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MTS Bob Ross Paint-Along Night - posted on 4th Sep 2017 at 10:54 PM
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Test Subject
#126 Old 24th Aug 2013 at 8:53 AM
I really had a hard time with the whole matriarch neighborhood even though I know it was purposely that way, so I decided to really change V-Ville up.

Starting with my first house and rotating through the ones that you might know (I move many townies in to playable positions).

Norman (formerly Capp). So Albany Capp became Albany Norman. I did not have SimPE at the time so this was all done by creating a sim with the correct last name, splitting up marriages and having the sim take the "new last name" lol. So, Goneril went splitsville leaving Albany with the kids. The girls didn't matter since they would take their husband's names, but I made a custom sim for Hal too. Anyway, Albany married a gal named Rhiannon McCall. They had a son together named Markus and a daughter together named Madeline.

Hal married a gal named June Mathis and they had Logan (F), Vi (F) and Victor (M). They live in the Norman homestead.

Albion (formerly Consort Capp). Consort is now deceased but his rightful heir Kent moved into the homestead. I can't remember how Kent ended up with his correct last name, but I believe he might've had a very brief marriage. Anyway, he ended up with Titania Featherlight fka Summerdream. They had a son named Liam and two daughters, Linda and Ruby. I attached Academie Le'Tour to V-Ville but since I already had it attached to a custom neighborhood and didn't feel like replaying the same characters (and heard deleting was bad), I renamed it Valley View University and aged most of the kids down to toddlers. The social worker came and they got a chance at a whole new life. Anyway, Titania and Kent adopted Edwin, Roxie, Emily and Max. Liam inherited the manor and lives there with his wife Sunny and daughter Vanessa. Kent and Titania are elders.

Monty: Mercutio married Marla Biggs from ALT. They had Esteban and Valentina. Esteban married Ava (who is the daughter of Cyd Roseland and a townie).

Gale fka Capp: I resurrected Caliban and Cordelia. I don't usually resurrect sims but I did this time. I've since read some things and realize this might be bad. Anyway... they had a son named Arturo Gale.

Tybalt Gale fka Capp married a girl named Sharlene. They have Angelique (F), Lucille (F), Joella (F), and Lincoln (M)

Roseland: I moved Cyd Roseland into this neighborhood and have only played him here. He married townie Trista Shaw. They had Bree (F), Ava (F), Lily (F), Annaliese (F), Diamond (F), Cherish (F) and Paxton (M). You can see that I try very hard for my household's to have a boy and I don't re-roll gender.

Monty: Romeo married Renee Andrews and they have a daughter named Christine. Renee is a delivery driver and I have found that they have 3 bolts for each other.

Dallas: Regan fka Capp split up from Cornwall and married a townie named Steven Dallas. Before that, Regan had twins from Cornwall named Omar (M) and Esa (F). They have the Dane last name. Steven and Regan had Jeffrey and then twin boys, Logan and Noah.

Monty: Bianca had a very brief marriage with a townie named Patrick Vu. Bianca did not realize he was a romance sim until it was too late. They had a daughter named Jadea and a son named Brandon. Bianca went on to marry townie Johnathan Ternynck. They had Constantina (F), Monet (F), Merci (F), Antoinette (F) and Lafayette (M).

Ramaswami: This is my only neighborhood that has this couple as well. They had Gaia (F), twins Neandria (F) and Rainya (F), and Amadeus (M).

Mellon: Goneril Capp married a townie named Edward Mellon. They had Taylor (F), Anastasia (F), Lucretia (F), London (F), Donatella (F), and Winston (M).

Puck Featherlight fka Summerdream. Puck decided to take the Featherlight last name from his ancestors. He married Jamaica (a CAS). They had twins, Malachi (M) and Columbine (F).

Monty: Patrizio and Isabella. Isabella adopted some children after Patrizio passed away.

Antonio married a girl named Melissa from uni. They had Emma (F), Ashlyn (F), Lavonne (F), and Desiree (F).

Benedick married a girl named Christy. They had Rosa (F), Mallory (F), Jolie (F), and Lourdes (F). They are still trying for that boy.

Jeffress: Desdemona fka Capp fka Norman married Adrian Jeffress. They had a son named Emerson.

Juliette went to college and ended up with uni sim Phineaus Furley. They have a son named Fletcher.

Futa: Miranda fka Capp fka Norman married a townie named Scott Futa. They have a son named Aaron.

Bendett: Hermia fka Capp fka Gale married a townie named Greg Bendett. They have Ivory (F) and Micah (M).

Beatrice is a pleasure sim and has a 50 1st dates LTW, so no marriages for her yet.

Long: Ariel fka Capp fka Norman married a townie named Holden. They have Adam (M) and Aliyah (F).

Summerdream: Bottom married a townie named Brian Thompson. They have a son named Benjamin.

Bramble: Oberon became Oberon Bramble and married a CAS named Sienna. They have Maxter (M), Boston (F), Darren (M), and Sampson (M).

Dane: Cornwall fka Capp married a CAS named Belladonna. They have Jesse (M) and Jacqueline (F).

It's weird not to have all Capps, and I kind of miss the name Summerdream but overall, I am pretty happy with this neighborhood.
Test Subject
#127 Old 16th Jan 2014 at 7:17 AM
Some of the things that you guys did to Veronaville are horrible! But also quite hilarious.

Always loved Veronaville, honestly.

Recently reinstalled TS2, started off in Strangetown and ended up in Veronaville again.

First thing I did was kill Romeo and Juliette, as tradition calls.

Killed off Reagan, Cornwall, Antonio, Beatrice and Benedict. There were just too many people in the same two families to play with.

Anyway... I made all of the Summerdreams witches. Bottom became a quite mischievous Pleasure sim, while after I sent Puck to college, I changed his aspiration to Knowledge. Titania and Oberon got married and adopted another elf-eared son, named Alastair. They stayed married the whole time but I kind of liked to play with the idea that Titania was irresistible to the men in Veronaville. She ended up having 3 bolts for Kent, so they woohooed. When Mercutio and Tybalt went to college, they became friends. But when they found out they were both hooking up with Titania, that put in place a next generation of the feud...

