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Nysha's New Creators for July - posted on 1st Aug 2018 at 9:00 AM
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Mad Poster
#3551 Old 7th Aug 2018 at 4:25 PM
Whoa! Those two better get great jobs.

I've always had a real fondness for Jane.

Why is it the songs we hate the most set up permanent residence in our brains? Chris Hatch's family friendly files archived on SFS: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=603534 . Bulbizarre's website: https://bulbizarre.neocities.org/
#3552 Old 7th Aug 2018 at 4:32 PM
Well I wasted about 2 hours redecorating a lot I wanted to use for an orphanage, only to find out it was packaged without a mailbox OR a trashcan . I don't know how to possibly bring them back so I deleted the lot from the bin, so I'm very upset right now


Mad Poster
#3553 Old 7th Aug 2018 at 5:05 PM
Originally Posted by Primavera
Well I wasted about 2 hours redecorating a lot I wanted to use for an orphanage, only to find out it was packaged without a mailbox OR a trashcan . I don't know how to possibly bring them back so I deleted the lot from the bin, so I'm very upset right now

I am pretty sure there are buyable versions of both - for future references

This one: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=413573
and here:
and a modern one here
#3554 Old 7th Aug 2018 at 5:12 PM
Originally Posted by Justpetro
I am pretty sure there are buyable versions of both - for future references

This one: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=413573
and here:
and a modern one here

Bless you Justpetro, I'll try out all of those once I get some sleep (I've been on a weird sleep schedule the past few days). I don't know how that could've happened because all the other lots I installed have mailboxes and trash cans, but I couldn't tell from the thumbnail since there was a fence (it's this house by the way).


#3555 Old 9th Aug 2018 at 11:58 AM Last edited by Bigsimsfan12 : 9th Aug 2018 at 6:45 PM.
Newly weds Hywel and Suki McGreggor welcomed in twin boys Fingal and Tadhg. Considering Hywel is a twin and Suki is one of quads, it was no surprise they would be blessed with twins. What was surprising though was straight after Suki gave birth, a tree set on fire and then Hywel got struck by lightening and died. Luckily Suki was there and quickly bargained with the grim reaper and this lucky family got to live another day.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
Mad Poster
#3556 Old 9th Aug 2018 at 5:48 PM
Well, of course, Gwen had quads and the drifter, Kumu, had triplets. So, Gwen just registered seven infants with the Council. Their neighboring, enemy country, Downton, where children are very scarce and fertility is very low, is considering offering her a signing bonus to emigrate.

Why is it the songs we hate the most set up permanent residence in our brains? Chris Hatch's family friendly files archived on SFS: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=603534 . Bulbizarre's website: https://bulbizarre.neocities.org/
#3557 Old 9th Aug 2018 at 6:10 PM
I'm in the final stage of putting together my legacy hood Grissettown. I just to find one more lot (preferably one with a desert ranch/farm aesthetic) to really tie it together. After that I'll move on to make my Sims and townies


Mad Poster
#3558 Old 9th Aug 2018 at 9:05 PM
Downton, Sunny Meadows neighborhood. Julien Cooke moved into his new apartment. It's going to be tough making rent with his low-wage restaurant gig. He called his cousin, Trent Traveller, and asked whether he and Trisha would consider giving life another go. They've been hiding out since their daughter, Tina, was snatched by the Eyes and given to another family. Tina had been angry with her mom and told a playmate that Trisha had been married before and her marriage to Trent wasn't legal. No one checked. They just snatched.

Since that time, Trent and Trisha had been in hiding, just disgusted with the world.. Julien would often buy groceries and other necessities and take them to the couple. But, he thought it was probably time to come in from the cold.

They agreed and the trio moved in together. Trent got a job in a music store, and Trisha stayed home and tried to learn to cook. Julien found that painful since he loves to cook, himself, and is much better at it.

Trisha found Tina. She invited her over and wanted to persuade her to move back in with them. But, Tina's married now (still a teen), and is happy with her family. She does come to spend every day with her mom, though.

Trisha is now happier because of that and because she had a little miracle (well, genie assisted), baby boy, Earl.

Things were humming right along until Julien had a really bad day. He cut a corner on his job and got fired. He loved working at the restaurant and fell into a deep depression. To cheer himself up, he decided to do a star-light-star-bright wish. But, he thought he would do it through the telescope...

He wasn't as depressed after the abduction, but still just didn't feel right. He found another job with NCIS, but before he started it, he realized he was a little bit pregnant. He has three choices. He can have the baby, have it taken away from him, and be punished by the Big Eye by being made an eye, himself. He can just pretend he's fat, have the baby in silence, and give it to Trisha and Trent to raise. Or, he can get married. He doesn't actually know any women, but he's kind of thinking about making a very illegal call to a matchmaker.

Why is it the songs we hate the most set up permanent residence in our brains? Chris Hatch's family friendly files archived on SFS: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=603534 . Bulbizarre's website: https://bulbizarre.neocities.org/
Lab Assistant
#3559 Old 9th Aug 2018 at 11:59 PM
I have many stories to share (which I'll likely edit into this post later, so check back again!), but here's a quick one for now.

