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Creator Theme: Space! - posted on 8th Jul 2018 at 6:02 PM
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Field Researcher
#126 Old 30th Jan 2018 at 3:20 AM
Petya had quite the view there! That was a cute little update.

I do like decorating my sim houses. I think my husband likes that I do it on the computer instead of wanting to redecorate all the time in real life. I like building at times, too, but not nearly as much as I like decorating.
#127 Old 30th Jan 2018 at 11:30 PM
@Charmful I love Kashmire Point and the boardwalks. They make me want to find some beach property that I have not already used for sim houses to do the same and I am thinking it might have to wait until I add another subhood with beach lots.

The tiny tale of Petya, the Little Green Robot is so cute!

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#128 Old 10th Feb 2018 at 4:22 AM
Default Family: The Thackerys
Replies from last post

@Kukamuukaanmuka @lordtyger9 and @Cher64 - I am glad you enjoyed the tiny tale of Petya, thanks for leaving your comments

Cher, I know how that is where the husband prefers you go on decorating rampages in sims rather than in real life. My husband has tried talking to me while I am 'in the zone' on decorating sims 2 dwellings and it's like talking to a wall. Lol.
lordtyger, If you end up doing some beach lot/boardwalk real estate I would love to see how that works out in your game

The Thackery Family

The Thackerys are a newer family in Kashmire, showing up in game within the past five years IRL, and it's still just the main family that is kicking around as they haven't had time to grow and develop a multi-generational history within the hood. The family consists of parents Siri and Jarome, their son Antoine, and two daughters named Alarie and Alanna (not twins, surprisingly!) They moved to the region for Siri's job transfer to the Scandalica City Tribune when the daughters were just toddlers. They settled in a nice home on the west side of the island near the Harts and Pipers and other suburban family dwellers.


Siri wears the pants in the family, so to speak. Her job as an investigative journalist brought her to the region so she is considered the spouse with the 'priority' job. She's constantly busy with work, somewhat of a workaholic and that's why Jarome stayed home with the kids and home schooled them until about junior high when they were released to the public school system. Siri is a fierce and beautiful woman, even as she ages, and has tenaciously risen the ranks of the print industry in Scandalica and is now currently a magazine editor. She is gunning for the top spot of media magnate. Whenever Siri has any free time she can usually be found working on writing a book, as she is a thrice published author.


Jarome is a buff dude. His girls always bragged when they were children that their dad was the 'strongest dad in the world' since he could lift each off the ground fully with the power of each bicep. His fitness routine kept him in shape for the physical exams he had to take to get into the police force in Isla Del Kashmire; he wanted to continue to make his kids safe by joining. He was a found to be a great fit as a SWAT team leader which he has been in charge with the past half-decade. Before that, he was a doting father on his kids, as well as attentive teacher, and an excellent cook from watching cooking shows on daytime TV. He has a fun sense of humor and all his kids' friends like his company and cooking. He also likes to interior decorate when he has time to go to the Home decor store and gets ideas, the most recent refurbishing being the kitchen.


Antoine was an engineering prodigy as a kid. He would often go around the house, taking things apart to see how they worked, and constantly tinkered. Jarome finally got fed up and bought him model cars and robot kits to build to keep him from tearing the house apart and this proved to be Antoine's calling in life. His enthusiasm for building machines rubbed off on his little sister Alanna even and she'd often bring him things to look at that she took apart, but from his experience that made their parents mad so he would put it back together (he knew how to fix anything at that point) and keep Alanna from getting yelled at. He is close with both his little sisters since they are all very close in age.

Antoine got engineering scholarships and attended Academie Le Tour where he was a darling in the robotics competitions, sweeping clean all awards every year he entered which caught the attention of a mech conglomerate based in Memosa Bay. Antoine fell in love with his sister's friend, Leona Hillenburg, when he was in high school. She was pretty, a talented singer, and most of all...she didn't laugh at him when he showed her his robots. She was three years younger than him and it was a dark day when her father caught them making out in her room. Antoine could have been beaten within an inch of his life if he hadn't sprinted out of there fast enough. He struggled with his feelings for Leona after that, knowing her father would never accept them.

Antoine did get to be with Leona for real for about a year when he was a senior in college but his new job after graduation took his time and attention away from her enough that she called it quits. He was devastated and threw himself into his work which the corporation was happy for because Antoine is a genius and has been working on A.I. technology enhancements the past year and demoing the prototypes all around the world at conventions. He is a minor character in my Sims 2 stories where you can read more about what is currently going on with his life in Kashmire.