Oberon never found out about the affairs, Titania ended them and they stayed happy.

Consort, Patrizio and Isabel obviously died.

While playing at the Summerdreams, Mercutio caught Hermia flirting with Puck so he hates her.

I sent all of the teens to college. Miranda and Mercutio developed a serious relationship. But... It was college. Flings were flung, on Mercutios part. Miranda threw herself into college work and became a workaholic, changed her aspiration to fortune.

... Throughout college I kept Hermia and Puck from taking their relationship farther. I like to think they were too shy to admit their feelings for eachother. So they didn't have their first kiss til they got married, and they didn't date anyone else. I build them a rather gorgeous (IMO) mansion with a fairy/nature theme. They have seven children: Crispus, Helena, Marceline, Juliette (triplets) Maia, Julien and Finnian (twins, both blonde too!) i really love playing with them, Puck and Hermia seem really happy together, they Que romantic interactions with eachother nonstop.

Tybalt was very serious in college. I think I made him woohoo with townies, but I created the perfect sim for him to marry named Ambretta. After college, they both moved back to Capp Manor and got married. They have one daughter who is the Capp heir, Veronica. They're both business tycoons, even though Ambretta secretly wants to write romance novels.

Miranda graduated summa cum laude and moved into a penthouse. She never found love, too busy for it. She did achieve her lifetime wish of becoming a city planner. I wanted her to have a child so I made her alien pregnant, she had a daughter named Diana. Unfortunately MY NANNY DECIDED TO FREAKING DISAPPEAR so a social worker took her. Dang.

Should get back to Kent and Bianca. Kent became a confused bisexual obsessed with his siamese cat, Princess. He was also obsessively in love with Titania, but married Bianca. He never actually fell in love with Bianca... They had a son, named Monty Capp (because Bianca missed being a Monty..) right after that, Kent had an affair and They divorced. Bianca got the cat she raised Monty alone and eventually remarried. Unfortunately i accidentally killed the 3 in a fire! Kent died of old age.

Goneril and Albany had a good life. Goneril became a business tycoon, while Albany remained a stay at home dad. Hal and Desdemona were overachievers in highschool. Hal had the fortune aspiration, and Desdemona had family. Hal dated Bottom in highschool, but broke up with her before leaving for college. Ever since that, his life has been shit... Worst mistake of his life. He got fat and ugly, no luck in love. Desdemona's high school sweetheart was Alastair Summerdream, Bottom's brother.

Desdemona wanted to be the mayor and Alastair wanted to be a criminal mastermind. They got married after college and carried on the Capp legacy to Pleasantview. There, they both became criminal masterminds and great party hosts... They had two sons, Desmond and Adam. Obviously Alastair went down the evil path of witchery.

Bottom turned green. She became an atrociously evil witch, not like she cares. She woohooed with Desdemona in college... Fun fact. At Hermia and Puck's wedding, she met Orelius Nightshade, a mohawked sim imade for her. She became a professional party guest and he is a science teacher with a popularity/family aspiration. He's also a werewolf. They had three kids (I only wanted them to have on but Orelius really wanted another!) their names are Moody, Stark, and Beatrix (twins.) They moved into the original Summerdream house.

Obviously, this is devised to be a split in the family. The Summerdreams (good witches) and the Nightshades (evil witches)

Ariel Capp became a romance sim. I actually really like her. After college, she got left at the altar and I decided to make her Veronaville's black widow (even though you're technically supposed to use a CAS, oh well, more fun this way)

Right now she has 5 children and is expecting, also had 5 husbands. Halfway!!

Mercutio married a CAS named Margaret. Since Mercutio is actually the last surviving Month, he's obsessed with rebuilding the family. Right now, they have 4 children: Roberto, Arancia, Francesca, and Marlo.

I have seriously way too many female children right now...

I plan on using Veronica Capp in the bachelor/bachelorette challenge when she's older.

She looks so much like Tybalt, but she's still pretty. I think I might try writing a blog about Veronaville, I've been taking a lot of pictures.
#128 Old 6th Feb 2014 at 4:31 AM
Started playing Veronaville a few days ago after only using it as a 'hood to test out mods I just installed.
So far, nothing much has happened. Miranda ran off and married Mercutio, and is now pregnant with his seed and hiding out in the Monty Ranch. I always prefered the Capps to the Montys just because the Capps seemed more fun, but wow I actually love the Monty's now. They're mainly family sims and seem pretty laid back compared to the Capps. I don't like Romeo though, he seems like a douche. He's cheated on Juliet with 3 townie teenagers so far.
Bianca had a baby with one of 7 townies (I was testing out risky woohoo a while ago) and then married Kent, they moved in together along with Kent's twin nieces Valentine and Rosaline (just because Regan and Cornwall Capp are terrible parents (and wow at how ugly the toddlers turned out, I'm hoping they grow out of it))

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
#129 Old 6th Feb 2014 at 4:39 AM
Have never played this hood.Guess I will give it a within the next week.looking forward to it
#130 Old 6th Aug 2014 at 6:35 AM
Romeo and Mercutio in my game aren't actually in love with eldest Capp daughters Juliette and Miranda, but are fooling them in order to crush them later by revealing their infidelity to their own clan to the public!

The sad truth was revealed to me when I saw that Romeo fancied facial hair (!) and aliens (can you be more eloquent about wanting sex with a man?), and Mercutio has bad chemistry with Miranda and his own share of issues.