Brighton Free and Briar Kesry had a son together. Briar had no interest in raising a child, and the two spent her entire pregnancy arguing about it. When Calvin was born, she put him up for adoption in the local orphanage, which infuriated Brighton. He wanted her to raise their kid until he could save up enough to invite them to move in with him, but she insisted she was not ready for a child, financially or emotionally.

I got to the orphanage rotation and Calvin got all the way up to the child stage.

By the time Brighton's rotation came around, his mother died in a previous household, leaving him around $10,000 in inheritance. He used this money to adopt his son from the orphanage. He spent the week juggling his son, his career, and his business, putting Calvin at the top of the list. They were getting really close...

until Saturday came.

A fierce storm roared outside, where Brighton was chatting it up with a neighbor. Lightning struck a tree and there was a fire. I normally ignore this, and instruct my Sims to do the same, because 99% of the time the rain puts the fire out.

Well, this fire was part of the 1%.

I wondered why it hadn't gone out yet, so I went over to Brighton and saw that the fire was on the ground. I set him to call the fire department (Calvin was asleep, and I didn't think to have him do it), but it was too late.

Brighton died. Five days after finally meeting (and adopting) his son, and one day before his kid's birthday.

Calvin is not having a happy life so far.

Brighton's business got transferred to his brother Jonah, who will not be pleased with the idea of having to actually do work. He'll most likely sell it, because it's free money and he's too selfish to pass it to his nephew.

I love it when the game throws me a curve ball.

After his father's death, Calvin spent some time autonomously cleaning before he burst into tears.
Forum Resident
#3560 Old 10th Aug 2018 at 9:11 AM
When I was pregnat I was super hungry. Same goes for my pixels.
Priss served some food, but decided not to share - instead she ate it all. At once.
#3561 Old 12th Aug 2018 at 12:20 AM Last edited by Primavera : 12th Aug 2018 at 4:23 AM.
I moved the first family into Grissettown a few hours ago, the caretakers to the Grissettown orphanage. I'm a little nervous about using the Teleporter Cat when it comes to making my townies, because then I'll have to go into SimPE and edit the family ties of the teens, kids, and toddlers, and I don't want to accidentally break something >.>. But I backed up the hood a few hours ago so if anything goes wrong I have that to fall back on

EDIT: well I managed to successfully create my first townie, I used the Teleporter Cat and he walked right out the front door. This sim is still related to his father but I made him a townie for the sake of the town's story


Mad Poster
#3562 Old 12th Aug 2018 at 1:23 AM
Somethings are going on in Tinsel Town-of course one knows about Dave Walton and April Lloyd being involved..they're always together in every lot. She goes, and he follows her. He's very attentive to her. It looks like this is a long-term relationship. We shall see. They're only teens, after all.
On the other hand, Wayne and Kristen Swanson recently got divorced after their reconciliation failed when Wayne found his wife and her lover kissing one another in the backyard. Wayne'd had enough of this. He divorced her and then ordered her to leave. She did so tearfully, and their children are privately devastated at this news. They're holding up well but it's obvious they're in pain as much as Wayne is.
He was very considerate of them, though-he'd bought them all MP3 players to amuse themselves with as a distraction. It helps somewhat-but Shelley is acting funny towards older men and the two older ones are consoling one another. There might be need of professional help pretty soon at this rate.

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Mad Poster
#3563 Old 12th Aug 2018 at 1:29 AM
Well, I'm going to renew my subscription to TTN news! This is quite the drama. :3

Why is it the songs we hate the most set up permanent residence in our brains? Chris Hatch's family friendly files archived on SFS: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=603534 . Bulbizarre's website: https://bulbizarre.neocities.org/
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#3564 Old 12th Aug 2018 at 3:16 AM
What has been a major godsend is being able to gain skills while at a community lot, and pardon me if I'm mentioning this two years after having the mod. It's encouraged me tremendously to where I allow my self-Sim to stay at these places longer than her own house! With the way I continue to make adjustments to these Maxis lots, it's quite easy to work on all the skills and be able to keep my Sim's motives up whenever needed. So, that's what's going on now for me, the same old.

Check out my profile for homes and community lots ready for download: My Homes and Stuff
#3565 Old 12th Aug 2018 at 6:04 PM
In Emerald Heights, Raneka King escaped to college after a major blow-out bash. She ought to have used her connection to Genesis to further her career ambitions, but she didn't manage to rise above her dislike for her dad's new relatives. (Raneka's LTW is Culinary, as is Genesis' career.) Mirabel stayed out of her way, she's working in Law Enforcement so they were basically never home together after school. Josue grew up and started dating Magnolia. He finally dragged his grades up to a C and got a job. He wants to be an Artist. Litzy grew up to child, and David (is it David?) got a job in education, so he can be a teacher's aid in her class. Genesis took two looks at Litzy's personality and started working on befriending her enough to influence enough neatness that she doesn't leave puddles on the floor when she showers.

