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#1 Old 20th Jul 2009 at 12:07 PM
Default What did you do with Desiderata Valley charecters?
I didn't find this thread here yet, so... Tell us, what did you do with the sims in Desiderata Valley? Families Una, Mole, Bell... It's nice to read stories about pre-made sims.

In my game, I just started fresh with them and I'm planning to do something... interesting As soon as I can pull myself from Pleasantview, Strangetown and Riverblossoms where already started to mix things up. :D
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#2 Old 20th Jul 2009 at 6:30 PM
What, do you get more neighborhoods with new expansion packs? This is news to me.
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#3 Old 20th Jul 2009 at 9:26 PM
Yes, you get new neighborhoods with Seasons, Freetime and Apartment life. Desiderata Valley comes with FT.
#4 Old 20th Jul 2009 at 10:03 PM
I hadn't done alot with Desiderata Valley yet before I uninstalled my Sims 2 (I've reinstalled up to Nightlife though...yay!). I did hook up the Cook guy with the O'Malley dread pirate gal...they made an interesting couple...but that's about it.

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#5 Old 20th Jul 2009 at 10:54 PM
Stygia, congrats for your "new and shiny" game
#6 Old 21st Jul 2009 at 12:00 AM
Originally Posted by Maranatah
Stygia, congrats for your "new and shiny" game

Thanks! I haven't been able to play yet, what with real life having to play catchup after the weekend, but I did get started reinstalling. I'm hoping to finish up reinstalling tonight and being able to play tomorrow!

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#7 Old 21st Jul 2009 at 1:08 AM
Originally Posted by gip-k
What, do you get more neighborhoods with new expansion packs? This is news to me.

From what I'm hearing, I assume that you only own the original game (or just a couple EPs).

Yes, you do get new neighborhoods with the new EPs.

I am not sure which is which, but I THINK the new neighborhoods are like this:


(The University ones are schools for young adult Sims, rather than just residential neighborhoods like the rest of them, and if you have Deluxe or Double Deluxe, Nightlife comes automatically with TS2 on the same disk.)

I deleted all my "premade" neighborhoods and Sims, but downloaded the Megahood from here.
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#8 Old 3rd Mar 2010 at 11:13 AM
Gosh, there are just too many hoods in my game. I don't know which one to play with! But Desiderata Valley is one, where I'm planning to continue their stories. I've started with make-overs a couple of times but didn't have enought time to concentrate on them better... So I started fresh, again. So far I've given makeovers only to Natasha Una, and she became really pretty! I moved her out, buldozed her house and build a new, little cottage. I really hate maxis-houses... So every family is going to move to their new homes soon and get makeovers. I really like this hood, it's great that there is few beach lots aswell.
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#9 Old 23rd Mar 2010 at 6:52 PM
In my Desiderata Valley, Natasha Una found true love in Ajay Loner. They married and adopted a dog, Rusty. Ajay gave birth to a baby alien boy, Jack, and Natasha gave birth to a little girl, Jill.

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#10 Old 23rd Apr 2010 at 1:17 PM
Sharon Wirth and John Mole got married (they are from Desiderate Valley right? Im not sure, because I have the Dutch game).
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#11 Old 24th Apr 2010 at 12:19 PM
I've moved CAS families into that neighborhood, but never did anything with the natives.
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#12 Old 11th Jun 2010 at 12:55 AM
I played the natives a bit, but for the most part I use it for "simselves" of family members and celebrities. my simself has $473,587,658.
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#13 Old 18th Jun 2010 at 10:39 PM
I started again at DV, and I'm going to play it further than before. First I moved all families to sim bin and buldozed their houses (I still hate Maxis houses with a passion). Then they all moved to their new homes, and got makeovers. I randomized aspirations in the whole hood too.

At the Contrary family, Rick ran away the first day (after fighting with his dad ALOT) but returned as soon as his dad (don't remember the name now) raported him as missing. I wanted to make him stay away from home a little longer He's still enemies with both of his parents, so with any luck he'll hopefully run away again. As you can see, I really don't care much about this family.

Sharon Wirth turned out to have 2 bolts of chemistry with John Mole after aspiration changing. Now they both are fortune sims with pleasure as their secondary aspiration. John moved in and they got engaged and married the same day. They now have Sharon's last name, as I really wanted to get rid of John's... Sharon got pregnant. We'll see how many babies are coming to the world with Triplets and Quids-hack...

