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Test Subject
#551 Old Yesterday at 4:24 PM

Rick Contrary is being a bit of a nuisance lately. Though his parents are trying to get him into the expensive Private School in an attempt to win him over, he seems to be making a game out of disagreeing with everything that everybody says, even the Headmaster!

Afterwards, he pokes his Dad. He had been poking and slapping at them both all day, but this seemed to be too much for Opal after their hard work at getting him into Private School, so now she also initiates the slapping, too!

Violet Jocque, on the other hand, has a wonderful relationship with both of her parents. Her mother especially is pleased with Violet's new job in the Athletic career and that Violet is expressing a fit mentality, though Marcel hopes it won't affect her schoolwork and cares more about that than Violet being an athlete.
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