Genesis is the responsible adult in the family when it comes to children and teens. She taught Maribel and Josue to study. But she's now expecting a baby with one of her several boyfriends. She hasn't told her sister and not-quite-brother-in-law yet. She's not sure she's going to . . . she's an adult and could just move out. But what about Mari and Jos? Could they move out with her? David isn't interested in them, and it can't be healthy for them to see Litzy dotted upon by her dad, while their mom ignores them in favor of pursuing that promotion.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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Test Subject
#3566 Old 12th Aug 2018 at 9:06 PM
On the specter lot, my favorite lot to play, creon comes out with what appears to be the adult 25th face which is the broken face, weirdly. Lyla grunt appears with the face template of the clone of one of the caliente's grandmother that i didnt even put into the neighborhood, deleted in cas. Willow's face changes again to the broken face template. Some sims drown in the pool at the lot, Nervous subject continues to try and steal my paper, i've smited him twice with the lot debugger which strikes him with lightning. The second repairman gets shocked and dies on the same lot. Jessica Ebadi nearly kills my sim as they go to get food before dying from hunger XD. The ghost of the elder lyla grunt clone continues to come in the haunted home. Circe beaker comes to steal my paper, but i quickly catch her and she dies by electrocution. The ghosts of the clones i made of Hecate and Zog come out at the same time, Zog decides to scare my sim. The ghost of the clone i made of Jacqueline Vandermorgan appears, still wearing her work outfit which is what she was wearing when she died. Also a bunch of random sims and townies i killed on the lot appear, Next, Nervous probably will get smited again. He drives me crazy.
Lab Assistant
#3567 Old 13th Aug 2018 at 5:42 PM
This is quite a bit of rotation in Emerald Heights. Lots of births, birthdays, and on top of that it's Halloween night!

King-Montes household threw a Halloween-birthday party and invited Andy King, his husband John Pattle, and their newly adopted daughter Allison. David and Andy are getting closer now that Andy is married and with kid - guess they have more in common. They spent most of the party talking about money and children, and job. Everybody swoon over Allison, who was quite happy to meet her new relatives for the first time and even happier to meet their puppy Benny. Raneka and Maribel got into fights two or three times, an everyday event that everybody has learnt to ignore. Genesis and John escaped party to hide in the living room and get some drinks and talk about Deep Philosophical Things. Litzy grew up well, and immediately run to talk with the baby in Mami's belly. After the party Genesis took Maribel and Litzy out to test the new car, get some "big girls clothes", and make a goofy photos with girls in their Halloween costumes (well, only Maribel was wearing costume, but still). Litzy was so overwhelmed and tired from the whole day she fell asleep in Mami's bed (Papi had to sleep in her new big girl bed) only to be waken in middle of the night by Mami's screams! Turns out, the baby was coming!
Malik Montes was born surrounded by freaked out family members, was named to honor his father's surname, and witnessed his first fight two seconds after birth. David and Gabriela are not quite sure what to do with their older daughters. It's getting insane.

Flora Patch has money. It's a good thing because she wouldn't survive her pregnancy without nanny, maid, and repairman, no way. Of course, she loves her two adopted girls and wouldn't trade them for anything, but it's hard to care for them, especially when Adam is at work.
This was quite a peaceful morning, though, and Flora even managed to find some time to work in her greenhouse... Which is where she was when labor started. She gave birth to twins (thanks, multiples mod), Adam jr. and Florence. Flora would want to have more kids, but Adam is pretty sure they're done.
It was Zahara's birthday, but Flora was too exhausted to hold a party. Adam actually threw one and invited his only friend (that Flora can now about, cough, cough), who couldn't make it. Party ended as disaster, but, hey, Zahara grew up with platinum aspiration, cut scene and everything! She wants to make friends and buy nice things - despite being adopted she really is Adam's daughter.

Jhonattan Goth spent a nice morning slacking around the house. Dr. Adam Splitter is not happy about Mata getting married and bringing another human into the house (he would rather have another cat), but he is fascinated by aliens, so he can live with Jhonattan being here. Especially if he cooks. Food is Dr. Splitter's third biggest passion after science and cats. He even allowed them to build another room, so Steve could get some privacy. Poor boy is obviously depressed by the way his life is going. He gets great grades, though - Mata has spent a lot of time helping him with homework.
Mata got a job offering from local high school to work as science teacher. She is tempted to accept it, but that would mean the family would have to move, and Dr. Splitter would be left alone again. Well, Foundation could find him a new assistant, but would a newbie understand the weird ways of genius mind?
At the very end of their rotation Jhonattan went into labor. Quads. In birth order: Phoenix, Nash, Phoebe, and Mercury. Three boys, one girl. Mata planned for one baby, and this is quite a shock for her. She can't hide them all. They will be discovered. And what happens next to them? And to Jhonattan? She is not sure what to do now.
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#3568 Old 13th Aug 2018 at 6:01 PM
The romance scene is getting hot and confused, and there are 2 women to blame for it:

Rosemary Bishop (the richest girl in town) decided to seduce Jason Powers. He went willingly with her to the hottub out in back of her house. She has 2 more guys she wants to seduce before she goes to college. Given that she's extremely charming as well, there won't be any problems with her succeeding. Although she doesn't really love Jason-he adores her.

