Mar 2018 at 1:00 PM
Default Ladies from Monte Vista
I like to leave a few pudding-faced characters like these ones (less realistic),because I noticed that if both parents were heavy with sliders,their offspring tend to grow up deformed,monstrous ,well,really not human looking.

Field Researcher
3rd Apr 2018 at 11:15 AM
Default When my eyes meet yet another pudding face,I scream internally
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#255 Old 21st May 2018 at 5:45 PM
Eliminating the pudding from the potential brides in my town
Field Researcher
#256 Old 22nd May 2018 at 4:17 PM
Lab Assistant
#257 Old 18th Jun 2018 at 2:10 PM
Vanilla pudding time! Both of these NPCs (university mascot and police officer) had the same classic vanilla face with each slider at 50% and since I wanted them to be the fathers of 2 kids in my Nothing is Free RLC that was not acceptable. (Can't link directly due to ongoing MYP login issues)

First is the university mascot who only got a small makeover.
Second is the police officer who had his face changed more drastically. I kept his random fez(?) because why not.
I want to keep skin, hair, and eye colors of NPCs the same in this challenge and only edit the pudding-ness of their faces but I do think the second guy would have looked better with darker hair and eyes.
Test Subject
#258 Old 25th Jun 2018 at 10:01 PM Last edited by RapaxGuardian : 10th Jul 2018 at 9:15 PM.
Oh, boy, I loove giving Sims makeovers, so here are a few of my beauties :3

Emilie Van Gould from Moonlight Falls:

Daydream Ivy (who married Tristan)

And here is Tristan!

And Marigold, who seems to be a favorite around here!
Test Subject
#259 Old 10th Jul 2018 at 9:13 PM
Me again! I had to share this makeover of a Sim I found in Moonlight Falls
Lab Assistant
#260 Old 11th Jul 2018 at 12:29 AM
This fairy girl walkin' around scared me... why would i let a creature like THAT reproduce, so I took it upon myself to make her look nice looking
Lab Assistant
#261 Old 16th Jul 2018 at 8:03 AM
I'm playing with the Bunch family now and had to give them subtle makeovers because they're just ugly as heck. They're noses are all soooo short/high that it creates a ridiculously large gap between nose and mouth, honestly reminds me a bit of fetal alcohol syndrome

Jack Bunch, minor fixes for eyes, nose, and mouth.

Lisa Bunch, changed the silly pigtails and clothes and fixed her nose. Looking at it now, I should have done some changes to the eyes too.

Arlo Bunch was THE WORST. Have you seen how he looks as an adult?? At least him being a child hides some of his hideous features! I had to change him way more than the rest of the family, might not look as drastic in child stage but as an adult he looks completely different now.

Darlene Bunch is kinda cute to be honest, made the eyes a bit smaller and fixed the mouth a little so it's not quite as huge when she ages up.

Ethan only had his eyes made smaller and Judy wasn't touched at all, so no pics there.
Lab Assistant
#262 Old 30th Aug 2018 at 10:09 AM
Default Sunlit Tides Defugified
Giberto Gonzalo (actually found this guy bleh...)

Pearl Yang

Ricardo Gregario

Suzuki Hinata (he's so handsome!)

Len Tsang (sooo cutee)

Ursula Lemuel (unsavagable... I had to stitch her a new one)
#263 Old 3rd Sep 2018 at 5:32 PM
Moved my Sims to Moonlight Falls and HAD to take a shot at my favorite Sims to makeover! The Roomies Wanna Be household is so ugly, but so easy to make beautiful.

Alice Fitzgerald takes a biiiit of modifying but with Haley Sumari all you have to do is size up her nose, fix her eyelids, downturn her mouth and slap some nice makeup on there and voila, a cute little pixie. I forgot Deedee Wynn because my Sims haven't seen her in town yet but I'll get to her for sure.
Field Researcher
#264 Old 7th Sep 2018 at 1:02 PM
Default Faceless townie received identity!
Ruddy Grice

Test Subject
#265 Old 8th Sep 2018 at 9:05 PM
Here are some more makeovers :3
Gwen Glover :
Here's Jenna Baker, daughter of Becky Baker & Elliot Lum (Lily & Theodore's son) I wanted her to have a more mixed-race look
#266 Old 11th Sep 2018 at 5:26 AM

Eddy Mullis from the University world. All I did slider-wise was change his eyes, mess with the jaw and cheeks a tiny bit and add some length to his head. He's engaged to Cassandra Goth in my game.