Alarie is the middle child, only a year and a half older than Alanna and a year younger than Antoine. Alarie tries to get out of the middle child rut but still falls short as in she hasn't obvious passions that her siblings do. She is averse to nerdy hobbies and is more interested in fashion and parties. As a child she shared a room with her sister and developed a sort of rival mind set toward Alanna. She thinks Alanna has the world convinced she is perfect so to counter balance that Alarie has done some rebellious actions that have gotten her in hot water as a teen such as sneaking out or getting bad grades. Alarie is a fierce friend but also fiercely judgmental at times, she can be pretty sassy and argumentative too. She is much closer to Antoine than Alanna and encourages him and Leona to be together. She finds entertainment and purpose in trying to help those around her, even if her help is not needed. She has a long time on again-off-again boyfriend named Rafael who is her brother's age but in his last semester at SSU. Alarie attends Academie Le Tour, she is as smart as her siblings but doesn't apply critical thinking as often. Alarie is a main character in my sims 2 stories.


Alanna is as sweet as cherry pie. She is often described as having a warm smile, a calming presence...even as perfect, all due to her kindness, positivity, sense of humor, intelligence, and beauty. It's not hard to imagine how many males have gotten tangled up in an infatuation with her. She doesn't ask for all this attention but takes it in stride. She loves her family very much and she yearned for close friendships in her youth, dismayed to find out that others thought she was too good for them to try and be her friend. She never really put herself out there, socially, but was president of the chess club and won the science fair in high school with a weather-changing device which has caused an intellectual rivalry with Shane Calhoun since then.

Alanna's favorite color purple, like her sister, and finds enjoyment in reading, tinkering, and helping others—which is why Alarie often pokes at her, calling her a 'fairy tale princess'. Alanna currently attends SSU and lives in an all –girls dorm but visits home every weekend to see her parents, and if time allows, her best friend, Franz Schoulsburg—who seems to be her only close friend these days since she has a rigorous study schedule. A she is a biology student wanting to go into pre-med and be a doctor to help others, of course. She is a main character in my sims 2 stories and according to a poll I made after the first one, the most favored.

Family Home
Like most other houses in my hoods, the Thackery family lives in one of Triciamanly's homes (can't seem to find the link here so maybe I got it of simsfanUK?)

It's a tall home, a three stories but only had three bedrooms and two and half baths. The kitchen is large, which makes Jarome really happy and the living room has high ceilings and lets in a lot of light. In addition there is a in-ground pool and jacuzzi in the back yard along with a patio for grilling that also has a fire pit for a very social family.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

Field Researcher
#129 Old 10th Feb 2018 at 6:37 PM
Siri and Jarome are gorgeous; no wonder their kids turned out so gorgeous. Jarome has really done well as the primary parent AND handling a high level/high stress career.

I wonder if Antoine will one day understand that he actually chose work over Leona, and that he could fix that if he really wanted. Alarie is a handful, and I love her facial expressions. Alanna will do well, and it sure looks like she was winning that debate with Shane. She was already a formidable opponent even when she was young.
#130 Old 11th Feb 2018 at 11:53 PM
Oh I really love the Thackery Family, Siri and Jarome are a gorgeous couple, and their kids are all really good looking. I like Siri and I hope that she will make it to Media Magnet soon. Is Jarome going to be Captain Hero soon?

I hope that Antoine, Alarie, and Alanna will all do well in the future. Is Alanna going to be in love with Shane do you think? They do look very involved and sometimes it might work that way.

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just a girl
#131 Old 12th Feb 2018 at 4:45 PM
You have such a wonderful well developed neighborhood. Lovely pictures. And it's nice of you to give links to houses and mods. Quite a shopping list!
Link Ninja
Original Poster
#132 Old 17th Feb 2018 at 7:58 AM Last edited by Charmful : 17th Feb 2018 at 9:13 PM. Reason: Fixed coding so everything can now be seen
Default Feature: Valentines Day
Hello! I was working on a little project this last week and a half to use the top date spots in each area of Kashmire as a backdrop for some sims dates. Some of the couples have previously been introduced in Family-specific posts and some are new to this thread. I will discuss the history of the location as well as tell the tale of how each date went, and provide pics of course

But first!