I haven't played yet with rest of the families longer than few sim hours so I'll update more later.

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#14 Old 30th Jun 2010 at 12:28 AM
I just made a bunch of new families, and ignored the pre-made families.

- CandinFat(:
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30th Jun 2010 at 7:50 PM
This message has been deleted by Koda_lovemusic..
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#15 Old 12th Feb 2011 at 4:11 PM
This thread needs some love

I haven't played in almost a year, so I can't get into too much detail, but this is what happened....

Natasha Una became a werewolf. Then during he night she would got to community lots and savaged all the Sims she saw (townies and neighborhood Sims alike). Soon, everyone in town was a werewolf and Natasha was so proud in making her town... er... unique...
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#16 Old 8th Mar 2011 at 10:34 AM
I continue playing according to the storyline challenge. So far I have moved half of the families into their new, makeovered homes and played with Natasha and John a little. Natasha doesn't have any chemistry with the rest of playable men in the hood, but she has two bolts with ...umm..something Beare (Uni playable, one of the frat members). They went on a date and Natasha ACR'd so that she became pregnant. She gave birth to a girl, and now she's a stay-at-home-mom who makes money by pottery and painting. I think she'll start a small art shop somewhere in the future.

John Mole doesn't have any chemistry with Sharon Wirth either, but they still keep romancing when they meet. I think I'll see if there's some YA for him too. It's hard to find mates to some of these sims, when they have to be other playables! But that's the challenge.

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#17 Old 8th Mar 2011 at 2:15 PM
Kevin Beare. In my game he absolutely refused to let go of his (on the face of it disastrous) crush on Heartbreak Heather Huffington, so I changed her aspiration to family and after an extremely fraught and angsty courtship they're now happily trying for six kids together. I want to name them Honey, Cinnamon, Winnie, Cave, Edward, and Arthur, but so far I've only got Honey.

None of which has anything to do with Desiderata Valley, which I don't have, as I haven't installed Freetime.

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#18 Old 8th Mar 2011 at 4:23 PM
After Natasha Una's mother died, she decided to sell the house and raised eyebrows by purchasing a badly rundown cottage (the wonderfull Derelict Dreamhouse). She plans to renovate it and make a living selling her paintings and craft ware. She's already started a home business and is trying to sell the stained and mostly broken furniture that came with the house, but she is not doing too well. Its rated -1. Maybe its because everyone has to step over the weeds and stray dogs that like to hide in them. She spends her spare time eating grilled cheese sandwiches and sleeping.
She's very pretty and has a slightly melancholy look.
I haven't played the other charactors yet.

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#19 Old 5th Feb 2013 at 9:27 PM
Wirth - moved Sharon out and i made a "royal family" so i married her to the kings brother
- Hannah is working hard in dance career and Daniel is studying hard

Aspair - Havent played them much but i recurreated The grandpas wife and moved them out.

Mole/Una - im thinking of getting them involved in a relationship
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#20 Old 2nd Jul 2013 at 10:42 AM
I lOVE Desiderata Valley! My favourite hood at the moment!

Everything started the day I installed Freetime, ACR, and some fabulous cc... my friend was at my place and we were trying it all out on my new sim model. "Hey, she's totally pretty", my friend said, "why don't you save her and put in the neighbourhood?" Why not, I thought, and gave my breathtaking-dark-haired Emily a knowledge aspiration. Moved her in, and noticed that totally awesome second aspiration thing. Hehe, well, I gave her romance. What? It's my favourite. And then I explored those aspiration benefits and for some reason gave her fatal attraction. I didn't know what that devil's thing is gonna do. Every single man in hood, including sweet and faithful Victor Aspir, got mad about her. My dear Emily, she became the lead ingredient of Desiderata Valley...

