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Additional table bbcode options available - posted on 5th Mar 2018 at 3:12 PM
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#3876 Old Yesterday at 9:13 PM
@smorbie1 - they said it's in the mail. Still hasn't arrived. Don't know why pharmacare also can't handle the dispensing fee.

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#3877 Old Yesterday at 10:28 PM
I rolled out of bed 3 hours ago at 7PM. I didn't want to get out at all in the first place and just sleep, but my mom got mad at me for spending my whole day sleeping and telling me it's bad and unhealthy. I guess it's healthier to spend the day without motivation, dead tired and angry?

d̴i̶s̴t̸o̸r̸t̵i̵o̷n̴ ̶i̷n̷ ̵̬̾ḿ̸̱y̶̜͊ ̸̟͐m̴̬̎i̶̖͒ń̴̬d̷͎̒
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#3878 Old Yesterday at 10:59 PM
Arg if only it had started snowing as heavily before I came back home, then this could totally have been avoided! My bus stop here is on a sort of hill, which leads to some stairs and then a walking path. Lucky me slipped on the ice and fell backwards at the steepest point of the hill, landing on my bum and jerking my left arm really hard. The problem is that my wrist currently has limited movement from an operation some time ago, so the stiff muscles or whatever hurt if I move them too much or too suddenly. Hence feeling like I was going to die when I hit the ground.

For the first hour when I was in my flat, the fear was real. Like what if I messed up my wrist? I don't want to be a chronic cyst in the wrist person, nor do I want to injure myself from sudden movements. So I sat paranoid in the kitchen with a pack of frozen vegetables on my wrist, which still hurt like hell, and then ate my feelings away after an aspirin because I was angry:

1. What idiot puts a bus stop on a hill in the fucking land of snow and ice when there is perfectly flat land 100m further away?
2. Ice is satan
3. Just got most of my wirst back like last month??!
4. Ice is stupid

After I'd calmed down a little I searched for the brace that I wore back in January and put it on. It's been about 10 or so hours since and my hand and wrist feel ok, but movements that didn't hurt before hurt now. So I'll have to go back to the physiotherapist tomorrow to ask questions about my wrist, like if I need to reschedule Thursday's session because my wrist needs rest or not. I'd call but I'm not too sure we'll understand each other of the phone.
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