Replies from last post

@Cher64 - The Thackerys indeed are an attractive-looking fam. I kind of was inspired by Terry Crews' character from the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine for Jarome. Antoine chose his work over Leona but in turn Leona has her own ambitions that also get in the way of their future as a couple. Their work is important to them and both understand that, but can't help but to yearn for each other at the same time and don't know how to compromise. Alanna is a formidable opponent, she had taken 2nd place in the years leading up to her victory and finally Shane had gotten a taste of his own medicine.

If you are interested, there's more detail here and here about Leona and Antoine's relationship from the story perspective. This chapter also covers some more of Shane and Alanna's rivalry.

@lordtyger9 - I think Siri is on a trajecotry to achieve her goal as media magnate. She has a vision for the company she works for and puts in a lot of hours to impress the higher-ups. Jarome doesn't have the goal to reach Captain Hero, there's already a lot of cops that are more competitive and stepping up game to get that title now that Ash Calhoun has retired. There's a lot of work-politics involved and Jarome won't want to step on the toes of his Police Chief, Cheyanne Wellington who has been working toward being Captain Hero since she first joined the IDKPD force.

All the Thackery children are smart and have a lot going for them, even Alarie who seems to be in a sort of slump at college should be fine in the long run. Alanna may learn that not everyone and everything is as honest or kind as she would imagine. You know, you are the first person to ever pick up on Shane and Alanna's history and question if something romantic could come of it...and I will say, that you aren't barking up the wrong tree but I am not in a place to give any spoilers as Alanna's story is still being told in Nest of Vipers. Do you still read it?

@Lamare - Hi, it's a delight to see one of your comments on my hood thread, thank you for the compliment! I always try to curate some good pics on the subject of the post. You make some great cc and I have to admit that a few posts back where I mentioned Amelia Wellington had a part-time job as a dolphin tank cleaner is all thanks to that part-time job mod you made earlier this year. It's been working great so far I try to add in links if they are relevant to the post at hand, and I will always apologize if I accidentally put someone into a download binge.







Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

#133 Old 17th Feb 2018 at 8:12 AM Last edited by lordtyger9 : 17th Feb 2018 at 8:29 AM.
@Charmful your Starlight Amphitheater looks really nice, I went an clicked on the link and the layout of Starlight Amphitheater seems really good and I am sure that it is a great place for Dates.

The Garden of Eden night club lloks great and has a great layout. Another great place for Dates.

Metro Museum Of Modern Art, looks like a great art gallery. I never would have thought of having a resturant with the gallery. I like the idea though.

Wow I really love the look of the building outside your Wild Scarlet Oasis & Spa, I like Spas and I have a couple of them. I like the layout of your Wild Scarlet Oasis & Spa as well. I am going to make a Spa with the hot spring sometime. Yet another great Date place.

Kashmire Point - Boardwalk 4, is an Über Date Location, wow it has everything just about. I really like how the Building looks from the outside.

I liked all of the Date Pictures, you did a great job with all of the dates.

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Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
Lab Assistant
#134 Old 17th Feb 2018 at 11:41 PM
Wow! Just, wow. I have really enjoyed reading and catching up. I'm loving your buildings, and the characters you have. It's like having a TV drama running in my head,that I can't wait for the next episode. :D

My Sim Play found Here
Lab Assistant
#135 Old 18th Feb 2018 at 5:21 PM
What awesome structures and diverse decor, Charmful! Your building work is really inspiring. I think date locations would make an excellent building contest here on the site one day. Have you considered it?

Find yourself in A Pleasant Place.
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Field Researcher
#136 Old 18th Feb 2018 at 8:51 PM
Thanks for the links. I must tell Alarie, despite what she thinks, Antione (or AB-toine, as she called him) did impress at least one other person besides Leona.

You have some great date spots in your game, and it was fun seeing a date at each location. I would probably go to the Garden of Eden, but the Wild Scarlet also looks like a great place to relax and have fun.
Link Ninja
Original Poster
#137 Old 19th Mar 2018 at 7:50 AM
Default Update: Mira and Jimmy Calhoun
Holy plumbobs! It's been a while yeah? So I've come with an update and also replies!