Moreover, Romeo doesn't have decent chemistry with any teen ladies in the hood, as the magic ball hack showed. A heartbreaker, my arse! However, once I checked his chemistry with MALE teens... *cough-cough*

I can't believe my game randomly generated such turn-ons, haha, but that's your game destiny for you!
Test Subject
#131 Old 10th Aug 2014 at 11:57 PM Last edited by BeccaBonbonLover : 11th Aug 2014 at 12:16 AM.
Veronaville is so pretty. I am on Team Capp but love to play Montys . I don't really like Summerdreams .
Capp Family - Consort is still alive but he does kind of creep me out sometimes but I don't wanna kill him off . Juliette is dating Romeo (durr) . Hermia discovered Puck's crush on her and started dating him . Miranda is dating Mercutio . Regan and Cornwall have a baby daughter named Christina (kind of a pun on my name) . Goneril and Albany are in love with each other again . I'm planing on making Tybalt date the Sim version off me but he's pop I'm knowledge. Hal and Desdemona are teens and Ariel is a child . (NOTE : More about Kent on Monty part)
Monty Family - Patrizio and Isabella's relationship has improved greatly they're still alive . Bianca married Kent Capp (now Monty) and they have four kids - Twins Adrian and Phoebe (born before wedding long-story) who look like Bianca and I think Phoebe looks a little like Isabella and Phoebe looks a little like Beatrice . Adrian looks like a little like Patrizio and also a little like Antonio and maybe a little like Claudio . and Kent and Bianca also have Jordan who is a child and Samantha who is a toddler . Samantha and Jordan look like Bianca but with Kent's skin tone .NOTE I'm not planning on breaking up any of the couples mentioned on here.
Test Subject
#132 Old 5th Sep 2015 at 5:09 AM
All I remember was making Kent Capp gay.
#133 Old 5th Sep 2015 at 5:20 AM
Umm, I deleted them, cos I didn't like the look of any of them. Well, it was my first day playing and there was this trash can bottom right...
#134 Old 5th Sep 2015 at 5:10 PM Last edited by Bigsimsfan12 : 5th Sep 2015 at 6:24 PM.
Oooooa thread I haven't droned on about my megahood in!

Consort's household: Juliette fell pregnant within the first few rotations with Romeo Monty's baby. Consort was embarrassed because he didn't want anyone to know the baby was born out of wedlock (even though the Summerdreams don't care, and the Montys would only fuss because they don't like the Capps). Consort arranged a marriage for Juliette to Orion Tricou, a distant member of the Tricou's who had moved into the House of Fallen Trees with the intentions on resurrecting the Tricou Heiress Gvaudoin, and her cousin Fricorith. Ofcourse, such a rocky family so far down the 'Upperclass' status wasn't Consort's first choice, but Juliette was in her third trimester and Orion was the only one offering. She married Orion, and gave birth to Philip Capp (who to this day Romeo still has never known about). Orion was so sweet and caring to the poor boy, Juliette fell in love quickly. They had 1 son together, Oxford Capp, before Juliette started university (following Tybalt to Sim State) and Hermia quickly followed. Tybalt graduated first, with a 4.0, marrying his college-girlfriend Lilith Capp and they recently had Lucius Capp. Juliette graduated second, with a 4.0 and moved back into the House of Fallen Trees. She then had twins, Friar and Laurence (boy & girl). Hermia was the last to graduate, with a 4.0 like her siblings. She married Puck Summerdream and is currently pregnant. While they were all out of the house, Consort had been trying to work out who would be the next Capp heiress, and eventually that went to Ariel Capp. She moved into the Capp house by her late child-stage. Consort didn't want another disaster and it seemed that getting heiresses that didn't have anything to do with the Montys and weren't already married was difficult, so he moved in his grandson Saturninus Capp, with the intent on marrying Ariel and Saturninus (Cousin's marrying = completely okay in Veronaville). They wed when they became teenagers, and last rotation Consort passed away, making Ariel the new head of the house. She autonomously tried for a baby with Saturninus and was successful so I have no idea who is going to raise the baby when they both go off to uni.

Goneril's household: Despite occasionally trying, Goneril and Albany never had any more children. Miranda and Desdemona (who became a romance sim) both seemingly dated as many people as they possibly could, including both of them dating Don Lothario. Miranda went off to Sim state like her cousins, but barely scraped a pass. She graduated and married Mercutio (and her story will be continued in the Monty part of this post). Desdemona is currently 'going steady' with Beau Broke, though also maintaining relations with Don Lothario. Hal arrived at University last rotation and got sorted into one of the newly built greek houses.

Regan's household: Kent ran away and his story will be told in the next household, Regan and Cornwall had two sons, Saturninus and Bassianus. Both boys hated each other and would fight constantly. When Consort asked if they would be willing to hand over custody of one of their boys to him to raise him to marry the Capp Heiress, they agreed (partly because they wanted their status to be higher up within Veronaville). They handed over Saturninus. Bassianus turned a teenager last rotation. He always felt like the black sheep as his parents marvelled at Saturninus's power and status. Regardless, I think he still ended up becoming a fortune sim (Capp trait).

Bianca Monty and Kent Capp left Veronaville in the dead of night, got married and moved to Bluewater Village. They changed their last name to Fastolfe and had twins; Aemelia and Egeon Fastolfe. It wasn't until their late childhood that the Monty family eventually tracked them down in the form of Bianca walking past the Monty house. The Monty's lovingly accepted Aemelia, but Egeon was very hesitant of them. Egeon ended up seeking out the Capps. Bianca and Kent tried to make sure their kids wouldn't follow in either families footsteps, but Romeo ended up becoming very good friends with Aemelia, and the two decided to wed to officially bring Aemelia back to the Montys. Bianca accepted, as long as Aemelia continued to live with the Fastolfe's until she became an adult. Kent was super angry that Bianca would do that, that they argued all night... but then decided to try for a baby, and failed

Patrizo Household: After woohooing for the first time, Romeo never bothered to call Juliette, so you can imagine his complete disinterest when he found out she had married and had children (without realizing the baby was born within hours of the wedding and was skintone #3 and therefore could've been his). The Monty's started breeding wolves, and soon enough Isabella and Romeo became warewolves. Romeo went to college, where he joined a greek house and his two frat-brothers (Dirk Dreamer and Dustin Broke) hated him, he woohooed Miranda Capp a few times even though his brother was dating her (this being after Mercutio had graduated with a 4.0), the only way he passed was by influencing everyone else to do things for him. He also savaged a cheerleader, so now she's a cheerwolf. Patrizo died around this time. When Miranda graduated, Mercutio married her, and they tried for a baby straight away. Mercutio then later became a wolf, the night before welcoming in twins Claudia and Oliver Monty. Isabella is most likely going to die next rotation. Romeo lives down the street now that he's graduated, in a beautiful villa with his wolf (one of the children of Patrizo and Isabella's wolves), despite marrying his cousin Aemelia, being that they don't live together, Romeo says its "not like it's a real marriage yet, so it's not cheating" and woohoos many women.