She's only outclassed by her mother, Sarah, who's looking to have a few side-line romances while her husband works his way up in the politics career. At least she now has time to pursue all kinds of men without him around. She flirted with Wayne Swanson, and he immediately tried the same on her-only to be rejected outright. "I'm not that kind of woman!". Wayne was rather puzzled. Why would Sarah make moves on him if she wasn't serious?

It never occurred to him that she was just playing with his emotions.

Sarah and Rosemary are going to devastate some lives at this rate.

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#3569 Old 14th Aug 2018 at 8:28 PM
Possibly in the top 10 of SimNation's most incompetent attempts at a political revolution is currently going on in SimHampton. For the last six real-life months (about two months in Sim time), the BaneForce has been trying to set up a theocracy not entirely dissimilar to smorbie1's "Handmaid's Tale"-inspired Council set-up. They had someone who appeared to be the perfect puppet on the throne of the High Ruler, a really talented political dissembler carefully misadvising her in a plausible fashion and some suitably eerie locales to propagate their political views.

Slight problem. Very few people are bothering to buy, or even pick up, the promotional literature, it's not clear anybody has even read it apart from the BaneForce members themselves, the "puppet" spends half her time promoting ideas that directly contradict the BaneForce's preferences and has also managed to get a message out to a popular local shopkeeper that she's struggling to fend off an unwelcome, if relatively polite, coup attempt. Said shopkeeper has been intelligent enough not to attempt an open uprising against the coup's masterminds. He simply made a reference to the binding Charter and requested the democratic council it stipulates must exist to balance the "monarchy" be opened. The rules in the Charter were such that interference in the election proved quite difficult for the BaneForce.

Result? Only one BaneForce member managed to get elected (although he did at least get himself made Head Planner - though that's currently more of a "first among equals" position than a truly distinctive tool for creating power). One of the other elected members got arrested for breaking a law, and the BaneForce still couldn't convince the population to pick a BaneForce member, or anyone sympathetic to the cause, as her replacement. The Head Planner doesn't get an executive veto on any measures, so if the coup attempt gets their attempted coup a little bit more wrong than it has already, it would most likely lose all remaining leverage through the Planning Council deposing them through a bill of malfeasance. (The court can also convict malfeasance, but SimHampton tradition tends to regard that as the slow option; if the monarchy/theocratic head has messed up to the point where the democratic element thinks the town has been politically betrayed, there's not much a judge is likely to be able to do to help).

It will be a while before the denouement though, because I'm now in the Polgannon part of my semi-rotation. Two days with the Penhagalians is exhausting! Richard Penhagalian really wanted to go on a date. This was difficult because his wife Adele had decided to invite all three of his other lovers to a lavish dinner. He managed to make polite small talk through the meal, then suggest everyone go down to The Cove. There, he spent eight hours pretending to study ship designs while everyone else had fun outside, not trusting himself to show his real feelings for so many women in the same place. Adele shrugged it off, "Ah, Richard. Always unpredictable. What's a respectable woman going to do?"

In this case, swim with the other women (she has no idea that Richard is even friends with them, let alone lovers; they're here because they're *her* friends) and met both of the stereotypical witches. Magic isn't really of interest to her, being more associated with special effects and "common people" in her mind, but it's always good to know as many people as possible. Everyone except Richard had a blast.

Hedra Cardew learned how to talk to plants, which is a relief as the vegetable garden was in a sorry state. One day, she has ambitions of getting the weed situation in the maze under control - the only person who can find anything in there at the moment is Abbie, it seems. Oliver Penhagalian is teetering on the edge of an uneasy transition to teendom because nobody pays attention to his views on anything, and little Deborah is busy being cute and playing with boats.
#3570 Old 14th Aug 2018 at 9:12 PM
My megahood became sort of uberhood?
At least I added Riverblossom Hills and Desidarata valley to my already Pleasantview/Strangetown/veronaville gameplay and i’m Still as equally shocked over who hits 2 and 3 bolts.
I never knew Patricia Wan and John Mole would hit 3 bolts but they did
The same goes for Darren Dreamer and Titiana Summerdream.

Much is happening and yet not so much?
Like the first 2-3 rounds is clean tests to see who get along and who don’t and who have bolts for each other.
I’m gonna break up so many couples soon but it’s worth it.
Like I already broke up Mary-sue and Daniel and it wasn’t even bc of Daniel’s cheating. It wasn’t mary-sue.
Man I love this big hood. It’s filled with surprises about who gets bolts and who don’t.

I build small houses *^*
#3571 Old 15th Aug 2018 at 12:25 AM
Sebastian Rafferty--well, Seb would be the first to admit to Having Issues. And he met a lady with just as many issues: Pearl Davenport. Though hers all run around on two legs--or four, in the case of the twins, Don and Les--because their dad's name was Trouble (Trouble don't last--for those not familiar).