Replies from last post

@lordtyger9 - I found out after posting I had fudged some of the coding so was rapidly trying to fix it as you had read it. I appreciate you staying and commenting on the rest

My friend who build the art museum added the restaurant because sims tend to get hungry and it's easier to have a place for them to chow down and not make them leave the lot and come back if they wanted to look at more art. Its a good place for art enthusiasm. Spas seem so relaxing! I downloaded Paladin's fix for having a massage business and someday I plan to open a spa as a business but for now all of the existing ones in Kashmire are just community lots. I'm glad you like the look of my boardwalk, I really do too with the purple and green motifs. Thank you again for commenting!

@LilKiwi - Glad you got a chance to catch up, you were gone for quite a bit, it's good to have you back and there's always more drama to be had, either in these updates or in my sims 2 stories!

@bbostic8 - Thank you! I'm happy you like my buildings. I think date locations would make a great contest, I hadn't considered it until I read your comment. I kind of would like something to go along with it though - like a write up of a date that went on there. Just because the last three sims 2 contests on MTS have been pure build-related and I'm starting to get burnt out. I think I'll take a break from building contests after wanderlust is over. But writing and pic contests, now that's something that would interest me

@Cher64 - Yeah AB-toines abs aren't a laughing manner though he did render all the girls giggling at him. So maybe they are a laughing matter haha. It's hard to impress a cynical kid sister, no matter her age. Thanks for reading and telling me your favorites of the date spots. I think my favorite to go would be the oasis, just because I looove to swim

Catching up with the Calhouns

You saw their wedding. You saw their honeymoon. Now get ready to see Jimmy and Mira in Adventures of Parenting!

A shrill scream jolts both parents awake. Mira stretches and Jimmy rubs his eyes.

"I thought it was my turn," he mumbles.

"I don't mind, I don't have work today," Mira says and lifts herself off the bed. Jimmy snuggles back in and though he is grateful for more sleep, he can't help but to feel a bit bitter at her words.

He is still looking for an opening at a law firm. He refuses to take anything else, not even to work on Elm Calhoun's campaign to bide his time getting in the social ring of politicians. Mira insists it will help his career but then again Mira kind of likes that Jimmy is around during the day to take care of Bryce while she works at an architect firm where she's a draftswoman, drawing technical designs of architect's buildings.

Bryce, when not crying for food in the wee hours of the morning, is being a normal nooboo--just kind of sits in his crib when not being handled, sleeping, or being fed on bottles. Typical nooboo behavior, which leaves Jimmy time to look for a job or be around to receive his parents or Mira's because they visit often to coo and coddle on Bryce, their first grandchild.

It's Saturday and soon it will be a family affair. Jimmy parent's and Mira's parents are coming, of course because what day goes by without them there to visit Bryce? Not only them, but Jimmy also expects his siblings to drop in. They are all still grinding away at college so their past few weekends have been bogged down in studying for mid terms.

Mira is trying to find a photographer for some upcoming family pictures for Bryce's birthday, one that can come to their house at a time when she isn't working and for a good price. Hold the phone, Bryce needs a bath and Mira takes her baby boy and gives him a good scrub down--gotta be nice a fresh for the family! Jimmy is trying to make lunch for everyone and could do without stinky baby smell mixing with the food.

As soon as the family arrives they eat, mingle, and Bryce is passed around to all his relatives like some best of show dog--small class--maybe a Chihuahua.
Jimmy's mother and sister put on a TV show. Bryce, who usually takes afternoon naps the downstairs crib, keeps getting woken up and gets fussy so Miranda takes him back up to his nursery where she gets some time to doze as well, catching up on sleep she had missed that morning.

Jimmy chats with his mother and gets annoyed that she's doing that lovely 'nagging' on him for not having a job so long after graduating. He wants to be a lawyer so bad but still at the back of his mind he likes the idea of spending time with his son and watching him grow--not working late hours pushing papers or working on court cases. So he kind of just grumbles under his breath and agrees with his mother to satisfy her for the time being and wonders where Mira went?

After Mira dozed, she sneaked out to the upper terrace to work on a painting she had started--a portrait of her husband that she wants to give him for the next gift-giving occasion, would that be Winter Day? No there has to be something before that...maybe Founder's Day? Or maybe she should just surprise him when she finishes. After painting his eyes, she nods to herself that it has been enough and she should get back to entertaining her parents and in-laws.

Jimmy is thankful to see his wife reappear among the guests. He had gotten a call from Sawyer to ask if he wanted to go bowling with the boys. Jimmy would love to, however first he has to say good bye to his siblings and tell Mira his plans. She would be annoyed if he up and left without saying anything. There is a problem though, their parents have all found the hot tub and are now planning the next wedding between their children.

