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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 7:50 AM
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#2176 Old Yesterday at 6:30 PM
Annoyed cos I can do the example questions for managerial accounting without any problems but I can't do the mock exam. Its the same problem I've had for the last two weeks and my exam is on thursday. I don't even know why I feel lost and confused when I open up the mock, its not that much different from the example questions?

Also sibling ate the cookie that I was saving for after dinner. So rude.
Field Researcher
#2177 Old Yesterday at 8:43 PM
sometimes i'm wondering if someone did lost a friend before (expected when it comes to death)

because sometimes i feel like i'm the only one here who lost someone who isn't important to you anymore like you used to when you were younger

i lost a few friends i used to be so close with, none of them are death yet and no one is going to for a while but i get this question for a little while now!

me and my best friend used to be so close when we were just a kid but since she hit the puberty she changed into a bitchy and a mean person.
we were fighting all the time, she choose all her friends over me (she uses me) i even got bullied by her on camp when i was only 15, and wheni don't understand things
or when i was making mistakes she got angry because of me, she breaks her promise all the time now (even the last promise we last made 3 years ago about us spending the time with each other)

she promised me we will spend the time with each other (that's never made) and that i got to pick up a movie we were supposed to go to the cinemas
but she never picked me up to go to the cinemas, she never got to spend the time with me, (she's Always busy with her own friends now)
i never respected her before but now i do since i have my own friends too to spend the time with

but it's been 3 years and 3 months since we last spoke to each other so i thought by end up a friendship in a letter will do something good
but like i said earlier: i hope the paper will come to the right adress eventually since i wrote her old adress she used to live?

my mom is afraid my old best friends family get involved by this but i sure do hope she won't call her whole family just because of the paper what i wrote
i know her family is strict and don't want bad things happend to her but i hope she will read this before she call the whole family about it

but that was the least i could do so i hope she will respect my decision about end up a friendship and accept it
i already moved on so she needs to do that too eventually, it wasn't easy to wrote a letter too but i had to
here's the picture and i translate it in english since it's wrote in dutch:

Dear (with my old friend's name)

i type this paper because i want to end up a friendship between us officially.
it hurts to do that but i do what's best between us.
and of course we also had good times with each other

we went to the red rope,
we went to the cable car,
we went to the playground,
we (quite) often had sleepovers,
we even went on vacation together to spain & Turkey

you kind of felt like a little sister to me
but i can't take it anymore.
at first i had patient for you because i thought you needed a lot of space for yourself
and i respected that but my patient got over. (impatient)
i hope you respects my choice.

who knows we'll see each other in the future, to ever,
(i don't wants to have contacts with you still so pretends like you have never met me)

Greetings (with my name)

it wasn't Always been that easy to translate things in english but i tried my best here so you could understand me more with this letter i wrote!
but i was being honest here what i was thinking about a friendship between her and me

we already seperated and grew out so why not end up a friendship with a letter (not only did i think about the bad stuff but also the good stuff we did when we were younger)
i felt a bit better after i wrote that to her
#2178 Old Yesterday at 10:33 PM
Got out today.

Went to Walmart. Took a look at the back of Pokemon Ultra Sun. Bought a can of chips and a vitamin water.

It was a matter today of me and my mother not pushing each other's "murder" buttons. My mother and I have had a rather strained relationship since I was 11. Any day where we aren't at each other's throats is satisfactory. My father is tired of the both of us fighting, but old habits die hard.

My mother is pretty set in her ways, very conservative. The only thing that she came to terms with (or at the very least, understands) is you can't really tame me. Conditioning me with candy as a reward might work, but there's a likelihood I might run you down. Give me time and you'll be worn down quickly.

But yes, I at least got to enjoy interaction with real humans.

"There are some obstacles that cannot be removed with a mere show of force."
-King of Atlantis, as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
#2179 Old Today at 2:50 AM
New week is starting on a shit note.

There's no rest for the wicked
Electronic Arts- Can't spell steal without EA. ~ Mike Murphree~
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