Seb made friends with Pearl's ex-husband, Fitzwilliam, who will tell you that Seb is hot, hot, hot! And with Soda Pop. And he's kind of getting on with his mom, Judith, though not extremely well. (She hasn't met Julia Goth or Melania Barret yet--but it's not Seb's fault Linnea and Hadley have issues with him!) And it hardly made Cesar thrilled to have Seb get engaged to Pearl and move the whole family in, and then marry Pearl! (Fitzwilliam approves. So Seb's life expectancy is excellent. And Seb really likes Soda Pop. And the other kids. But especially Soda Pop, so Fitzwilliam really does approve. Me: You're a romance sim, Seb! With a fortune secondary! Seb: wants: be best friends with Fitzwilliam. Be best friends with Soda Pop. Be best friends with Bubblegum. Talk to Taffy.)

It was too many people, and not enough space. So Cesar, after tripping over a teen, a child/teen transition, and a child and twin toddlers for two days didn't even begrudge giving Seb a house (and Pearl's pregnant out to here on top of all that). Somehow Cesar missed the memo that Judith was moving out with Seb's family until it was too late. He's saying she's just visiting them to help out with the kids . . . but everyone knows it's permanent. And he's thinking about moving Cola in . . . it would be convenient and that's a big house to rattle around alone in. Quiet, now, too.

Fitzwilliam actually likes the guy Pearl picked up this time. Cute little blondie. But Seb isn't interested. And Joe Graham is not only interested, he's also working in the LS Entertainment career, managing Fitzwilliam's Show Business career, and Joe was interested in moving in, and the tabloids have started hinting that maybe Fitz and Joe's relationship is more personal than professional . . . and scandals drive ratings!

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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Test Subject
#3572 Old 16th Aug 2018 at 11:05 AM
The Ecclestons are new in Pleasentview! Young couple Molly and David just moved to the neighbourhood in hopes of creating a better life for their twins, Sookie and Garath. They invested most of their money in a small business (a tiny booth that sells magazines and groceries) and they work there together every day. It's not easy but it allows them to earn money and still have time to spend with their kids in the afternoon. They're thinking of sending the twins to a private school but before they call the headmaster, they will need to improve their housing situation.
Lab Assistant
#3573 Old 16th Aug 2018 at 5:59 PM
Knight and Isla Blaques were both expecting alien babies and were very excited about the fact.
They spent most of the morning getting ready for babies (stuffing fridge with leftovers and cleaning everything they could) and rubbing each other's bellies till Knight went into labor. He gave birth to an adorable green skinned boy named Newton.
It's a Halloween night, but they didn't feel like doing anything special. They put a jack-o'-lantern on table, Isla served drakula spaghetti, and they watched horror movies. After that Knight made some pumpkin cupcakes, but Isla went into labor before she had a chance to taste them. She gave birth to a boy as well and named him Kepler.
It was a peaceful rotation filled with love and adorableness. I am very happy for them.

Meanwhile Emerald Heights emergency center has received SOS signal from middle of nowhere. A rescue team was sent into desert, and they discovered several crashed UFOs around an old ghost town named Sedona. The team has been sent into town to investigate it further.
Lab Assistant
#3574 Old 16th Aug 2018 at 8:31 PM
I've been back to playing for about nine days now and a lot has happened!

I'm skipping several households, either because they're uninteresting or because I forgot what happened in them (those things may or may not correlate).

Kesry: Ace > Axel

Ace passed away on Monday of this rotation, leaving Axel to raise his nephews Winter (Ivy x Warren Strife) and Aspen (Hazel x Warren Strife) by himself. Ivy passed the family pool down to Axel, because she's more fully integrating herself into her new family (more on that later).

Axel loves his nephews, but he's having a hard time raising them, having just barely turned into an adult himself.

Jess: Dustin > Akiko

Akiko runs both the bar and her clothing shop, but the bar brings in more money so she tends to focus on that. She adopted another son from the adoption pool, a boy named Aeron. Her older kids, Juno and Ludde, are teens now. Juno doesn't get on well with many of her peers, but Ludde has a girlfriend, Willow Kesry, whom he loves dearly. Aeron is settling into the island life pretty well.

Menon: Jason

Jason married young Kora Kesry, unaware of the fact that she married him mostly for his money and stability. They welcome a little boy, Max, to the household this rotation. Victoria is doing well enough in school, and she's very focused on the Logic skill, while her brother Rowan just became a child. Eric still lives with his father, working in Law Enforcement to save up money and helping out with his younger siblings. He plans to some day open a club with a stage for local concerts.

Jess: Duncan > Jonah

Beverly, Jonah's mother, went off with Grim this rotation, leaving her son all by himself in the house. Since being fired from his position in the Athletic career, Jonah has turned to writing novels to fill his time when he's not partying. Lonely and miserable without anyone in the house, he invited townie Leah Mackenzie to live with him. He wants to be more than just her roommate, but she wants to live a commitment-free life, and she's been having a lot of time with a man named Jamie.

