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Additional table bbcode options available - posted on 5th Mar 2018 at 3:12 PM
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#1926 Old Yesterday at 6:08 PM
I went to the doctor today under the assumption that it would just be a regular checkup, but no. Apparently, that's not what my mom had in mind. She wanted bloodwork done because of my hypothyroidism.
She didn't tell me that bloodwork was SUPPOSED to be done until LATER. I was also supposed to have two vaccines done (TDAP and MMR), but they only got one (TDAP) since that same doctor wanted to see if my mom was ok with me getting the other. The reason I didn't get the other this time is that either mom was busy or doesn't get the definition of urgency and didn't respond until after. (This was also a communication fail. I'd get it if she was busy since she has a job and all, but she could've at least told me that I needed to get blood drawn the night before and not AFTER THE APPOINTMENT.)
Welp. I was hoping to get all that done in one day. Guess I'll need another appointment. At least I'm healthy.
(She literally just called me as I was typing this and said that I have another appointment on Monday for that other shot. Then I'll have to go somewhere else for the bloodwork.)

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#1927 Old Yesterday at 8:06 PM
After 15 years of use between my parents and myself, my MALM bedframe broke and the bed is leaning towards one side. I'm worrying of falling off.

Also, I was directed to what I thought was disc burning software... turned out to be shit that forced me to reset my computer to factory settings. This is why I don't like the act of Googling. It's rude, impersonal and vague. Next time I want help from well-meaning strangers, they'd better have a link ready for me to use.

Also, the Pokemon anime has surpassed 1,000 episodes in Japan.

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#1928 Old Yesterday at 10:30 PM
It's my first day back at work tomorrow since finding out I'm ill. Nobody at work knows. My friend said nobody's noticed I've been gone for two weeks but I know she's lying because she doesn't want me to worry. Apparently everyones always asking my boyfriend (whom works in the same building as me) where I am. He tells them I'm busy with uni work, so that's what I'm going to say if they ask. I'm getting nervous though.

On a brighter note, we had boyfriend-girlfriend adventure time today. Found ourselves in a Comic book store in Rhyl. I haven't bought comics since I lived in Manchester so it was pretty awesome.

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#1929 Old Today at 9:33 AM Last edited by haywud : Today at 9:56 AM.
for once i'm truly looking for a way to just end this, i'm too weak and too tired to keep fighting

found an old bottle of valerian root and finished off what was left in it, i think there were 13 pills left and hopefully it knocks me out
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