Anthonio's household: Antonio lived in Downtown for a bit to hide out from the Capp's. This was until he got a genie's wishing lamp and wished for more money so he could afford to move back into Veronaville shortly after the twins became teenagers. Quiet Benedick is surprisingly dating loud-mouthed Bottom Summerdream, whereas Bianca is dating Gavin Newson. Their family gave them a wolf, which they mated with their dog and had some really cute puppies, both that look like Huskys (one being a smooth coat). Antonio after a while of on-off dating, settled down with Jennifer Burb and the twins went off to uni last rotation. Antonio and Jennifer are expecting.

I made Summerdreams good witches, apart from Bottom who was a child at the time, and didn't want to become a witch when she turned into a teenager. Oberon and Titania after many miscarriages finally gave birth to triplets: Peaseblossom(girl), Mustardseed (boy) and Cobweb (girl) - who will become a light witch, neutral warlock and Evil witch in that order. Puck skipped University to help raise the triplets, he was planning on staying in the house for longer but after marrying Hermia she found herself pregnant and there was no space, so they moved out. She ended up miscarrying sadly. They own a small shop for Witches called the "Boil 'n' Bubble", though Hermia never became a witch herself. Hermia is now pregnant again. Bottom recently went to university and the triplets became children. Titania and Oberon have not yet married, I keep telling myself "next rotation!" but I always forget. Their house is madness thanks to the triplets. Despite being in a relationship with Benedick, Bottom is woohooing his cousin Romeo on the side, and Benedick's twin's boyfriend Gavin Newson. and I think maybe Don Lothario.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
Test Subject
#135 Old 27th Dec 2015 at 12:16 AM
This is an old thread, but I am new, and like Veronaville, so here it goes.

This is from the last time I played The Sims 2.

Consort Capp was lonely after Contessa's death, and was very close with Tybalt, since they are both bitter and hellish people. Hermia broke it off with Mercutio, and got pregnant with Puck's baby. Both were happy about it, since it gave her a free pass to disassociate herself with the Capps, and become an official Summerdream. Hermia soon ended up moving in with the Summerdreams right after the baby was born. Juliette continued to pursue Romeo, since they relationship was very passionate, but both ignored obvious problems.She refused to speak to her brother and grandfather after she turned into an adult, and moved in with Romeo. I will continue her story later. Tybalt got with townie Demi Moore as soon as he turned into an adult, and thrived in the Business career to take over for his grandpa. Consort ended up having an affair with Demi, which Tybalt found out about. They had a huge fallout, and Tybalt received absolutely nothing when Consort passed. When Bottom was old enough to be an adult, Tybalt left Demi and his child with her to be with Bottom.

Goneril and Albany did not have any more children because Goneril refused, and wanted to focus on her career. She quickly became the CEO, but not the CEO of her father's company. This was because he gave the role to Tybalt, only to have it revoked and given to Goneril for the reason stated above. Goneril got the most money from Consort's inheritance, and moved in her family to the Capp Manor, since she is heiress of the throne. Albany continued to be the supportive stay-at-home husband, and kept the relationships with the kids tight. Miranda instantly hooked up with Mercutio, and moved out with him when she turned into an adult. She continued seeing other people, which Mercutio was not initially bothered by, but it only got worse after they got married and Miranda gave birth to 2 girls. The final straw was when Mercutio came home seeing Miranda and Romeo WooHooing in a hot tub. Miranda ended up kicked out, and lived with her parents back at the Capp Manor as a middle-aged woman. Desdemona hooked up and got married to Benedick, and the same with Hal and Beatrice. Ariel is just there.

Regan and Cornwall thrived in the Business career track, and became extremely wealthy. Regan hates Bianca for ruining her relationship with Kent. They two has 2 sons that look exactly like Cornwall.

Isabella went crazy after Patrizio died, and pushed Romeo out of her house. She was more tolerant of Mercutio's relationship with Miranda because Miranda hates her mother, and is not like the typical Capp. Miranda is supposed to be the heir of that family, but she did not care, and did not mind changing her last name to Monty. Isabella and Miranda were pretty close, and they lived in the Monty Ranch up until her death. Mercutio grew to be a strong politician, while Miranda thrived in the Slacker career. Romeo moved in with Juliette, got married, had a girl (blonde hair, skin 2 type), and Juliette caught him cheating with a townie. It took a lot for Juliette to forgive him, but the last straw was when she caught him and Miranda WooHooing, and kicked him out of their house. Romeo lives with Mercutio and his child, and the brothers hate one another. Mercutio and Julette are bonding over the situation, and started to hook up.

Antonio ended up with Demi More after Tybalt dumped her, and had a few kids with her. He got into a lot of fights with Goneril and to a lesser extent Albany over their children being together. Antonio takes over the Monty restaurant, and is living a happy life.

Bianca married Kent, and they have a few kids together. Neither of them speak to their families for their sanity.

Oberon and Titania continued to adopt children, but also gave birth to their biological children as well. They have 6 kids, including Puck and Bottom. Puck and Hermia continued to live with them, and Bottom moved out to live with and to pursue a relationship with Tybalt.

I also created a Sims 4 world of Veronaville, but that is for another day.
Lab Assistant
#136 Old 31st Dec 2015 at 9:21 AM
Ever since I discovered cheats I almost never play without cheating. Also I have mods so I use those a lot. I don't play Veronaville much. I don't why but Veronaville never interested me until this month.