Kesry: Chandler > Sebastian

Sebastian's doing well as an elementary school teacher. He enjoys being around kids, and he wishes that his girlfriend Nicole would get pregnant again so he can raise one of his own. Their son Wesley lives with Nicole and is set to be the next Sim to run the local homeless shelter. At the very least, he has his niece Summer around to play games with and to teach.

Grayson's been trying desperately to get a hold of Elise, his daughter's mother, but to no avail. In her rotation, she called him up, shoved him around a bit, and made it clear that she has no interest. He's had his eyes set on townie Jessica Dusk, but he wanted to at least try to make things work with Elise for Summer's sake.

Lessie: Nicole

Nicole is willing to have another kid with Sebastian to make him happy, but things aren't working out. On the bright side, the shelter is doing fairly well, with only one young man occupying it: Warren Strife. He spends most of his time either at work or asleep.

Meanwhile, Wesley has ideas for his future that don't include running a homeless shelter, and Nicole has no idea that her son feels this way. As far as things go out-of-character, I'm not actually sure if I want to keep running it. I don't really feel like I like it much, so I might have Wes go off to do his own thing and then shut it down and replace it with an apartment building or something.

Rite: Apple > Seth

This chunk of the Rite family is the picturesque "perfect family": Seth and Alyssa are a happy couple, and their kids Amy and Simon are well-behaved, smart kids.

Well, until Momma and Papa learned that their little angel had been sneaking out and wound up pregnant with one of those scummy townies.

Alyssa was furious. She spent an entire day arguing with her daughter, and considering where things are right now, their relationship may never be repaired. Seth, on the other hand, is still processing this whole thing, and as such is staying quiet and not taking sides. Simon kept warning his sister that sneaking out with random guys every night was a bad idea for a million different reasons, but who listens to their little brother? He's barely a teenager, what would he know?

This pregnancy means that Ethan Islander will have to find a place to stay in Kesry. How will he like being tied down to this tiny island?

Rite: Apple > Piper

Piper likes to forget that her daughter Primrose exists. Really, she doesn't know if Prim is even still alive. She never much liked her daughter, but it bothers her that she doesn't know where Primrose is--not so much because she cares, but because the way people look at her and ask her about the situation agitates her to no end. She'd much rather be able to say "The little shit ran off" than "I have no idea". Unfortunately for her, Primrose has been incredibly careful.

Piper has more to worry about, anyway: With her younger daughter Pixie now a teenager, she's keeping her attitude happy, terrified that she'll wind up driving away another child (maybe she cares more than she realizes?). Pixie is doing well for herself, though she gets into a number of fights with her peers. She spends most of her time painting and listening to music in her bedroom. She wants friends and a boyfriend, but she's not sure how to get there.

Vid: Loren

Loren, who inherited his home from his late wife Mila Fairchild, spent the first half of the week lazing about, WooHooing with his girlfriend Allyn and taking minimal care of his son Spencer. The middle-aged couple learned that Allyn has fertility issues, and it took a million tries for them to finally conceive. When they did, they were tentative, unsure of whether or not this baby would make it.

Toward the end of the rotation, Loren and Allyn welcomed Blade into the world. Their son has motivated them to kick themselves into gear. They're now working toward a house that has more than one bedroom! While Loren isn't sure how to get closer to Spencer, it seems that his son is used to not being the center of attention, and in fact doesn't really mind being on his own. Loren feels guilty, worried that he's screwed up with his first child, and he's determined not to make the same mistakes with Blade.

Leaf: Josh

Josh and his wife Alyssa welcomed their fourth and final son, Nathan, into the family this rotation. It was a hellish few days with twins Luke and Eli as toddlers, but as soon as they aged up, things were smooth sailing. It helped that Caleb became a teenager, giving an extra set of hands to help with the little one.

Josh and Alyssa are looking forward to retirement, which is coming up next rotation. They're excited to spend the rest of their days focusing on their kids, but they're worried that they won't have enough time with them. They don't want to put the burden of raising Nathan on anyone else, so they're hoping to be around long enough to at least see him become a teenager.

Hanamura: Yuki

Yuki's army of children have all finally reached the teenage stage. Akihiko and Kagami, the younger set of twins, are good, quiet kids who don't get into much mischief--but don't worry, Abigail and Emma more than make up for their relaxed behavior.

To be honest with you all, I can't remember which twin liked him first, but the entire rotation was a massive fight between Abby and Em over whom Winter Kesry liked more and who deserved him. Eventually, ... one of the twins won, leaving the other angry. Then other twin got a different guy...

Yeah, the details on this one are blurry. Either way, they're on the way to fixing their relationship.

Jess: Duncan > Cyrus

Cyrus invited Briar Kesry to live with him, as he desperately wants her (apparently he likes his brother's leftovers?). Things were a bit awkward, given he's her boss in the Business career, but they made it work.

Briar wasn't exactly happy living with Cyrus. She wanted something else, something more, out a guy, and while she was fairly attracted to him, things just didn't feel right with him. She spent the rotation playing around with different guys whenever Cyrus wasn't around. After his rotation was up, she moved in with another Sim (more on that later).