Due to utter lack of TS3-friendly servers, I have recently created a Sims 3 discord server! It's brand new so if you'd like to chat here's the link!
Lab Assistant
#267 Old 17th Sep 2018 at 11:41 PM Last edited by Brunnis-2 : 17th Nov 2018 at 5:43 PM.
I made a start on some makeovers. Currently have my sim living in Twinbrook and thanks to the wonders of NRAAS, I'm making over the neighbourhood sims as I meet them. Here's Blaise Kindle:

I'm thinking I might make her a new badass tattoo.

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Test Subject
#268 Old 16th Oct 2018 at 8:09 PM
I love this thread! Thanks to everyone who has posted in it. I've been doing makeovers on everyone in Sunset Valley recently. I didn't change any of their facial features, just gave them custom skins, which most of the time vastly improved their looks, and gave them contact lenses for better looking eyes. I also tried to keep their style in line with their personalities. Anyway, Thornton Wolff isn't one that comes to mind when you're looking for good genes to breed into your legacy in Sunset Valley. Just look at those caterpillar eyebrows, not to mention the bad dress sense.

This is how he looks with custom skin and contact lenses and minus the weird facial hair.

But check him out now!

I mean, don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like him???

Unfortunately he dislikes children and has commitment issues, so he might not make the best husband and father.
Test Subject
#269 Old 16th Oct 2018 at 8:41 PM
I was quite pleased with the way Bebe Hart's makeover turned out. I always feel sorry for her for having to live with two completely hapless parents. (In my game, her father, Gus Hart, split up with her mother and moved in with Becky Baker and her son Topher. They now have a baby together.)

Here she is looking pretty meh.

I'm not sure her skin tone is quite right, but I thought she looked vastly improved.

I got a message saying that Bebe had grown up and then I saw her outside the bookstore. I thought something looked a bit odd about the way she looked, so I brought her into CAS. Something's not quite right here... Like, is that a necklace she's wearing or something? A tattoo?

Eek! I think she's in need of another makeover. Unfortunately my game was so horrified that it crashed, so she's still like this. But hey, she's not terribly bad looking as a young adult, so there's that.

Test Subject
#270 Old 22nd Oct 2018 at 7:22 PM
Here's Dorie Hart with the most ridiculous hairstyle.

Here she is with custom skin and eyes, new makeup and better hair. I changed her clothes to something that I thought suited her personality. I think she looks nicer.

I think Holly Alto is the definition of pudding face. And isn't it kind of weird how she doesn't look much like either of her parents?

One custom skin and some new eyes, makeup and fashion sense later... she's hardly going to win a beauty contest, but I think she looks quite pleasant, and not a hint of pudding in sight.

Molly French isn't too bad looking. Her makeup isn't great but overall, she's not bad.

Like the others, I gave her new skin etc, changing nothing about her facial structure, and she's actually quite good looking.

Test Subject
#271 Old 24th Oct 2018 at 12:01 AM
Eeeee, you guys make me wanna download the game again D:
Lab Assistant
#272 Old 27th Oct 2018 at 7:14 AM
Messin with the Rackets in Twinbrook tonight. Just... needed them to look less pudding for the story I'm working on.

The big Momma herself, Marigold. I kind of like this stuffy-b**ch look to her. She kind of reminds me of my ex-mother-in-law here.

Max - since he's not figuring hard into the story, I didn't mess with him much other than fix his fugly nose and change around his clothes.

I'm not entirely happy with Bill here; he kind of reminds me of someone... oh yeah, Chassagne from Un Village Francais.

Who knew that under that uncut mop was such a cutie? Shark didn't need too much adjusting.

I went with a Baby Bat Goth here for Lolly. I just had to. Did not adjust her too much either, as her face was fine for me anyway - not expecting to use her much in the story.

I saved the best for last. Heh.

Silver's had some work done... er... yeah. All natural, she says. MMMhm. If silicone is natural. And Dennis... he's the heavy in the family, can't you tell? Looks like he had a bit of an incident with a baseball bat or somethin. I kind of like how he turned out, and Silver makes me cackle. I need to take shots of her in her "basic b**ch" look one of these days. It involves PSL and Uggs. No, really.

Story Blog is finally up!Dead Ringers
Test Subject
11th Nov 2018 at 6:44 AM Last edited by RapaxGuardian : 21st Nov 2018 at 1:59 AM. Reason: forgot to actually post the picture
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Tartan McBadgerface
staff: moderator
#273 Old 12th Nov 2018 at 3:08 AM
I love doing makeovers!

The Langeraks

Lisa Bunch

The Harts

I ended up making over Sunset Valley for the umpteenth time again.
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