First, John Mole. Emily wanted to become head of SCIA. One day she brought her colleague John home. They hit it off immediately. I started thinking stuff like: "Oh, how their baby is gonna look like?" But Emily was much more romance sims then lot of real romance sims in hood...
Her next victim was old Luis Aspir. They had three bolts, and I thought: that's it! Luis is going to use lamp to get back his youth, so he could enjoy his young bride. And that was done. But, devil doesn't sleep, Emily had three bolts with almost everyone and she was kissing passionately brand new victim every time I'd visit community lot.
"Hm! That's it! Emily doesn't want to settle down!", I thought. Fine, Luis can take his youth and find a new girlfriend. We'll see what will Emily do with her life. (later her life totaly failed. she could never succeed in job, althought she slept with Victor Aspir, Luis Aspir, Marcel Jocque, Julian Cooke, John Mole, Natasha Una's boyfriend and bunch of townies. She decided to have a baby at least. She chose handsome townie friend with benefits, and Danielle was born, a beautiful, beautiful girl! (yep, well, her father was face one, but I love that boring face, it's so cute and doll-like))

I mentioned John before, well, John was so in love with Emily, but also had "friends with benefits" relationship with lovely Sharon Wirth (I Love Sharon). Once they had woohoo, and ACR decided it is fabulous moment for them to have a baby. But I didn't wanted to marry them. They obviously loved each other very much, but they didn't had any chemistry. So they both stayed single. I gave Sharon family aspiration as second, so she wasn't disturbed when she had Zoe-little black baby. When Zoe grew up she looked disturbingly like John and we know that isn't a best thing for a girl.
John caught Emily making out with now young Luis at his own party and realised she wasn't serious about their relationship (it's not like he was making babies around or anything). They were never friends again since then.
Later John met two girls-Shanna and Chris. He was trying to decide which one is better for him, and he chose Shanna, althought ACR made him sleep with Chris. Shanna is pretty townie redhead. Very calm, very neat. Shanna got pregnant and I married them. Everything looked fine for John, he got promoted, they bought nice family house and the baby was born (very pale blue eyed boy Damon). Everything looked fine. No problem in a sight. But, hah, John had to make party, and Chris had to kiss him in front of his wife.
Thanks ACR.
Shanna and John divorced and he moved back in his modern little house, free to woohoo blondie Chris as many time he wants.

Natasha Una- as I mentioned Natasha's boyfriend, it was very hard for her to find one. Damn grilled cheese aspiration, no one liked her. And she is so pretty, I wanted handsome husbent for her, to make some lovely Una heirs. But, that nosey and god-damn-ugly Luc King was everything I could find. No, don't take me wrong, his looks wasn't the major problem. He was, simply, scumbag. He was a family sim who never helped his family. He wanted six babies and I wanted to let him have them with Natasha. He was longing for Emily from the moment he met her. He was making out with her public. He was a jerk, and a big one. Poor Natasha. Three daughters later, I wondered: Why do I, sim god, let this nosey fool have all he ever wanted while my dear Natasha suffers? So I made him townie again. I was very happy when she had 3 girls. I started to daydream about gorgeous Una girls, fabulous artistic trio. But they turned kind of ugly, oh that Luc. No wonder, he had ugly nose, eyes and mouth, what I could hope for. Now Natasha lives and raises her daughters all by herself.

I did a lot with Desiderata and the rest of the caracters, but this message is becoming too long I hope I didn't bored you and please don't be hard on me, my english isn't that great and I'm just a schoolgirl from the state far far away... :D
#21 Old 2nd Jul 2013 at 2:30 PM
Ooooh, Desiderata Valley! I haven't played there too much, but in my uberhood, my Violet Jocque has the hots for Pascal Curious. They're going to wait until she becomes a young adult before doing anything other than kissing... assuming they don't sneak off to a photobooth when I'm playing another household. Sophia and Marcel are just sort of drifting along, being a bit boring. Natasha Una hasn't found a partner that can take her mind off grilled cheese. As she doesn't have a job-related LTW, she decided to open an art gallery to make money and meet people. And while John Mole likes to meet up with her to hang out and eat cheesy sandwiches, they have negative chemistry, so nothing's gonna happen there. But he doesn't mind, because he's casually seeing Chloe Curious.
#22 Old 17th Oct 2013 at 3:36 AM
Sorry for rescurrecting the thread, but I really wish to share this *blushes*

This is what happened to the familys in short. There are many more households in play, so not much time has passed in each (approx 20-30 years).