So far, Romeo and Juliet are married and expecting their first baby. The other teens are now young adults in college. Consort is married and expecting a baby with a sim I made and the rest of her family is living with them. I'm planning on having her parents and her sister-in-law's parents move into their own house because the house the family is in now is too small for what is going to be ten people.

Cornwall and his wife (I can't remember her name) are married and it is so hard to get his wife pregnant. They've tried for a baby several times and nothing is happening.

One of the other Monty people is working his way up in the Culinary career and has a family of three living with him. I don't think he has any kids but I want him to.

I haven't played anyone else yet but I want (I think her name is) Beatrice Monty (w/e) to get married to Julien Cooke and have babies with him.
Test Subject
#137 Old 3rd Jan 2016 at 10:46 PM
All i have done is:

Made Romeo and Juliet kiss once, but I am giving them my own twist i will upload pictures of how they turn out.
Lab Assistant
#138 Old 13th Jan 2016 at 7:06 PM
Thinking about starting this hood rotation soon.. I just have never gotten into it because it seems like there are so many teens and elders it doesn't appeal to me lol. I think the homes and buildings of this neighborhood are the most beautiful, though.
Test Subject
#139 Old 8th May 2016 at 11:47 PM Last edited by MHS0501 : 24th May 2016 at 3:10 AM.
I just started fresh with Veronaville and here's what I've got so far. I put fences around all the urns so nobody can smash them because that's happened a lot with me.

Monty Ranch: Isabella and Patrizio downed some Elixir of Life, so it's safe to say they'll be around for a while longer. They're constantly inviting Bianca and Anthony over for lunch and getting closer with Beatrice and Benedick. Isabella also started a little garden by their bedroom and she is a natural green thumb... literally, plants are always healthy with her and the Monty's. The Capps seem to have black thumbs as everything they touch gets sick and dies. Romeo and Juliet are still going strong and he's snuck out with her plenty (He's now a family, if I forgot to mention that). Mercutio has been working out to kick Tybalt's butt one last time before they become adults. His relationship with Hermia is stagnant right now and I think they'll probably break up in favor of Miranda and somebody else. And to top it all off they've reached the top of their careers in Culinary and the elders will probably being opening a restaurant soon on the Italian side of Veronaville.

Capp Manor: Consort has been struggling to get his last promotion but to no avail so far-- the day he rides home in a helicopter I will feel complete. Juliet and Hermia have been getting closer as sisters and confide in each other although Tybalt was more than likely listening through the door. Speaking of Tybalt, he got his first kiss from townie Mallory Mace and gave her a makeover per Juliet's advice (I love a Mohawk as much as the next person but Consort would never agree.) and they are now going steady. Juliet's been out on the balcony more times (which I added because come on, it's Romeo and Juliet... there has to be a balcony.) and Romeo's visited her every time as well as snuck out with her. Consort has yet to find out about it but it certainly won't be pleasant when he does. Hermia has been focusing on getting her skills up and not Puck or Mercutio. At the moment she's content staying single but that'll change soon enough.

Summerdream: Tatania and Oberon are currently in hot water with each other because during a party Oberon decided to flirt with Bianca and of course Tatania wasn't very happy about that. At the moment they're not on speaking terms and sleeping in separate beds on separate sides of the house while Puck is advancing in his career and Bottom is trying to befriend everyone. Puck is trying to find love for himself and might consider the gypsy matchmaker but I don't know what will happen. He never got his first kiss with Hermia because Mercutio was there. As for Tatania and Oberon, they'll be getting back together eventually. They just have to stop being furious with each other.

Goneril Capp House: This house is a nightmare... I suddenly remember why I never played them. Miranda is getting the hots for Mercutio, Ariel and Hal aged up, Goneril is slowly climbing the business ladder and Albany is a stay-at-home dad. Oh, and to top it all off Goneril is pregnant again. I don't know how much of this family I can take all at once.

Regan Capp House: Regan and Cornwall are going strong and are thinking about trying for a baby soon while competing for each other in the business career. Kent is currently working as a resident in the medical field (per his lifetime wish) and is always sneaking dates with his neighbor while trying to make sure their relationship is kept a secret for the sake of the family. He's also making no effort to connect with his father and vice-versa.

Antonio Monty House: Antonio is getting his skills up for promotions and constantly inviting over a lovely young woman he met at the Summerdream's parties, all the while keeping ties strong with his family. Benedick and Beatrice have aged up beautifully and currently are seeing two townies introduced to them by Patrizio although Benedick is a bit farther along with her than his twin sister is with her respective lover... it's practically the middle ages. This family also, like all the other Monty's has a garden set up in the back which the twins tend to daily. Antonio and her may get married soon but I don't know when. Fingers crossed!

Bianca Monty House: Bianca Monty has been through three jobs (first culinary, then architecture, and now teaching) in which she met a townie by the name of Phil "Insert-Random-Gibberish-Last-Name" and has gone on multiple dates with until he finally proposed to her. Phil has yet to meet much of her family in person (though Consort Capp has already deemed him a Monty and shoved him) but something tells me so long as he's not a Capp, they'll welcome him with open arms.

Gavigan House: That's right, the Gavigans, the family from Apartment Life found their place in Veronaville and quickly found a way to my heart. Mary is working in the business career with steady income and multiple friends (including a very special friend in Antonio Monty) although she has yet to stray from her husband. Nate, on the other hand has fallen head-over-heels for Kent Capp and is always asking him on dates. This has resulted in some unknowing tension that young Isaiah is completely unaware of. This family has tried hard to stay out of the feud but unless the Summerdreams have anything to say about it they won't be together much longer!
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Default Update
Monty Ranch: Patrizio has passed on, sadly, leaving Isabella his mourning widow to work and garden and head chef at her sons restaurant. She's also improved her back garden and planted another citrus tree. Mercutio, on the other hand, has been through quite the roller coaster. He had his kiss with Miranda (sort of spur of the moment), grew up, met a beautiful CAS named Serena Escalus, got engaged to her, then because he kicked Tybalt's butt, Serena ended up dying of mysterious circumstances and reigniting the dying feud at full blast. He took a while to get back on his feet before dating coworker Nancy-something, and adopted a dog. They got engaged, and are waiting to be married.

