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Theme Seasons and Celebrations - posted on 1st Oct 2017 at 1:52 PM
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#5651 Old Yesterday at 10:11 PM
Originally Posted by Apsalar
The thing about sims and micromanagement is that is should be a built in option at all times when you play, so you can choose to focus on a particular sim or event or moment for what kind of game/story you want to play with the simmies.
Other sims should be able to do their thing while you focus on one particular thing, until you're ready to focus on them again. Also, the gameplay should be solid enough that you can set up a situation and or event as you like it and have it play out, even if there's surprises something should be happening, but then you also should have the option to step in in case something happens that you don't agree with. That is what a simulation game is all about.

This, so much. I try to keep this philosophy in my sim games.

Sims shouldn't die if you look away for a minute, but they should need a little guidance at times in their life- perhaps to spice up their life or to give them a little kick in their butt to get them moving towards an aspiration.
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#5652 Old Today at 1:42 AM
Originally Posted by Orphalesion
Oh no no no, you got it all wrong. You see people play these games to have their fun, quirky, random, trendy Young Adult Yoursim do fun, quirky, random, trendy things like taking angry poops (in their talking toilets) cheking their phone every five seconds and going to pointless festivals in San Mushroom (or whatever the city in City Living was called).

People don't actually want challenges or gameplay in these games. It's all just about self-representation and quirky, fun, random self-promotion.

ahhhhh Sarcasm...a language I love so. LMFAO. But you are correct, The current players have totally fucked this game up for the rest of us.... and the developers ....gurus or whatever the hell you call them have lost all sense of decency or creativity for that matter. TS4 blows

i'm feeling that urge to blow shit up again. Too bad TS4 is so sensitive and soft, you can't do anything .... at least in TS3 I can go to Grady's Junk yard and actually blow up the place.
#5653 Old Today at 3:14 AM
It's about time someone turned on the heat lamp for these special snowflakes that call themselves developers and showed them what life really is :\
#5654 Old Today at 6:49 AM
TS4 is and gonna remain the worse game in its franchise (unless they have a guts to create another that beats its record, but I sincerely doubt it. It say the past iterations age well and are still enjoyable up to now.TS4 will be remembered for the most part for (Though I would say "only", but that would generize all people with one perception) its new fashion dressing and intuitive house building elements simulator than an actual revolutionizing life simulator, and for having some nice aesthetical aspects (new animation, beautiful atmosphere outdoors, ect.).
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