Jess: Duncan > Brighton > Calvin

I did a smaller post on this a few days ago. Having been left money from his mother's death, Brighton could finally afford to adopt his son Calvin from the orphanage. While he and Briar were still friends, he didn't bother to invite her over to meet her son, feeling that if she refused to let him raise Cal to begin with, she didn't deserve to get to know their son.

He got pretty close to Calvin and was starting to show him the ropes of owning a business, intending to pass down his sporting goods store to Cal.

Unfortunately, Brighton died in a fire that started when lightning struck the yard. Calvin was still a child, but I guess I have some mod that stops the SW, so nothing happened there. I figured since he was only a day away from becoming a teenager, there was no use in moving him out to live with someone else.

Because Calvin was too young to have the business, it got sent to Brighton's greedy brother Jonah. Jonah's plan is to sell it to the highest bidder, because he doesn't want it, and he doesn't want to wait until Calvin is ready to purchase it.

Calvin is pretty pissed about this, considering it's the only thing his father made (except him) that he will have to remember him by. We'll see where this goes.

Kesry: Chandler > Ignatius

Ignatius and his wife Mariana were living in a one-bedroom home in the beginning of this rotation. Their son Ambrose slept in the living room. They had next to no money.

Now they live in a bigger house with four more mouths to feed and a financial situation that's only marginally better! They're in debt, woo!

The pregnancy they started with this rotation resulted in two girls, Katana and Moxie. They're now children, and I've seen them around town a lot! They've made friends with a lot of other playable kids, which is great for them.

Stressed, poor, and always tired, Ignatius and Mariana decided that the next best move would be to have more kids. They want a lot of children.

A few days later, Mariana popped out a set of opposite-sex twins: Journey and Rogue.

Boy was it a relief when the older set of twins became kids! Now the big family is only dealing with two toddlers.

They still have room in the family for one more kid. Who knows when that will happen?

Gonzalez: Luis

Ivy Kesry has integrated herself right into Luis' little family. While she's not particularly close to her step-kids Luciano and Mia, she falls more in love with her husband every day, and she couldn't be happier with her little family.

Mia and Luciano graduated high school. Both were sick of constantly fighting, but Luciano enjoyed raising his younger siblings and thus refused to leave home. Luis encouraged him and helped him get a job in Law Enforcement. Mia, on the other hand, decided she was done with living with so many Sims, and went out on her own. She's hoping to find a rich man to marry so she doesn't have to work. For now, however, she'll probably wind up in an apartment with a roommate.

Vicente and Ramiro, already without much attention, watched their parents welcome twins Sofia and Rio into the household. Jealousy and tension are building from them, but no one seems to notice.

Yok: Malina

When Malina and Jack had triplets, they swore off pregnancy for good.

Until Sahir came along.

And then Myra joined the family.

Now they're done. Really. They can't have more, they're elderly.

Their oldest three, Abra, Jericho, and Zahid are teens now, and they're awesome. They're all pretty good-looking and I can tell based on their personalities that they're gonna eventually be favorites of mine.

Takamura: Jiyoshi

Jiyoshi and Misha figured they were only going to have one child. After having Takeshi, they learned that they love parenthood, and so had Katsumi. Finally, this rotation they welcomed their last child, Makiko, into the house.

Fairchild: Mila > Elise + Taylor

Elise and Taylor found a small two-bedroom apartment to share. Elise has been working on her charisma skill, hoping to get into the Entertainment career, while Taylor opened a salon. Taylor is about $10,000 in debt thanks to that salon, but I've been having other Sims send her money every time I change their hair or makeup in the mirror, so she'll have a bit of extra cash to dim that loan.

Unfortunately, Taylor's business isn't doing well. It consists of a small radio and two makeover stations. Most Sims spend their time dancing or deciding if they want a haircut. She received a bad review from a critic and business is tanking. She has to supplement her income with a job as a substitute teacher. She's learning quickly that the real world is much more difficult than she ever anticipated.

Kesry: Ace > Hazel

Hazel is still fooling around with Warren. She still pretends her daughter Willow doesn't exist, despite living with her. As a teenager, her aunt Shiloh passed her dance studio on to her, but Hazel's pregnancy with Willow derailed the whole thing and she never had the time or desire to try to get into dancing.

This rotation, Hazel forced the business on to Willow's shoulders. While she wasn't pleased about this at first, Willow ended up liking the idea of having some footing to stand on for her transition into adulthood, and she's spending her time listening to music and dancing.

Vic: Remy

After a nasty relationship with Piper Rite, Remy wound up dating townie Kim Basic. Two golden rings greeted me when I loaded up his household, and the next few days were spent desperately trying to find a time window to invite Kim over. It seems she goes into work when Remy gets out of work, and when she's home it's too late to call her!

Finally, I managed to invite her over, only for her to reject Remy's proposition to move in. Alright, we'll get them married, I thought. Nope. Kim wants nothing of the sort. Remy broke up with her: Clearly they have different paths in life. They're still best friends, luckily.

