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Wanderlust, a new Sims 2 building contest - posted on 3rd Feb 2018 at 3:19 AM
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It's wonderful to see the thread so active! I've only just finished the rounds for my modern hoods and it's time to dip back into my Medieval Hood. I have a lot of work ahead of myself!

First off, I have my first merchant family! Since the treasury (somehow) made it past 5000 simoleans, we now have a village greene and a hedge tavern owned by the Manston family. You can find pics of the Merchant house and the Hedge Tavern at the bottom!

The Manston Family:
Tom Manston hadn't expected to be a father. He and his wife were well into their later years without children and Tom had never bothered remarrying. He'd leave his small inn to his brother and would die peacefully with his wife. Tom didn't know that his wife disagreed. A few discreet visits to a local witch behind her husband's back, and the couple was blessed with twins, an heir and a daughter, Tibalt and Rosaline.

Tom was beyond excited at his newfound parenthood, and unfortunately, so was his wife.

Despite her advanced age, she was determined to have another child. Tom didn't mind another miracle and welcomed little Tristan's birth. But, it still wasn't enough for a woman that had been ridiculed for her lack of fertility and gossiped about when a girl from a Yeoman family couldn't provide an heir for her Merchant husband for so many years. Despite the midwife's and the witch's warnings, Tom's wife conceived again. Little Augustina's birth went surprisingly well. Both mother and child had an easy birth, but the new mother still was unsatisfied. It was when Tom's beloved tried for one final child that her body and heart gave out.

During her final pregnancy, she had been walking through the market after a final meeting with the witch, only for her body to stop and drop dead in the street. The city was horrified, the witch had disappeared, and Tom was left devastated with four heartbroken children.

When the whispers of witchcraft began affecting the reputation of his children and business, Tom decided to move to Fiddleford and open a small tavern. He and his children needed a new start away from the pain of the capital city. Hopefully, Fiddleford would prove to be a new start.

Alia: And that's my Manston Family! Tom is an elder, with three teens and a little girl! Hopefully, I'll be able to find Rosaline a husband. There are no available Gentry men for her to marry and the Manstons are the only merchant family. Hopefully, we can hit 8000 in the treasury for another merchant family to arrive.

My next post is going to be an overall update of the town. There are babies now!

You can't lie to me. I play Town Of Salem.
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