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Sneak Preview of Project CRUMB - posted on 21st May 2017 at 1:32 PM
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Test Subject
#7201 Old Today at 4:16 PM
It should appear on all lots. It does in my game.
#7202 Old Today at 6:51 PM
Has anyone happened upon a good CC-FREE way of creating a lookalike for chain link fencing? A few projects I'd like to work on would go a lot better if there's a decent analog...

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Lab Assistant
#7203 Old Today at 8:49 PM Last edited by wthrwthoutyu : Today at 9:02 PM.
Originally Posted by enebya
I think it's just Casual --> AutoWoo, or Casual --> Woohoo --> Autowoo.

I also have a question regarding ACR: Did I understand correctly that sims have to live on the same lot to try for baby autonomosly? So no try for baby with a date or booty call?

There are two override options for Try for Baby; allow unmarried and Try for Baby>Always. If allow unmarried is enabled, sims can get pregnant on a date if they decide to try. Always Try for Baby is handy if you have a sim you want to keep making babies, as for a challenge. Not sure about booty calls, but I would be surprised if they couldn't get pregnant from a booty call.

Edit for clarification: With ACR sims don't have to live together for autonomous Try for Baby or Risky Odds pregnancy. But it probably has to be a resident who is Trying and you have to fiddle with what the overrides allow.
#7204 Old Today at 8:59 PM
I doubt any of the shipped version fences/half-walls/etc look like chain link. for sure not in base game through Nightlife.
#7205 Old Today at 10:32 PM
I'm trying to think of tricks like stacking some of the modern fences on top of one another using CFE, but then you're left with just the first level if you're actually playing the ground floor, and it just looks ridiculous...

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We lied about having cookies.
#7206 Old Today at 10:43 PM
custom content I think is the only way to create/build/etc something that looks like chain link.
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