"Well, I guess you can go--they'll be in there for awhile," Mira is exasperated. Was it always like this? Jimmy is lucky he can't remember all the hint drops from his mother and father to ask Mira out. Mira had dated Sawyer back then and it didn't seem to matter to either sets that Jimmy and Mira were 'just friends'. Enough hint drops and Mira started believing they should be together. Poor Sawyer, now it was awkward around him but she didn't want that to deter Jimmy from reconnecting with his friends after his memory loss.

Jimmy goes out with his fiends to the bowling alley a few blocks away. Sawyer and Tony are in attendance, they bowl and Jimmy catches a small bite to eat at the diner counter. This would be another thing he would miss if he was held up in an office working late hours--or at least he wouldn't have the energy to go out after work.

When he gets back, Mira is already asleep, the quartet of parents have departed, and Jimmy makes sure to tuck in his son. Bryce is awake but content, and Jimmy smiles and tickles a nooboo's belly, getting Bryce to smile for a split second before telling him that he loves him and 'good night'.

Not too long after....

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the update

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

Field Researcher
#138 Old 19th Mar 2018 at 5:21 PM
I love it when grandparents stop in without having to be invited to visit their grandchildren. Some of my sims will do that several times a week, and others rarely do it at all.

Poor Jimmy, torn between ambition and being a stay-at-home parent. I think he doesn't want a job too badly, or he'd be more willing to work his way up to that dream job he's holding out for. Also, all is not necessarily well in his marriage so it probably is for the best he can't remember everything. He's sweet with Bryce.

The bowling pictures were fun, and it's good to see Jimmy have a good time without worrying about things.
#139 Old 19th Mar 2018 at 6:16 PM
@Charmful I frequently have the same sort of issue as I usually post my update and then scroll looking for mistakes, every so often someone will be reading while I am doing it, oh well I just hope that they go back and look it over again later.

I love to swim too, I need to remind my self to put the surfing things on the Island destination.

I loved Catching up with the Calhouns, very well done.

I really like Jimmy and Mira and it looks they are doing pretty well with the Parenting thing.

As a toddler will Bryce get into things? I like to have a lot of Toddler toys around to occupy them and frequently I have some of the crafted ones for the toddlers to play with.

It is cool that the gradparents come and visit often.

I wonder why the grandparents show up often at your house?

I have parties frequently and I try to invite relatives a lot, otherwise I don't think I get a lot of relatives visiting.

I like the bowling outing. good pictures of that.

I loved the pictures over all. Looking forward to your next update.

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#140 Old 28th Apr 2018 at 4:34 AM
Default Picture Spam - Denizens of Kashmire
Hello it's been another hot minute since I updated this thread. Got busy with the current Wanderlust Contest, which is now over as far as I am concerned since I entered my last build. So today I have no actual family write ups or playing updates, just a dump of some old pics throughout the years that I went in and polished up for maximum aesthetic. But first...

Replies from last time

@Cher64 - Hi there! Delayed reply but I also kind of adore the mechanism where 'BFF's come on in, no greetings needed. Jimmy and Mira are BFFs with their parents so I will point to that reason the grandparents come in often. I think you are onto something, because Jimmy won't take just any job - so it's a mix of reluctance to leave his young child and pride because he went to school for law and a lawyer he shall be if he's anything at all in the work force! Anyway, thanks for your comment! I like taking Jimmy out to do fun things with his friends, I do that more with sims who were born in game and have accumulated social circles as they age.

@lordtyger9 - Did you ever start in on the surfing mod in your hood? I've been playing that surf shop I set up for Amelia Wellington to run and it's really fun now that other sims have surf boards in their inventory and can go surfing with her.

Bryce has a nursery that contains one of every skill building toy so he'll be well entertained. I stopped playing when he turned toddler so I don't know if he's a messy lil guy or not yet. We'll find out next time I open that family lot to play
Like I said above, sims with 'BFF" status are more likely to just come on into the home without an invitation. It probably came with the expansion that introduced BFFs. I like throwing family reunions so all the family can mingle and at least get introduced to each other. It's a bit harder after segments of the family move out of the house. Just the other day Amelia Wellington was eating at the new diner in Kashmire Point and I saw a guy walk by and thought they could hit it off romantically but then I looked at their relationship panel and found out they were cousins...ooops! So that didn't pan out. Thanks for your comment and compliment on my pics; I hope you enjoy the picture spam I'm about to unleash.

