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#1 Old 23rd Aug 2017 at 3:45 PM
Default help with simPE
i just got a PC and started using simPE, i need it in order to extract an made in-game sim.

First of all, i only got SimPE to run when i dragged all of those folders from the 7z folder onto my desktop. i tried to put them in their own folder but then SimPE wouldnt run...do i really have to have like 20 random folders littering my desktop in order for the program to run? seems weird...

Second of all, i followed the tutorials on how to extract a sim through simPE. i export the sim and save the little file to my desktop. i get to the part where i am looking for them in body shop...but then, whenever i get to the page (where im guessing they are) it crashes. i dont know why. can someone help me?
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