Capp Manor: Tybalt married Mallory and had Consort's first great-grandchild (who he didn't recognize as family so...) named Curtis (Taming of the Shrew) who is a toddler at the moment. Consort passed away recently after attempting to reconcile with Juliette and Kent, the latter a success. Tybalt, unable to let the feud go, is still fighting with anyone named Monty and has made his fair share of enemies. This hasn't stopped him from climbing the political career ladder to become Congressman while Mallory has assumed control of the family business for the time being until Goneril is ready to accept the responsibility and after the last of her kids age up.

Monty Capp House: Romeo and Juliette were unwilling to forgo their love for their families and ran away to the farm silo lot on the Italian side of town, building a new life for themselves with what money they could make together (a.k.a. the money they stole from their respective grandparents) and hyphenated their last names so they would officially carry each-others names and dissolve their involvement in the feud. They married without a hitch and have had their first child, Claudia and Juliette is about to give birth to their second child. Romeo has been through numerous jobs because no one will hire him save for an Artist's job in Pleasantview, and Juliette has been climbing the Police career between Claudia and her second child. They're officially joining the outcast clan of Miranda Capp and Kent's family.

Summerdream: Tatania and Oberon have reconciled and married, and both have ditched Kent and Bianca for each other. After attempting once, they got pregnant with little Imogen (Cymbeline) who, customary to the Summerdream household, is donning the tiger facepaint in her toddler years. Bottom has also carried on that tradition and is set up to inherit the mansion. She's already become friends with half the next generation but hasn't found love for herself and currently doesn't care. Puck, on the other hand met townie Tara Johnston through the gypsy and their relationship has resulted in marriage and pregnancy. Puck and Tara are currently living with his family and I don't plan to move them out anytime soon. Also, without the facepaint Puck is so adorable!

Rudling (Capp) House: Hermia met Lysander (Midsummer Night's Dream), the younger of the Rudling brothers and instantly hit it off. They had their wedding in Capp Manor and moved down the road to a decently sized home and Hermia is in her third trimester with their first child. Hermia is also making waves publishing her first book based off of true events in the town and her sister and brother in law as the main characters.

Goneril Capp House: Goneril is finished with birth at this point but not before having another child after Emilia (King Lear) and Edmund (King Lear) who are both children and enrolled in private school with the rest of this massive household. Desdemona has been dating Demetri (Midsummer Night's Dream) Rudling and has plans to marry him once she ages up. Hal has seen nobody and is planning on taking over for his mother or moving in with Tybalt just to fill space in Capp Manor. Ariel wants her first kiss but hasn't gotten it yet, and the rest of this family is just chugging along nicely.

Regan Capp House: Regan and Cornwall have excelled in the Business career and are planning on opening a business in Veronaville... maybe a furniture shop or something like that. Kent moved out (we'll get to him later), and with the extra space Regan decided to contribute to the legacy with a little girl named Portia (The Merchant of Venice) who is a complete daddy's girl who managed to capture Cornwall's shrunken heart. She's gotten herself into private school and is making nice with her cousins. I don't foresee Regan and Cornwall having anymore children, though, which is probably for the best.

Miranda Capp House: Miranda got out of her parents house and married for love (much to her mother's chagrin) to Ferdinand (The Tempest). Unfortunately fate wasn't kind and she lost both him and their house in a tragic, "accidental" fire started by a Monty who wanted to hurt the Capp line. She ended up starting over in a smaller house, cut off by her mother from family finances, only to find out she was pregnant by her deceased husband. That pregnancy resulted in Duncan (Macbeth) who is now a child. In the meantime, she rolled wants for Mercutio Monty and of course I fulfilled them, completely forgetting he was engaged. I honestly don't know what I am going to do with them all now.

Antonio Monty House: Antonio ended up marrying Mary Monty (formerly known as Gavigan) and they have mutually decided to not have anymore children. Antonio, after his wedding, opened a restaurant on the appropriate side of the town called Bella Notte because I'm not at all original. The restaurant is a modest success and at the moment Antonio is refusing service to Capps. The only problem is I can't hire anyone despite the fact that he needs more than a few sims to have it function properly. Benedick and Beatrice are still seeing their respective dates and are making wedding plans. They'll be aging up next round, anyway.

Bianca Monty House: Bianca and Phil have tied the knot and Bianca has had their first and most likely only child, Benvolio (Romeo and Juliet) who is currently a baby. I have a plan to get Phil working at the Bella Notte to further include him in the family.

