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Default Sims 2 - Graphic Problems (flashin' red walls, etc.)
Again, I have problems with my game's graphics. Now with TS2 (almost all EPs installed except of Bon Voyage and Freetime) and a new MacBook (TS3 runs fine now). I have the problem of missing textures as described in the thread 'Flashing Red Walls' (well, flashing red walls, no floor textures, low object details, pink flashing terrain, etc.) in TS2 Graphic FAQs. The tips given in the thread are not really helpful.

I got a MacBook Pro 15" (2012) with 2,6GHz Intel i7 CPU, 4GB RAM and NVidia GeFore 650 GT. I am playing Sims 2 with Parallels 7 (is the emulator the problem?). Win7 showed up a message saying that the colour profile for the application is not suitable after quitting the game.

I don't want to believe that my really old PC runs TS2 much better that my new Mac. Does it mean that I can not run The Sims 1 as well?

P.S. Some graphic options are greyed out, i.e. I only can play in 800x600.

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Parallels is definitely the issue; it cannot use your graphics card, only a fake, virtual one, which isn't that capable to run the game, or anything except low-end programs for that matter.
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Is there any other Virtual Machine/Emulator which is able to run TS2? The Sims 2 for Mac is developed only for PowerPC Macs...

By the way, I got another question, even if The Sims is a bit dated. I have installed it and had no graphic issues. Everything worked fine. Then I wanted to play it a second time and I was not able to leave the house to go for Downtown, Old Town, etc. because I was no longer able to save my house. Also a Parallels problem?
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