If you have any questions or comments about the photos, let me know! I'd be happy and appreciative to hear from you

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

Field Researcher
#141 Old 29th Apr 2018 at 6:22 PM
Of all those great pictures, I think my favorite is the Wellington twins. It's just a sweet, family moment. Also the one of Denny and Sebastian is really nice, capturing a quiet moment from their honeymoon.

Cypress Wellington at the coffee shop looks exactly like the kind of thing that happens every day in real life. It made me smile.
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#142 Old 14th May 2018 at 5:15 AM Last edited by Charmful : 14th May 2018 at 6:32 AM.
Default Event: SiMother's Day
replies from last time

@Cher64 - Thanks for feeback on the picture dump. I love that one of the Wellington twins because they both had long hair at that time in college. They are twin-friends for sure. Though I guess I forgot to put ceilings up because you can see stuff from the second floor in the background. Whoops! I had a whole set of pics about 'Day in the Life ' of Cypress (who is seen in the picture below) and I enjoyed setting those images up to get that 'slice of life' feel. I think by not showing their faces and just the hand hold for Denny and Sebastian, that's what made it seem more quiet and intimate


I would have liked to do more pics but by the end of the day by computer was not cooperating even when I was restarting so I only got a handful of these mother's day pics and here I will expound more on what type of mothers these ladies are and how their children's lives have been shaped by their mothering 'attitudes'.


First off, here is Willow Wellington. She was introduced in the Calhoun family post - she's has a lot of fun-loving, teasing, good-natured mother-esque humor but that's ultimately coming from a place of guilt, to make up for her absence. She doesn't want to be hard on her sons, mostly because she's felt she may have missed out on actually mothering them. She's a top-notch government scientist and her time for work conflicted with her quality family time and in the end the former won out for most of her sons' younger years. She was the mother who took the minimum amount of maternity leave because she had to go back because she was on the edge of break-through! Cypress was left caring a lot for Cedar when Cedar was a boy and though Cypress always tries to shrug it off like it's no big deal he is a bit salty at both his parents for putting him in that position. Willow always makes the attempt to catch up with what's going on in her sons' lives. She has specific dates on her calendar to remind herself to call Cypress to see if he needs anything at college and she's doing better by engaging with Cedar at least once a week, well, if he's not absorbed with texting his high school friends. Willow's own parents were workaholics and medical professionals so that is why it's been so hard breaking out of this cycle to have some quality time with her children.


Harmony Calhoun is married to Willow's twin Brother, Elm, which makes Harmony and Willow sister-in-laws. It was an agreeable arrangement because they grew up on the same street and were good friends as girls. Anyway, Harmony had herself a handful with house full of men. Three sons and a husband in politics can lead to some intense moments! Harmony is pretty straight-laced and she may have been more stern with her sons than she should have been but she felt like she had to set the example as she was principal of the Isla Del Kashmire High School for a number of years. She's long been the mediator between her eldest, Nicholas, and her husband. They constantly butt heads like a pair of rams, and she won't admit it out loud, but she took a big sigh of relief once Nick left for college. Shane and Kit were a cake walk after trying to wrangle Nick into a respectable young man--which is still a point of contention with Elm because Nick recently quit his father's legacy fraternity as well as refuses to get a hair cut. Shane, the red-headed middle son was harder for Harmony to connect with as he was always quiet and placed himself in the solitude of his bedroom but she is immensely proud of his academic achievements. Kit is her baby and she fusses over him the most. Though Kit is now in high school and makes it clear her motherly advances are 'not cool', it won't stop her from planting kisses all over his cheeks when he comes home. All three sons love their mother without a doubt, and all sons will admit they prefer her parenting over their fathers' so of course they would come home and take a picture for mother's day at her request.


The Sanchez Family is not one I have made a post on yet but this lovely lady and her children come from that clan. Seychelle had these little bundles of energy by surprise when she and her husband lived in Scandalica City. She was chasing her dreams of becoming a star and Mercedes and Marquez put a big stop to that for a little while. Once they were able to walk she went back to perusing auditions for ads, TV pilots, and basically anything that could launch her into the limelight. This drive of hers has kept her away from her children for significant periods of times while they are left in the care of their father and grandmother. Seychelle tells herself that what she is doing will help her kids in the future, so it's all worth it. She does get work, but sometimes she doesn't because she's not young or pretty enough for what the job requires and sometimes finds herself drinking alone downtown because she doesn't want to face her family and admit failure. But, because she's an actress, that fake smile can go a long way when does return home.