John Mole married Natasha Una and moved in with her. They named their daughter Luisa for Natasha´s cousin Luis who had passed away by that time already. Until recently they were very happy together, but nowadays John vanishes for brief periods of time for what he calls vacations, though in truth he is searching for clues as to how exactly his parents and grandparents died abroad. He may well continue the family tradition of getting themselves killed and leaving behind offspring...

Elisabeth Aspir had, much to my surprise, a very beautiful child by one of my CAS sims, who is rather homely. Viktor dotes on the boy as if he was his own. They named him Cyrus for Elisabeth´s father.

Cyrus senior was resurrected by Pauline using the genie lamp. He raised Pauline and Daniel for a time, turned into a warlock, passed on his powers to the youths and died again.

Luis became a master engenieur and crafted many servos. He also inherited a vacation home from his deceased wife where spent some time with his granddaughter and her betrothed. Luis never married anew or even dated another woman. His body died, but his soul lives on in the final robot he made.

Pauline married Daniel and became the good witch of Desiderata, second in power and goodness only to the npc witchqueen.

Daniel burnt to death while playing with the train set as a teen. When Pauline pleaded succesfully for his life with the Grim Reaper he fell in love with her. They went to college together, dropped out, lived in a trailer park in downtown for awhile, and married there. They then moved on and built their own house at a beach lot in Desiderata. Pauline is expecting a child. She does not know that Daniel has been put to an experiment involving male pregnancy and has a daughter named Emilia. Emilia is living with her gay father Emil in a custom sub-hood. One day she´s bound to ask why her surname is Aspir…

Hannah and Isaac were seperated for quite some time, but have been reunited. They lived with Sharon in their family house, but fled when her witch powers became evident. Fortunately Elisabeth and Victor invited them to stay with them.

Sharon Wirth was enslaved, imprisoned and blessed with magic powers. She´s been through a lot, was always the sim to instill joy of life in any other household members, wherever I moved her. I married her to Julien Cook from OFB who is a war hero, but also depressed. Together they have a daughter named Samuela (for her father or grandfather). Julien´s new family has given him a measure of much needed peace of mind.
One of these days I might bring Samuel´s never mentioned alien offspring into the story.

Edward Contrary hit on Sophia Jocque while his wife was with child. He died in a kitchen accident and on a picture it looks like Marcel sweepes Ewards´s ashes into the urn. Marcel was innocent, but very pleased with Ed´d demise. Opal gave birth to Ed´s daughter the same night in the kitchen next do dad´s urn. She named the child Daisy for the Daisy-derata Valley.
Later Opal, Sophia and Marcel restored their friendship and Opal invited the pair to live with them. Marcel wrote several best selling cook-books (not restaurant guides).
I also found out only yesterday that I have assingned one of my sims the surname Miller which is Opal´s maiden name. So now he´s her long-lost cousin.

Rick and Violet were always there for each other. They way I interpret the pics in the family album, science-loving Ed tried to read to Rick and make him a preppie/overachiever while the boy is more of a jock person (his natural hobby turned out sports which meshes perfectly with Violet´s fitness hobby). Rick´s only escape from frustration was playing sports games online and dating Violet, of course.
They are happily married and live in the Jocque family house. Rick bore a grudge for his parents a long time, this is why he took Violet´s last name when they married. They have a daughter name of Mildred.

And this is the backstory:

Like many players I found this hood dull when I first loaded it. However, being bored by always the same townies generated in my custom hoods I was willing to give this place a try, simply to see all the new faces. First thing I did was evicting the premades from their houses and storing them at the very outskirts of town in several modern and out of place looking homes. The same happended with Bluewater Ville next door and the sim bin sims. After all, it´s not unheard of in rl that local residents can no longer afford costs of living in a good neighborhood and are forced to retrat to cheaper quarters, sad as it is. And that could have been the end of the story and nobody would have ever heard again of the premades. In truth I had just laid the foundation for my second favourite Sims chronicle so far.
Because with the influx of wealthy foreigners my perception of the premades changed from „useless baggage“ to „the poor victims“ and my beloved CAS sims were suddenly looking like the bad guys. So I tinkered with the backstory, made the evicted families prisoners of war and my CAS sims either soldiers or settlers claiming the recently conquered valley. That led to a number of questions: Who were those strangers, what made them to act the way they did and what would it take to drive them out again? I set up victory goals for each sub-hood that the enslaved population and the mere handful of still fighting resistance members had to achieve - and then I actually started PLAYING the premades, something I hadn´t done in earnest since the Sims 1 tutorial.
The system was not without it´s flaws, though. I learned a secret that had escaped me until then: Sims grow to like any given task A LOT if you make them repeat it over and over. After a few days the supposed downtrodden, heartbroken slaves woke up with their want slots filled with work-related wishes: Wanna do slave work! Wanna talk about slave work! Wanna share my wonderful experience in an online blog! Wanna befriend that nice jailmaster robot over there! Talk about brainwashed people and stockholm syndrome… Also the game mistook the forced labor for extreme hobby enthusiasm and many a genie lamp was delivered to a lot that was supposed to be the worst prison camp in the whole hood.
Anyway, the Desideratans managed to regain their freedom and now the tables are turned around. Those children who grew up under the oppressors now attend college along with the kids of the erstwhile conquerers who now inhabit their own subhood which is officially part of the City State. The adults and elders of both sides are tired of fighting and find more and more things in common with their former enemies, but not so their children. At the college a secret war is going on. There is a peaceful, hippie-style greek house dedicated to veneration of nature and one para-militaristic founded with the explicit intention to harass students not native to Desiderata/Bluewater/Downtown.
Also there is an unresolved issue with a curse that can only be broken by a hero born of both cultures, somebody recently managed to really piss off the aliens and several more story hooks just waiting to spring into action.
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#23 Old 6th Feb 2014 at 5:40 AM
Well, I used the neighborhood as a test neighborhood related to adopting children of dead sims, and well, I made use of the Bell's, so now, Daniel lives with his aunt Sharon in a new home after Hannah left something burning in the stove. That's all!

And the neighborhood continues to remain untouched!
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#24 Old 6th Feb 2014 at 4:07 PM
I married off John Mole and Natasha Una (both of them seemed so odd and lonely I just thought they were perfect for each other, it was hard to get some chemistry between them though) they had twins: Clary(loves art) and Sebastian(loves science) and they're both teens now. The Jocque's daugter, Violet, is an adult and is married to a townie named Tyler. She lives with her elderly parents, who had two other daughters named Ginny and Isabelle. Ginny is also married and lives with her husband (Harry) on a different lot. And that's my Desiderta sims' story so far
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#25 Old 25th Apr 2014 at 1:03 PM
Contary: Rick ran away and came back just before turning into an adult. He grew up and married Violet. They now have two adopted sons, Zachary and Winston. Opal became pregnant and had twins, Quincy and Olivia, after Rick ran away. Edward is still there, but I haven't done much with him besides having twins with Opal.

Aspir: Victor had an affair with Hannah, who became pregnant with his kid, but some glitch happened so Victor doesn't have her in his relationships after their affair so I made it so he didn't want to see her anymore. Victor then got Elizabeth pregnant and they had a son named Daimen. Victor has never met his other child with Hannah. Luis raised Paulina and she's now a child, almost a teen. Luis found the lamp, but gave it to Paulina instead of resurrecting Noriko.

Bell: Issac started a relationship with Sharon, behind Hannah's back. Hannah had an affair with Victor, got pregnant and then gave birth to a girl, named Vanessa. Even though he doesn't remember her, she's still in love with him. Daniel grew into a teen, is almost adult, and wants to be like his dad. Sharon eventually fell in love with John, but rejected his engagement. She was then caught cheating with Issac by John.

Joque: Sophia started an affair with my CAS, Antony Dean. She got pregnant from Antony and had a daughter named Charity. Marcel confronted them both on their affair, Antony attacked Marcel, but Marcel won. Sophia and Marcel are still married, but don't have a good relationship. Sophia still has a relationship with Antony. Violet had several boyfriends in her teen years, but started ended up marrying Rick after he returned. Rick and Violet adopted to boys named Zachary and Winston.

Una: Natasha married another one of my CAS, Noah Faith. They got married and he moved in with her. On their honeymoon she got pregnant and then had twins, named Paige and Eden.

Mole: John fell in love with Sharon and proposed to her but got rejected. He then caught her with Issac and now they're enemies. John ended up crafting a servo, who he has fallen in love with, but their relationship remains strictly platonic.

That's all I've done so far ^-^
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