Capp (Gavigan) House: Isiah had his birthday party, aging into a teen. Kent was invited, only to start making out with Nathan after he blew out the candles. Mary took Isaiah and left for an apartment before marrying Antonio, and Kent continued dating Nathan for a while until he proposed in his sisters gazebo. They had a lovely wedding and honeymoon in Takemizu Village and bought a vacation home there. Nathan and Mary worked out custody with Isaiah and had him switch homes between rounds with a CAS social worker. Later after very little influence, they adopted an orphaned girl named Rosaline (Romeo and Juliet) who is currently a child and best friends with her half brother and cousin Juliette. Nathan and Kent have also completed their career related lifetime wishes (Hall of Famer and Chief of Staff, respectively) and are enjoying their lives together as husband and husband .
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Hey guys whats happening? , Ok lets begin with what I did.
Consort: Dead, Gave him Contessa back but she died a few days after he did.
Tybalt: Married Felicia a CAS female I made for him and now has a son with her named Mason (Child) and a daughter named Hazel (Baby) and lives in the Capp manor with his wife and kids.
Juliette & Romeo: Moved out of their homes, Got married, and they currently have a son named Julian who is still a baby.
Hermia & Puck: Married each other, and have had twin girls named Arabella and Amber ( Babies ) , I'm planning to make Arabella evil.
Miranda & Mercutio : Obviously got married, I changed Miranda's aspiration I just don't see her as a romance sim ,and Miranda is pregnant right now.
Goneril & Albany : Had an extra child together named Guinevere, who is a brunette actually, and they put all their kids into private school, and their family is doing very well financially.
Ariel: She's a teen right now, but she is not dating anyone just yet, although she does have an eye on a townie which's name I forgot.
Desdemona : Went to college with Hal, Bottom, Beatrice and Benedick, she is currently ENGAGED to a guy she met at university. ( Now a graduated adult)
Hal: I made him a romance sim, went to uni, dated 5 girls ( Including Beatrice and Bottom ) and clearly was the Don Lothario of the dorm, he got engaged to Beatrice until she caught him cheating, he was engaged to Kay a dorm roommate, and dated Bottom until Benedick caught her cheating on him, and also dated someone else. He was KILLED by Benedick during the junior year ( Well technically I starved him becuase he has created way too much trouble in others' love lives, but storylinewise he was killed by Benedick).
Regan & Cornwall : They're happy with successful careers and a nicely decorated house, with a daughter named Rohanna ( Now a teen )who looks like a troll .
Kent & Bianca : They are happily married with a house which they expanded significantly as their family grew, they have a daughter Regina (Now a child), and twins Seth and Becca ( Now toddlers).
Patrizio and Isabella : Both dead, and gave the house to Antonio.
Antonio: Inherited the Monty ranch, and runs a very successful restaurant and is doing great on sales.
Beatrice: Got engaged to Hal in university until he cheated on her, for a while I decided that Beatrice didn't need a man, but she fell in love with a dorm roommate without controlling her to so now she is engaged to him, and was one of the accessories of Benedick's crime of killing Hal. ( Now a graduated adult)
Benedick& Bottom: Engaged, and He forgave her after he caught her cheating on him with Hal, and in the junior year Benedick committed the murder of Hal Capp, He is still not in jail yet.(Now graduated adults)
Oberon and Titania: Happily married, have had 2 biological children, a daughter Karrera ( Currently a child), and a son Kameron ( now a toddler).
Kay: ( Hal's fiance' before his passing) I built a community jail and placed it in Veronaville and got out of university, becuase the police THINK she killed Hal, but I am planning to release her soon, and for the police to find out the Benedick killed Hal and not Kay.
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Currently I'm embroiled in Polgannon, and that village absorbs all my sim creativity; but last month I saw a simply splendid BBC production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', and I can hardly wait to get back to Veronaville. In that production Oberon and Titania were fighting because Titania was in love with a woman, the defeated queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta. The tyrant Theseus intends to marry by force the Amazon queen, who is a helpless prisoner. Oberon wants to be friends with Titania, because their fight is reflected in the tumult of the elements, and the countryside is going to rack and ruin. (Possibly as a bad witch he keeps bringing on hailstorms and lightning strikes, while Titania brings sunshine and euphoria.) Oberon tries out a magic spell on Titania, in an effort to make her love him; but in the end he accepts her as she is. I want to create a brutal Theseus, and a really tough Hippolyta, and some powerful fairies, and some comic workmen with literary ambitions. The rest of Veronaville can look after themselves - I'm going with the main theme.
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Originally Posted by HystericalParoxysm
What did you do with Titania, Oberon, Romeo, Juliet, and the rest? Tell us every little detail of what happened with the Maxis premade characters in Veronaville in your game.

Okay, so for a few months actually, I've been past this generation of Sims, the ones originally premade for the game. For Veronaville, and actually most of my premade neighborhoods, I am maybe 3-4 generations past the youngest generation that started the game off. Plus, I've noticed some inbreeding in this neighborhood, so to solve this problem, I've had to either relocate families to other neighborhoods or kill off some families to prevent overcomplication. Evil of me, I know. So... this is all from memory, so it may be spotty. Here we go.

I know for sure that Romeo and Juliette got married; she took his last name, Monty. They had two sons together. Juliette later became widowed and took a lover, Chaz Whippler, from the Academie Le Tour university neighborhood. They had a daughter together, and she looks exactly like Juliette except she is blonde. She also happens to be part of one family I had to relocate because of the inbreeding issue.

Tybalt died young, still a teen, because I followed the play - Romeo "killed" him. Consort also died of old age. Goneril and Albany also died of old age once they got to that point.

Desdemona married Othello Cassio - just like the play, he was black. His dad I named Michael Cassio after the same character in the play. They had a daughter, Iaga (feminized from "Iago", the antagonist of 'Othello'). Iaga in turn married a Monty and had Bianca. Bianca married a Capp and had a child...this was a distant relative. She recently died in my game with her own part of the family as a result of my "wipe-out" to prevent further inbreeding.

The Summerdreams are pretty much "extinct" - there are no living descendants of that family left. Hermia and Puck got married and if I remember correctly, they had twins. They all died when a disease hit the town. However, I did resurrect Hermia and dyed her hair brown. I made her the wife of Phineaus Furley, and they had a son together if I remember correctly, who was the grandfather of one of my current Sims' families. The Furleys are actually still around and alive.

Miranda and Mercutio married. Miranda became a Witch, and if I remember correctly, they had a child. Not sure of the gender. They died at the same time the Summerdreams did and actually lived in the old Monty Ranch.

Hal Capp became Hal Frost, wanting to dissociate from his affluent family and its traditions, after marrying Ellen Frost. If memory serves me right, they had twin boys. I'm unsure if they have any living grandchildren or great-grandchildren. I'll need to look in the Capp family tree.

Ariel Capp, however, is one that I KNOW for sure has living descendants as of 6/17/2017. In fact, her granddaughter, Mary Capp, graduated university with Mordred Monty (also a descendant of the Shallot family, more on them in a bit) and they are married. He is now a Capp, and this family is the only one left in Veronaville to carry on the family name at this point.

Beatrice and Benedick Monty died as teenagers. I forget how. Claudio also is deceased.

Kent Capp actually owned the original Capp Manor for a time, married to Bianca Monty (Romeo and Mercutio's aunt). I forget the children they had, but they are long gone now.