Last but not least is Natalie Calhoun and her brood of children. Natalie has been a doting mother, and that's not easy with four kids. She was a respected judge for many years, a naturalist as well. Her enthusiasm and respect for nature is something she has passes on to her own kids. She's an accomplished novelist, and she's written four books with subjects ranging from criminal justice to Three Lakes nature trail guides. Natalie had a heavy hand in raising all the children. In the picture above there is her two youngest, Charlotte and Charlie, then Jimmy in the back, and Marty has arm around dear ol' Ma. She is also a proud grandmother of Bryce, who is featured in the last few posts where Jimmy is concerned. So Mother's Day was spent catching up with her adult children and playing with Bryce whom she visits often because he is her first grand-baby. Natalie is very proud of all her children, and thinks they've turned out great. Of course she can't take all the credit because some of that success comes from Ash's fatherly role. Ash and Natalie made a good professional team as Captian Hero and Appeals judge, and a good family team raising these four kids to be good citizens of Isla Del Kashmire.

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You know I love a "Day in the Life" montage. I don't know why, but I do.

What a fantastic idea to give us a look at some of the different mothers you have in your hood, and why they are the way they are.
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Love the mommyday pics
As you allready know I liked Seychelle the most and made the misstake believin she was a single mom

I like how you use makeup to make the sims look like their age, wrinkles and all, I once tought about it , but then abandoned the idea , thought it was too much trouble if only I will see it

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Great Mother's Day post. I like the write up for each group, that is outstanding.

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Default Event: FatherSim Day
Replies from last time

@Cher64 – I'm glad you liked it And this next one along the same lines!

@Kukamuukaanmuka – I did kind of write it like it seemed Seychelle was a single mom. They have a dad but I didn't focus on him. He's around and involved though, his name is Salvatore Sanchez. It is a lot of work to maintain make up differences – it consists from everything like wrinkles, scratches, piercings to beauty marks, freckles, and the regular stuff like eye shadow. I have a mighty arsenal of cosmetics in use! I like my elders to look a bit on the younger side coming out of adult hood so I focus on light eye and laugh line wrinkles then age them to grey and heavy wrinkles + glasses around the middle of elder life stage. I agree, a lot of trouble to go to but I like the result in the long run.

@lordtyger9 – welcome back! Thanks for liking my post and writing


Here's another post that focuses on parents, this time the Fathers of Kashmire for a belated U.S. Father's Day event. Ellu was kind enough to point out that other countries that have a father's day have it in different months than June. If you aren't from the U.S - do you have one and if so, what month? Some of the below pics will re-introduce you to some men that have already appeared in various family history posts, but will go into depth the kind of father's they are, and their relationships with their children. Enjoy!


Halen is immensely proud of his four daughters. Plumbobs, it really was the work of his lifetime but he shaped up some of the finest, funniest, and fiercest of Kashmire's young ladies. His influence can be seen in his daughters – from their wardrobe to their love of dance...to their quirky, sarcastic sassbacks-- he definitely takes credit for that! He also takes credit for Amanda's fondness of not changing out of her PJs, Cecily's 'stick it to the man' attitude, Madeline's self-inflated ego...oh and Millie's cheekbones too.

He's been a good dad overall, giving each of his children positive attention and appropriate concern in addition to being an admirable figure. He's also pretty protective of his daughters. It wasn't really talked about aloud, but the reason none of them dated when they were in high school was because of Halen's natural suspicion that boys were going to rip off his daughter's hearts. He's especially had some past difficulties in letting them find romance themselves, particularly Amanda who likes to play the field with older men. Ones that he knows, personally, no less has made it very awkward. That friction has since ebbed since Amanda moved out after graduating online college. He's had additional friction with Cecily refusing to wear 'the family colors' as he likes to call them. He lives for the hot pink and black scheme and encouraged, if not outright mandated that his daughter's wear it while living under his roof.

Halen brought chickens to his family, he brought them knowledge and love of music, and stellar dance skillz (Pliets are another matter) to his offspring and continues to fill their lives with helpful advice...whether or not they take it is another matter. Amanda, Cecily, Millie, and Maddie adore their father and couldn't imagine a better one.


