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#26 Old 26th Feb 2018 at 6:31 PM
My megahood has a main town of Strangetown and "business districts" of Bluewater Village, Pleasantview, Riverblossom Hills and Widespot. They just add more Sims and space really. If I ever need more space i'll just create an empty business district (aka, new Sim town). I also have downtown.

I treat them as basically being their own towns but not too far from each other, they might be a bit of a drive but not too far as Sims freely go from one to the other. They are all different towns/cities in the same state in my head. Though in the Sims they only have one state to me (so I guess that's more of a country, or just the Sim Planet..)...just different towns within it. I'm not sure that makes any sense but I don't think about it too much, it works for me.
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#27 Old 2nd Mar 2018 at 1:47 PM
Veronaville, my main and oldest 'hood, has Maxis Downtown, and two shopping districts attached. The shopping districts are Tarlia's Bluewater and Monopolis, which is based on d_dgjdhh's Monopoly Game Town. I attached the latter when I was a participant in d_dgjdhh's Monopoly Game Town Contest, since two of my favourite Veronaville Sims (schoolboys Andrew Jones and Julian Moltke) were running the construction company that was building my houses for the contest. There is still a lot more to build there, and at the moment only three Sims live there, but one of the three is rich "Uncle" Milburn Pennybags, whose idea Monopolis is. (He lives in his fancy "Green House" in the middle of the town.

Veronaville with its 3 sub-hoods I regard as "Greater Veronaville". Sims living in Downtown give their addresses as "downtown Veronaville", while Veronaville "proper" is the historic old town. Downtown is just a short taxi ride away from old Veronaville. Veronaville's heyday was about 400 years ago when most of the Tudor style houses were built. After that the town entered a long period of slow decline. Sometime during the 19th century the commercial heart shifted to Downtown which had access to sea-going shipping. In recent years downtown Veronaville has also emerged as a centre of gay culture. Sims from old Veronaville tend to regard Downtown as exciting and a bit risqué. As Downtown is regarded as an integral part of Veronaville, it will not get its own Mayor. The post of Mayor of Veronaville has in fact been vacant since the retiral of Patrizio Monty, but there is a Downtownie called Kerie Hanby who is currently in level 9 in the politics career. I plan to make her playable and get her promoted to Mayor.

Bluewater and Monopolis are a bit further out, and may have their own mayors one day. After 5 years playing it, a backstory for Veronaville is slowly evolving in my head. I think I now see it as an independent city state (though we call it a "town", rather than a "city"). Constitutionally it is (or will soon become) a Grand Duchy with Grand Duchess Juliette Capp as its constitutional titular head.

None of my other 'hoods have sub-hoods except Baldrair Bluffs, which was primarily created in order to attach Peni's Land Grant University to it. Once I feel I've got enough experience playing university there, Veronaville will get a university too. Probably it will be Academy la Tour (which may get renamed "University of Veronaville").

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#28 Old 2nd Mar 2018 at 10:12 PM
I've traditionally treated downtown as... well, the downtown of a major city nearby, where all the cool nightlife happens. Shopping districts are also neighbourhoods that are located close to the main hood, typically in the same "county", though in different municipalities. Both of these types of sub-neighbourhoods also serve as additional real estate space when the main hood starts getting full.
#29 Old 3rd Mar 2018 at 5:08 PM
i just normally treat the main neighborhood as the "big city" and the subhoods are the outskirts,although in order to add downtown i like to think that my main hood could be the "old town"

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