A day or so later, Remy invited over Briar Kesry. He's attracted to her and he wanted to take a risk. He asked her to marry him and she said yes. She moved right in. Remy is incredibly happy, working his way up the career ladder, while Briar is content where she is in the Business career, and she's happy to come home to the Sim she loves most.

Rite: Piper > Primrose

When Primrose discovered she was pregnant with Dylan Posh's child, he invited her to move in with him so they could raise the kid together. He found a job in the Business career, and she's a stay-at-home mom. They had the luxury of spending the first few days of the week saving up money before Prim gave birth to Addison and Aiden.

It took Dylan a few days to start interacting with his kids, perhaps due to the shock of being a parent and knowing he helped to create them. His exhausting job probably didn't help matters.

The twins are now toddlers and they're pretty well-behaved. By some miracle, Prim and Dylan managed to teach them all of their toddler skills with a day to spare, but as a result neither parent is in very good condition mood-wise.

Quinn: Journey

Journey and her husband Jordan were hard military Sims, but now that they're elderly, they're being forced to retire. They're going to be given $20,000 to supplement whatever cash they have saved up to find a new home in the main area of Kesry. Their son Jeremy is finally a child, and he's showing a great amount of talent and love for painting. His parents want to see him be in the military, but he's certain that's not the path for him.

Military building one

This is a bit out of order, but this story is pretty interesting and I forgot to mention it!

Ellie Short lives in the barracks with John Flynn (the father of the Hanamura kids) and Dante Kesry (Grayson's twin brother). This rotation was a major fork in the road for her: She's going to be an elder soon, and wants to get married and have kids. She realized far too late that the military life wasn't for her, but she never left because she felt like no man would've wanted her. Additionally, she wants the $20,000 that comes with retiring from the military, as otherwise finding a place would've required a loan.

She found relief in Axel Kesry (mostly). He won't move to the military base to be with her due to his nephews and his emotional attachment to his family's home, but he's willing to be engaged to her until she retires from the military and comes to live with him. Even better, he agreed to father her child. He was resigned to the idea of not having any biological children (his nephews are more than enough love and stress for him), but he's also pretty excited to have a baby he helped create.

Having this kid was a big risk, because if the military found out that Ellie was pregnant while living in the barracks (and unmarried, at that), they would've kicked her out in a snap. Luckily, she's good friends with the guys in her barracks, and they agreed to help her cover up and hide the whole thing. The moment her daughter was born, she was discreetly brought to Axel's home, safe and sound.

Ellie wanted to give her daughter a special name. She wanted something to remind her daughter of her. When the little one was born, Ellie thought she looked just like Axel, and gave her the name Echo. She thought that their names both starting with E connected them perfectly.
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One moment Matthew and Jessica Picasos were entering Sedona with the rest of their elite forces team, the next moment they were alone in the desert. Luckily, Sedona was near. They walked back to it, but didn't find their team. The town was supposed to be empty - Emerald Heights has destroyed the environment for the neighboring towns as well, and most sims left Sedona after the land became unusable for farming. But Matt and Jes found a working gas station with a quiet and mysterious cashier who sold them some food and a cell phone but refused to answer their questions.
They were debating their options when Jared Spurlock showed up. He was SO HAPPY to meet another human being - he is not sure the cashier is human - and two of them at the same time! How awesome! This place sucks, everything sucks since the damn alien tried to land the UFO, crashed it on the mountain and died, leaving Jared alone in here. He told his newly found friends that he lives in one of the abandoned houses and is expecting a baby by the alien who so rudely died and left Jared alone in this hellhole.
Matt suddenly had a weird feeling about why he felt so sick. But surprisingly he wasn't upset. More like intrigued (the effect of getting knowledge secondary aspiration). He called his boss to report about the situation and found out that the rest of the team had returned to Emerald Heights about four hours ago - all unharmed (and not pregnant) and with complete amnesia about the day. He got an order to hang in and wait for another team to come and save them.
Jessica definitely didn't feel like waiting for a savior. And she was upset about Matt calling the boss. What if they take away the babies? Experiment on them? Jessica yelled at Matt for being so stupid and endangering her babies (evey child Jessica might be pregnant with is hers, and every child Matt might be pregnant with is hers, and every alien child is a relative of her child in one way or another, therefore any alien child is Jessica's baby, and Matt endangered them all. Idiot.), but then decided to do something more productive. Children need a roof over their heads, some food on a table and the table itself. Mama needs a shower and a bed. She had nothing of that, but Jared had eveything. Jessica felt bad as she dragged Matt to Jared's house, pulled a gun and informed him that they now live here. But she did it anyway. Jared didn't mind this invasion at all, he was actually very happy to have someone around because he felt like he was going crazy from loneliness. After few minutes of enthusiastic discussion about babies, aliens and running away, Jared and Jessica formed an unexpected friendship.
Now they only need to keep the military away from their nooboos. Considering the levels of enthusiasm and determination these two show, they may actually succeed.
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