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MTS Bob Ross Paint-Along Night - posted on 4th Sep 2017 at 10:54 PM
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Turquoise Dragon
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#9426 Old Today at 2:56 PM
I don't know, but you could do a search and see? If not, put a ton of zzzzzz in front of it.
Mad Poster
#9427 Old Today at 3:41 PM
Yes, they are always called live. They won't work unless called live, so if you have any named something else they won't be functional. I'm 90% sure it has to be called live.package, but if you'd like to be 100% certain, make a throwaway setup and test. Rename your The Sims 2 folder, let game generate a new one, load it and enter any hood and any lot so you can set it to allow CC, then quit and add a renamed version of the live.package. I'd also throw in Phaenoh's phone book, to make it easier to test. Create a new hood, make it generate some townies, and use Phaenoh's phone book to check what the names are. If they are maxian, the renamed version does not work. If they match the mod, then renamed versions do work and you should follow gdayars advice above and name the one you want to use zzzzzzLive.package and put it in your main downloads folder (that ensures it loads last of all).

If you have questions on how to use SimPE or WW, you're welcome to PM me.
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