As for NEW families I have added, I have tried to stay with the whole Shakespeare theme, but I have even added families with Sims named after Arthurian characters, historical figures in Europe from 1400-1600, and even chess board pieces. Yup. I had families named Knight, Rook, and King. All have since died or married into one of the other families. The Arthurian family's last name is SHALLOT, after the Lady Shallot. Probably could have named them 'Pendragon' but... I wanted it to not be so cheesy-sounding. Face it, that name is very cheesy. The current members of this family are Arthur and Gwen's (they just died of old age) daughter, Iseulta, with her husband Tristan, and their child. Iseulta's brother, Percival, just graduated university and has a wife (I think she is a Furley, she has Monty-like features).

Another family I have recently created is the Brunswicks - one is the main family, their daughter Anna graduated university and married Florizel Furley, they live with his parents in a bigger house and they are loaded with money. Carl, Anna's uncle, is married to Morgaine Shallot (now Brunswick), and they had twins just recently. Mordred is a Monty-Shallot descendant (son of a Monty whose name I forgot and also Morgan Shallot, who I named after Morgan LeFay and she was the sister of Arthur Shallot), and he is a Capp after marrying Mary, the only Capp remaining aside from her little sister Anne, still a child and near becoming a teen. I named them after the Boleyn sisters. They inherited Capp Manor and reside there as we speak.

As of the date of this post, here are the following families in my Veronaville; most have last names from families made by me:

-Capp (Mary and Mordred)
-Shallot (Iseulta, her husband Tristan, and their daughter)
-Brunswick (recently made; father, mother, and twin girls)
-Brunswick (Carl, with Morgaine and their twins)
-Furley (Florizel with his wife Anna and his parents)
-Locksley (Robin, Marion, and their daughter Gwyn)
-Shallot (Percival and his wife Adriana)
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I have changed entire of story in the Veronaville, by create Budpichaya and Boranarucks clan and they lead as perfect family and friendly to all. Plus Budpichaya have revived three of Capp family are Contessa Cordelia and Caliban. Consort also very please mixed with happily and try to change hisself to be good and the two foe families back to united once again. However, Tybalt and Kent defying at Budpichaya and Boranarucks goodwill and one day, Tybalt try to rape or kill one of the Budpichaya daughter name "Thiwa" but was failed also she fight back to him and been injured but Tybalt still alive and he wish to "Destroy Budpichaya once & for all".

After the aging going Consort & Contessa Capp also Patrizio & Isabella Monty were passed out by their old age and also all of them reached to nirvana, but the war between good & evil witches/warlocks are still going, Romeo & Juillet are joined the side of Budpichaya and Boranaruck clan

Oh I forgot about the two clan I created are name in Thai and the family tree of them are:
Budpichaya Clan:
Sila & Irin (first I created them as roommate and been Spouse at last)
Khundaej (2nd kid)
Khunkrai (3rd kid)
Kharm (5th twin)
Sangtawan (5th twin)
Thiwa (1st twin)
Khallaya (1st twin)
Janthra 4th kid
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Originally Posted by HystericalParoxysm
What did you do with Titania, Oberon, Romeo, Juliet, and the rest? Tell us every little detail of what happened with the Maxis premade characters in Veronaville in your game.
Titania fell in love with John Nelsen (one of my Sims). She'll be leaving Oberon and taking Bottom with her.

Hermia, was caught cheating with Colby Nelsen (My Sim), now Mercutio, is really angry. Hermia and Colby are going steady, tri-bolt attraction.
Juliette dumped Romeo, for John Gates (My Sim), they have a tri-bolt attraction.

Romeo's love interest is now Desdemona Capp.
Mercutio is now dating Miranda.

Bianca Monty, married Roman Cade (my sim).

Patrizio passed away, and is now buried in "Thy Judgement Cometh Soon" Cemetary.

The Nelsens, and the Gates families, have shaken Veronaville to the core!
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Well, Titania Summerdream is now Titania Nelsen! She took Bottom with her, and now Bottom, and Phoebe Nelsen (child) are BFF's.

Oberon couldn't understand why Titania left, and was kind of heartbroken. Bottom being gone, doesn't seem to bother him strangely enough. Puck seems to care less. IDK.

I will edit this post a little later with more updates.

Ok, Well, Oberon was introduced to Lili Winterfrost (another elf), and they have a strong attraction. Puck seems to be warming up to her nicely. Will Oberon propose? Well, We'll see!

Meanwhile, John Nelsen bought his new bride, Titania, a classic, 1950, Smoogo PA25 in "Smoogo Blue", and she seems to approve.

Bottom now has her own MUCH larger room, and is in the middle of decorating it, with the help of Phoebe. These two seem to get along quite well.

Colby Nelsen and Hermia Capp, are still a hot item, and Bobbi Nelsen (Johns sister, and Colby's mother), is still looking for love. She shouldn't have too much trouble though, as she's a really pleasant Sim.

More to come.

Desdemona seems to be crushing on Hermia's boyfriend, Colby. She brought him home today from school. Seems Des was trying to "admire" him, and he rejected it. How would Hermia feel about that?!? Scandalous!

New player in the game now. Ariel Capp aged up to a teen, and is quite a cutie. She's the smartest of the Capp children, and was pre-destined to be so (BatBoxed). She's a tinkerer, has a Rat Rod, and is considering restoring a car for herself. She's also quite the little rebel. Even though she has multiple scholarships, She hasn't decided between college, or a poaching career.

Will the Monty's and Capps ever get together and end their feud? Will my CAS Sims keep running interference? IDK.

Goneril, Albany, and BeBe Capp (Servo), are all at the top of their "Socialite" careers. Will the antics of the Capp children cause a scandal that resonates throughout Veronaville, and ruin their careers?

Should Miranda undergo the surgeons knife, so she isn't as hideous looking as her mother?

Is Kunder getting way too far into this?
Did I just refer myself in the third person?

I need to back away from the 'Puter for a bit.
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Originally Posted by Bigsimsfan12
Isabella is most likely going to die next rotation

2 years later and countless rotations... Isabella is still alive and kicking.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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