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Cutest Little PlumBob MTS Baby/Toddler Photo Contest for Sims 2, 3, and 4 - posted on 2nd Oct 2018 at 5:07 AM
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Field Researcher
#6601 Old 9th Oct 2018 at 3:43 PM
Originally Posted by Charity
Watch that stuff. People can fall in love from it.

Too late
There is a mod here that prevents that from happening, though. I think it is a hacked object by syberspunk.
Test Subject
#6602 Old 9th Oct 2018 at 4:07 PM
Default Beach lots on hills
Originally Posted by gazania
EDITED because I misread the PBK description. Again. And I can't blame lack of sleep this time.

I should have had the option on the nesting box to purchase the hen if I could use it on a lodging lot. No such option for purchase came up, so I might be out of luck. I'll try the full coop and see what happens.

I did read, though, that the chickens will die if not fed. This still might not be a good idea for the farm, since my Sims won't be constantly-vacationing, and I don't know how aging progresses. Will they do what the Echo crops do and continue to age/grow when no Sims are around? But again, that's what the test hood is for!

There will be the berries for my Sims to pick on the lot. And the fruit trees work just fine. I can have just a fruit farm.

I built a 3 story antebellum with a full basement and full liveable attic that sat 2 squares above sea level. I moved sim family in..my first billionaires...Played really well. Bowling lane and theater along with a music room for the band to practice in in bottom level. I had formal living room, dining room, foyer with 2 story chandelier. There were two bedroom suites and 3 children bedrooms in the attic along with a large playroom. Like an idiot, I packaged it fully furnished with the sims in it. When I try to add to game now, my computer crashes. Or I can get it downloaded, but when I try to play this lot, it crashes. Well, I rebuilt the house, again on a beach hill and packaged it unfurnished and it is working. However, I did lose the family.
Lab Assistant
#6603 Old 9th Oct 2018 at 6:41 PM
Under the category of Mildly Horrifying: When Sims become frozen standing in place, their eyes continue to dart left, right, center. They know exactly what has happened to them, and they can do nothing about it.
#6604 Old 12th Oct 2018 at 7:46 PM Last edited by Rosawyn : 12th Oct 2018 at 8:20 PM.
A couple of things...

The Wolf Attraction Sign custom aspiration reward object might just work a little too well. And related to that, apparently it's possible to have two Pack Leaders in the same hood:

Also (and this time unrelated), two members of a fully happy, mutually in love polyamorous triad (using Cyjon's Less Jealousy mod) will still insist on shooing the third out of the bedroom before they woohoo. She was fully asleep and would not have cared anyway. I had to make her get up and do the dishes at 3 am which just seemed to add insult to injury.

Edit: Oh and another thing...using Harder Grades, a teen with just one logic point can manage a B+ even after not bothering to do her homework!
#6605 Old 14th Oct 2018 at 12:59 PM
Today I learned that toddlers can play in spilled garbage. (She finished her bottle and crawled out the front door at top speed before anybody could stop her )
Mad Poster
#6606 Old 14th Oct 2018 at 1:16 PM
That's the face of a toddler with no regrets.

Today I told Max Flexor to do yoga. His wife was in the yard stargazing. He walked all the way out to the patio to do his yoga - in outerwear, because it was chilly out.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
Lab Assistant
#6607 Old 14th Oct 2018 at 1:49 PM
LOL at the toddler's face. She is intoxicated with the smell.

Hi. I'm Caren but you can also call me Beau. I luv sims since I was born.
Not very active on the tumblr now but: Tumblr
You can find my ts2&ts4 pre-mades' stories here: Blog(korean)
I can be found at Discord dedicated to ts2 : Maxis Shenanigans beauonther#2224
#6608 Old 14th Oct 2018 at 2:19 PM
I noticed the carpool honks when it drops off a sim home. That's quite rude - at least stop and wait for the sim to open the door to step out.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
Forum Resident
#6609 Old 14th Oct 2018 at 5:50 PM
I discovered that the base game stereo (Fun-Kadelic Frequency Stereo System) don't have custom radio channels. Im not sure if that's the way it should work but I could not find the custom channel on it, not on this lot. I bought the family a new one but still the same. But then I gave them a 4to2 conversion jokebox and it had my custom music. The funny thing was that the small stereo did play a custom piece before jumping back to Salsa (the stereos do reset sometimes and the default setting is salsa, but that's a well known fact ).
#6610 Old Today at 1:28 AM
Romance sims can still roll the want to "Buy a Double Bed." It used to be an (almost) sure thing but I had not seen it in years and assumed some EP had killed it, but low and behold I move the Oldies into a lot to make sure elder plantsims can in fact grow plantbabies and after buying a fridge, a toilet, and a shower, Herb rolled a want to buy a double bed. Too bad I'm not saving any of this, because I bet I'll never see that want again for 100 years.

Also, elder plantsims can in fact grow plantbabies. In case that info might be helpful to anyone else who didn't already know.
Mad Poster
#6611 Old Today at 10:24 AM
That made me wonder if plantsims can get twins.
#6612 Old Today at 11:50 AM Last edited by Rosawyn : Today at 1:12 PM.
Originally Posted by Charity
That made me wonder if plantsims can get twins.

They can! I made a post in this thread about it a while back, with pics too if you wanted to scroll back and find it.

Edit: Never mind, I can't find the post myself and even if I did, the pics probably got eaten. I still have the pics, tho; maybe I'll upload them in one of the picture threads.
Mad Poster
#6613 Old Today at 3:22 PM
It's not just Romance sims who roll that want. The first time I ever saw it, Ernest Munny had just had his first kiss with Sage Ann Onions. As a Fortune sim, he had a highly methodical mind. So his wants panel was all "get engaged to Sage Ann, dance with Sage Ann," etc., except for one want to buy a double bed. (They were living in a dorm, all twin beds.)

They won't roll it if there's a double bed on the lot, so that may be why you don't see it often.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
Mad Poster
#6614 Old Today at 3:25 PM
First want all my knowledge sims roll - buy a double bed
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