Lawrence Orbinson isn't just a man but a name. He's the Orbinson patriarch so knows his family looks to him for example. Not just his family, but the entire community. It's hard to be a father and be somewhat of the same role—someone to look to and trust--to the region as standing mayor. Lawrence's life is a balancing act between politics and family, plus maintaining a good reputation.

He hopes his youngest, Reginald, can follow in his footsteps and step up to the path of his father before him. Reginald, it seems, doesn't take much of an interest in politics however, despite the debate, leadership, and student council extra circulars Lawrence encouraged his son to partake in as he grew. His relationship with his son is in fairly good standing but like a balancing act, he fears if he pushes on Reggie too much, something will fall off course—it be either the amiable relationship or the hope for his son to succeed him in the family's career path.

Now, Evelyn Jane, his middle child—she'd be almost too perfect in a political role. He's seen her, amazingly, manipulate many adults when she was as young as grade school for something as simple as an extended bed time or extra dessert and he usually has to keep his own guard up around her—knowing how ferociously calculating she is. It's scary she probably picked up that behavior from observing him and his colleagues. He is impressed with her, loves her dearly as well and on some level is relieved that he doesn't have to worry about her as she has proven time and again she can handle herself, especially when she rapidly rose ranks her first year of college to be elected president of her scholarship house. 'Defeat' is not in Evie's vocabulary.

Ah Victoria, his eldest daughter. He's very proud of Victoria and she also makes him look good. If he ever needs a boost in the polls, he knows he can parade Victoria out and her natural charm will spread like wildfire. How could anyone say he's just another power-hungry politician working for the elite's interests if they spend five minutes having an earnest conversation with Vikki? She's her father's biggest cheerleader and vouches for him as the one politician in Kashmire who cares, who wants to fix the problems and protect its people. He may also show slight favoritism to his eldest because while he won't budge on doing favors for Evelyn Jane or Reginald if his hands are tied, he always seems to have some scissors nearby to cut that metaphorical rope binding him when Victoria's requests are involved.


Adagio Hart entered fatherhood a bit later than usual—he promised himself he would have the means to provide for a family if he ever should have one and he worked hard for years to gain enough assets to live comfortably with his wife.

Now, Hazel and Harrison, his children can live comfortably and not be exposed to any food shortage, if Santa is coming or not, or worrying about a roof over their head. Another thing they aren't exposed to is Adagio's job. They don't know him like the international espionage community does. Agent Coda, the man the SCIA calls in for a quick, clean, fix on a mission gone awry. Adagio separates his job and home life completely. His children don't know much about his job, only that 'Daddy works in an office and travels sometimes' and he dodges specifics if ever asked directly. He can't legally talk about it anyway.

What they do know is that their daddy is strong, loving, attentive, heroic, and brings back cool souvenirs from his 'business trips'. That's all they need for now.


Anton Kapitha, a strong, silent Business Tycoon and a father that shows his adoration in physicality more than words. It used to be throwing his twin toddlers in the air, and then graduated to swinging them around after they would run up to hug him when he returned from work in a limo. He always made a point to tuck them in. Now, Rosaline and Roderick are teenagers and the gestures have graduated to affectionate rough-housing. Punch-u-punch-me is a frequent activity they challenge him to, but when Anton finds himself winning, the rascals team up on him and he is helpless. His wife eggs them all on.

Fatherhood to Anton is patience and vigilance. The twins know that it's serious business when he says their full names (especially for Rosaline who likes to be called 'Ros' now) and he's only had to do it a few times in his life. He hates scolding them but if he doesn't correct bad behavior of two headstrong and wily children, then they will never learn! Like when Roderick pranks them by switching the salt and sugar or Ros makes popcorn for movie night and doesn't share.

His children understand that he shows his love through action but still at a time of adolescence, they yearn to communicate more. Anton dreads the 'talk' with his son or, platinum diamond forbid, with his daughter when she inevitably starts dating. His wife was always good at the talking, and that's why they make such a great parental team—creating a equilibrium. Anton is all reassuring bear-hugs and high fives while Melody is the chattery encouragement.

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@Charmful I love your Father's day post. I really like the detail that you include on each father and the pictures that got with each one are outstanding. Lately I have been playing and I have been reading, but not posting anything lately as I haven't really felt like posting all that much. You should figure however that I will be getting back to posting at some point, just not sure when right now.

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Adorable pictures <3

Our (Finn) fathers'day is at November

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